10 Best Free Reverb VST Plugins beginners

10 Best Free Reverb VST Plugins of 2022

Choosing the best reverb VST for your music production journey is not an easy task. Because there are so many options you can download on the internet; it is hard to tell which reverb will do the job.

If you don’t want to choose a random reverb VST only to find out that it’s not so good, keep on reading.

In this article, I will show you a collection of the best free reverb VST plugins that I personally tried and tested, so you don’t have to.

Before we dive into the list, let’s talk about reverberation and why it is essential in music production.

What Is Reverb, and Why Is It Essential?

Reverb is an essential effect that comes naturally in a room or recording studio (or, perhaps, your DJ setup). It occurs when a sound hits a hard surface and creates reflection or diffusion. Depending on the characteristics of the room, it can create complex echoes that define the physical space.

 Reverb effects, on the other hand, are used to simulate, manipulate, and exaggerate all-natural reverberations. Some rooms have too much reverb, and some have less. We need reverb effects to create and build the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the room, which will later reflect in your finished track.

Learning how to use a reverb properly can take time. You have to learn what each of the parameters means and how It can affect the sound. Basically, by adding a reverb effect to your tracks, you are creating the overall ambiance and sense of space.


_TAL REVERB 4 review - reverb vst plugins free

The Tal- Reverb 4 is one of Tal’s latest creations. It may be free, but it deserves a spot on the list because of how effective it can be towards music production.

By applying this plugin to your tracks, you can either make your tracks sound thicker or add a vintage reverb sound that sounds very realistic. This reverb VST is simple yet effective, and every music producer and beatmaker should have this VST in your arsenal.

You can use this reverb for: 

  • Sounds that you want to dominate the mix without clashing with the other tracks
  • This reverb VST works excellent for creating distant background synths and effects
  • Add a warm vintage feel to your tracks


VOXENGO OLDSKOOLVERB review - natural nonlinear reverb vst

If you want an all-around reverb that you can download for free, the Voxengo is the plugin for you. This reverb VST implements a classic stereo reverb that produces a clear sound. Some simulation effects on this reverb sounds very convincing whether you choose hall, dome, or tight room settings.

A simple reverb plugin, such as the Voxengo OldskoolVerb, is something that you can master very quickly.

I recommend this reverb for:

  • Beginners and pros alike who just needs a reliable all-around reverb that is straightforward
  • For soft vocals, pianos, and pads


SMARTELECTRONIX AMBIENCE REVERB review - reverberation vst plugin

If you want to create an ambient vibe for your tracks, the Smartelectronix Ambience Reverb is the effect you will need. It features unconventional controls that make for some interesting effects when you tweak them. I had a lot of fun experimenting with this reverb plugin.

You can add gate effects to chop up your reverb to add a unique spatial effect. You can also use the hold buttons to create infinite loops to add layers making your tracks a lot more interesting. This reverb VST also has 78 fantastic presets, which showcases how amazing this plugin is.

Use this reverb for:

  • Creating drum loops
  • Adding effects for real instruments
  • Spatial effects


DASAMPLE GLACEVERB review - spring reverb vst free

This next reverb VST uses the Residual Vector Modulation algorithm to measure vibrations and acoustic reactions of material and surfaces. With this free tool, you can set the density, surface, and parameters to create a convincing and unique realistic sound.

As a person who loves to experiment with sounds and effects, I truly enjoyed using this free reverb VST. It has a unique quality to it. Plus, it comes with 64 cool presets that can give your tracks an upgrade.

Best used for:

  • Because of the realistic sound, this reverb will make good use when you apply it on drum tracks and acoustic instruments.
  • This reverb VST will also give vocals a realistic touch.


SALTLINR LISC-VERB review - free reverb plugin for vocals

This next reverb plugin may look a lot complicated at first glance. However, after trying it for the first time, I got hooked with what it can do.

If you are into adding textures to your raw sound, this reverb VST is suitable for the job. You can create strange ambient sounds as well as warm and bright textures and space. To add more complexity, you can adjust the pre-delay for a more spatial effect.

This reverb is ideal for:

  • Creative and crafty sound design
  • Best for synthetic sounds
  • Adding filter options


LESLIE’S SANFORD REVERB review - reverb plugin fl studio, pro tools, ableton, logic pro, garage band

The Sanford Reverb is excellent for creating dense, clean, and clearly defined sounds. One of the best qualities of this reverb VST comes from the early reflections section. After hearing this plugin, you will instantly think of a large room and a sense of distant sounds. I like t use this reverb for creating dreamy vibe chill sounds.

The Sanford Reverb can simulate a large number of spaces. It also includes features such as modulation, filters, a freeze button, and control over the early reflections.

This reverb is ideal for:

  • Almost any sound
  • Sounds that require short or medium reverb tail


MUTOOLS MUVERB review - good gated reverb plugin for vocals

If you want an all-around reverb VST with factory presets that are ready to use, the MUtools MUverb is the one for you. It is a simple reverb plugin that sounds fantastic (check out my review of their MAutoPitch autotune plugin).

It is easy to master, and it comes with a variety of features such as the turbulence section. This feature is similar to gat effects giving your tracks an exciting take on reverberation. It also features an EQ section, damping control, and pre-delay for both the left and right channels.

I recommend this reverb for:

  • It sounds that require short reverb and decay
  • It is an all-around reverb that works for almost any instrument including vocals


VARIETY OF SOUND EPICVERB review - free reverb plugin vst

The EpicVerb focuses on recreating room sizes, from small rooms to giant halls. It also produces ambient effects, and it is equipped with early reflection controls.

This reverb VST has an EQ section, a stereo spreader, and 6 reverb types, which makes it genuinely epic for a free download. With its many parameters, you can experiment and create unique sounds that will fit your style.

I recommend this plugin for:

  • Drums and Vocals


SEMANTIC AUDIO SAFE REVERB review - reverb vst plugin for mac and windows

The Safe Reverb is a cutting-edge reverb that producers should get their hands on. One of the best features of this reverb plugin is the text box. This revolutionary feature allows you to type a term such as bright, dull, or warm in the text box, and the parameters will move according to the text. It is truly one of a kind!

I would recommend this plugin for:

  • All-around use
  • Best for drums and effects


SYNTHESCIENCE FREEZE CHAMBER review - best free vst plugin reverb

The last reverb VST on the list is none other than the Freeze Chamber by Synthescience. It is a straightforward reverb that gives your tracks a spatial touch that you are looking for in a classic hall reverb.

With a minimum number of tweaks, you can create significant sounds that may resemble a synth tone.

I recommend this plugin for:

  • Adding luscious layers to your dull tracks
  • Best for pianos, strings, synth leads, and chords

Related Questions:

  • How can you minimize the natural reverberation in your studio? You can reduce the natural reverb in your room by applying acoustic treatment to your music studio (like soundproof curtains, for instance). The amount of reverb and flutter will determine the amount of acoustic treatment needed in your room. What most producers do is to remove all the natural reverb, so that they can use effects to create an artificial ambiance. However, I think it is best to combine natural reverb and reverb effects. This process can be very challenging, especially for recording vocals and other acoustic instruments. Natural reverb plays an integral part when recording with a microphone (both condenser and dynamic).
  • What are the other VST effects I can download aside from reverb? For enhancing the sound of your tracks, you can try downloading other modulation effects such as delays, distortions, VU meters, or phasers. Each of these effects has its own use, which can enhance your tracks if you use the right amount.


No matter what genre of music you plan on creating, I am confident that you will find the appropriate reverb. These effects are essential in making your songs and projects ready for streaming and airplay. After going through and testing some of the best free reverb VST plugins, I conclude that you don’t always need to pay to produce high-quality music.

The best thing about these guys is the fact that you don’t need the best computer or laptop out there.