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4 Best Crosley Record Players of 2020 [Belt-Driven, Speed-Adjustments, Speakers, and More]


5 Best MIDI Keyboards Under $200 for Studio Music Production and Live Performances

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8 Best Turntables for Scratching For Beginners and Pros of 2020

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5 Best Phono Cartridges Under $100 of 2020

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4 Best Phono Cartridges Under $500 of 2020


7 Best Portable Keyboards for Touring, Practicing, or On-The-Go Music Making


5 Best Powered Speakers for Live Band Performances

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13 Best Digital Pianos with Weighted Keys of 2020


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4 Best Small Mixers for Live Performance and Recording of 2020

How To Build a Music Studio?

Building a music studio is not nearly as hard as you would think. And this guide will sure help you a ton!

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Easy Songs To Play on Keyboard

Learn the easy songs to play on keyboard and train your muscle memory. This will assist you in music production in the future. You can even use your MIDI keyboard connected to your DAW!

Best DAW for Beginners

Picking the right DAW for beginners can be a headache. There are tons of parameters to look at and a lot of things to consider. This guide will help you pick the best DAW for beginners!
best daw \ for beginners, this daw for beginners works on both mac and PC

FL Studio Sound Packs

When you start making music, you underestimate the importance of sound packs and samples quality. This list of free FL Studio sound packs and kits will get your ready for your beatmaking session!

Best Free VU Meter Plugins

VU Meters are essential to use if you don’t want your mix to sound muddy. If you can’t afford an analog tool, finding the best free VU meter plugin can be a game changer for you! 

Best VST For Hip-Hop Production

When you start making music, you’ll encounter a lot of problems you need to solve. Finding the right plugin is incredibly hard, but this guide will get you right on track very fast!

Best Synth VST Plugins

Synth plugins are crucial for music production. If you don’t own a hardware synths, using soft usually helps. Our list features 10 free and paid best synth VST plugins!

best synth vst plugin for beginners, free and paid, for beginners and pros.
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