Blue Buzz Music is always looking for talented and passionate music industry influencers.

You don’t have to be a big shot of hip-hop with huge Instagram following or a DJ who plays in clubs every weekend.

All you need is sufficient knowledge about the topic you will write about and decent writing skills.

Write For Us – Music

As you can see, Blue Buzz Music is covering a lot of music production and promotion related topics. If you know how to play the guitar or piano and think that you can contribute to the website with high-quality content, take your shot.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

Have you been producing a lot and want to share your knowledge with other musicians? Do you have any notable accomplishments? We may be interested in interviewing you!

Don’t miss your chance.
Submit Guest Post about Music

Submit Guest Post about Music

Music Blog Guest Post

Once the interview is up on the blog, you can send the link to your mom. She can tell all her friends that you are a big deal now. You know how moms are sometimes!

Okay, on the serious note now.

It’s hard to find a good blog to get your work “out there.” Blue Buzz Music is your chance. In return, you will get a link pointing to any social media platform or a website of yours.

Also, note that not all applicants will be accepted because the guest post will have to match the quality standards of Blue Buzz Music (see them at the end of the article).

Honestly speaking, if you actually know what you are talking about and can put it into words, give it a shot.

It’s definitely worth the effort, as the website and its audience are growing every day.

Music Blog Write For Us

Music Blog Write For Us

Music Blog Write For Us


If you are interested, feel free to send your music guest post to
[email protected] or [email protected].

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have questions, you can always message us. Here are some most common questions people ask, so make sure to check them out!

What’s a Guest Post?

write for us music

Write For Us Music

Guest post or guest posting is incredibly popular these days. However, some bloggers and artists still don’t quite realize what a guest post is.

Well, to put simply, guest post is where a blogger or an artist wants awareness and submits a a post in a related niche website.

In case of Blue Buzz Music, we have the “Write For Us – Music Guest Posting – Submit article” section on our blog that shows the criteria of whether your post is eligible for a guest posting opportunity or not.

Guest posts usually drive traffic and raise awareness. They are crucial for smaller bloggers and upcoming artists.

There are tons of website and blogs on the blog that need authentic posts on niche relevant topics (music niche in our case, for example).

Moreover, if the two websites are relevant to each other, this can be beneficial for both the writer of the guest post and the publisher a.k.a. the owner of the blog.

The bigger blog needs more content and can provide traffic, while the smaller blog requires traffic and authority.

Therefore, both mutually benefit from this. If you are a music producer, you probably know how many essential pieces of hardware and software are needed to build a recording studio.

If your blog has authority in the industry, software and hardware developers may contact you and ask to review their product, or offer a guest post with a link to their product page.

As a result, you get a review and they get a link that will bring potential buyers their way. 
Once again, mutual benefit for both sides.

What’s SEO Guest Post?

  A lot of the times people are using music guest post submission as a tool to grow their domain authority in order to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Once again, SEO guest posts are written with hopes to get some authority from the website as opposed to traffic.

However, don’t think of this as “bad” or “cheating”.

If you offer quality to the readers of the bigger blog, the owner won’t hesitate to link to your website, especially if you write quality content yourself and your blog is not spammy or filled with ads.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to write seo guest posts if you can offer something in exchange!  

Can I Build Awareness With Guest Posts?

  A lot of people don’t like to think of their passion for blogging as their “gold mine.” People are scared to think that they will be called “greedy” or “money hungry.”

However,  music guest posts in “write for us music” section can also help to raise awareness of you as a blogger and your website as an authoritative source of information.

You simply can’t ignore the advantages of guest posting as you are getting an opportunity to express yourself, build relations with other bloggers, and benefit your own blog as the outcome.

Reaching for the community of another blog in the same niche will do great for rankings and exposure.

Do We Do Link Exchange with Music / Arts Blogs?

Link Exchange is not something we do often, but this can be a great way of exposure to do link exchanges with likeminded bloggers, DJs, music producers. Shoot your shot, we love networking with interesting individuals of music industry!

Do You Do Upcoming Artist Interviews?

We sure do! As a part of the music community, helping upcoming beatmakers, music producers, singers, and rappers is one of our primary goals.

We’ve already interviewed tens of upcoming artists, so give it a shot.

We do upcoming artist interviews in a timely manner, and there is  a small fee to be featured on Blue Buzz Music, but the exposure is worth it. 

If you are an artist, singer, rapper, DJ, or music producer who has a vision and something to show, then make sure to send an inquiry to [email protected] or [email protected].

The inquiry should include a little bit about yourself, your music, marketing techniques, and aspirations.

Guest Post Quality Standards Of Blue Buzz Music

Standards of Guest Posts in Write for Us Music Section

Standards of Guest Posts in Write for Us Music Section

  Blue Buzz Music is a fast-growing blog, partially due to the high-quality content. We don’t have any spun articles that could be appealing to a search engine, but not to our website’s visitors.

We love when other bloggers that are also passionate about music offer to write a post for us and never turn down such an offer. However, the quality of such articles is sometimes lacking.

How about an example?

Well, we usually offer a link back to the blogger’s website to say “thank you.” As a result, one side gets excellent content, and the other side gets some extra traffic.

That’s a fantastic strategy, and we love the idea of it.

However, some people don’t take this seriously. Recently we’ve received a short article of around 300 words that had no helpful information or personal touch whatsoever.

It felt like the person spun an article that he or she found on the web and changes a few things to make it look more genuine.

And guess what?

The so-called “well-written” article wasn’t unique at all. After checking if the “original” blog post we got was “one of a kind” as promised, we’ve discovered that instead 74% of it was plagiarized.

And even if it wasn’t copied at all, there was little value for the reacder.

That’s the reason we take guest posting seriously. If you feel like you won’t be able to deliver quality and engaging content, with all the respect, don’t waste yours or our time. If you have a problem thinking of a topic, we can come up with something, don’t worry.

Requirements For a Guest Post:

  1. The article has to be unique and engaging. A lot of people only focus on Google-friendly content, while we care about our visitors.
  2. You can link to your website, and the link has to contextual. Putting a random keyboard or odd keyword you are trying to rank for is prohibited. (Ex. “piano lessons Sydney” or guitar teacher cheap hire New York”). We give one link per 500+ post and two links per 1000+ post.
  3. The article has to be 1000+ words and put together correctly. It’s going to be edited after the submission and proofreading stages, but putting in this extra effort would highlight you among others. Moreover, this will help you in the future when you submit your articles to bigger blogs, which have large editing teams.
  4. If you want to add particular images, please include them. Otherwise, appropriate images will be added by our team.
  5. Want to include your bio to the post? We have no problem with that. A little paragraph about how you are is encouraged.

And that’s everything.

Can it get any easier? Probably not. And we always get back to all people who submitted a guest post. If it doesn’t fit particular criteria, we’ll let you know what you can change in order to get approved.

How To Submit Guest Post?

Submit Guest Post Music

Submit Guest Post Music

Submit your guest posts to [email protected] or [email protected]. Use the same email addresses to inquire about other services of Blue Buzz Music.