Whitelabel.net Review – Updated 2020 – Serato Whitelabel Review

Whitelabel is an exclusive format for audio files, which has been created by Serato, a renowned name in the world of music production.

The information on Whitelabel includes pre-analyzed song and artist names compatible with other Serato software. Regardless, the music can still be played lower qualities (down to 32kbps) on other music playing devices.

Most of the music released via Whitelabel is promotional tracks and specifically for use as open material by DJs.

Whitelabel.net Review

Serato Whitelabel DJ Service

Update: Whitelabel has been shut by Serato.

Whitelabel is a product from Serato to work with their music programs. Whitelabel ensures the music playback is secure on other Serato applications, including ICTH, Scratch Live and Serato DJ Pro.

The properties of Whitelabel provide additional information to users when listening to music tracks. Tags will show song information, the artist, and beats per minute (BPM).

Additionally, an overview of the song will improve the communication between Whitelabel and other Serato applications.

A unique feature of Whitelabel is the file extension attributed to the proprietary software; once you give a name to the file, the extension added to the file is “wl.mp3” showing it is a Whitelabel MP3.

The extension provides you with the opportunity to listen to Whitelabel tracks on an ordinary MP3 player, even when the quality is low.

The rem Whitelabel comes from the days of vinyls and CDs. When an artist tried to get the attention of a music producer, the potential artist would record his sample track on a disc.

The disc would then have a white label placed onto it, and the artist would write their name and information on the label.

The disc would be made available to the music producer at no extra charge in the hope of becoming successful in the music industry. For Serato, the name Whitelabel made sense as the tracks are available to all DJs as samples.

Serato Whitelabel – How It Works?

The main benefit of using Whitelabel from Serato is the ability for musicians to have their original pieces featured alongside headling acts at events.

Users signed up to the Serato music platform will have new music, called Whitelabels, released to them via the Delivery Network. The Whitelabel tracks do not cost anything for members and can be used for free.

A DJ can simply download a Whitelabel track to their music collection and add it to a music set. The track is ready to play in front of audiences as soon as the download is complete.

Additionally, the promotional nature of Serato Whitelabel record pool makes it secure for musicians to release tracks for music events without the danger of having the music leaked to general audiences with no compensation.

Record labels have their own dashboard on the Serato website.

The dashboard displays previews to tracks, number of downloads, and other statistics for each track.

Whitelabel provides labels with the opportunity to directly reach out to a specific DJ and encourage them to play the new tracks, adding to the promotional opportunities.

The services available by Whitelabel are beneficial for all sides of music production. The solution results in a win for everyone by addressing DJ needs and pushing music from labels.

New music is constantly being made available to DJs at the benefit of record labels and new musicians.

Serato Whitelabel – Getting Started

The “wl.mp3” file extension is only available to Whitelabel files with professional audio. Musicians and music producers use the service to share and access new releases.

A single Serato subscription makes it unnecessary to have several subscriptions to various streaming sites and provides all you need in one space.

DJs can access all their music from one subscription no matter where their gig is in the world.

Using Whitelabel is super easy. Visit the Serato webpage as you would normally do and select Whitelabel. Enter your Serato username, followed by your password to access the Whitelabel service. There will be no extra costs to use Whitelabel.

The music on Whitelabel is from independent artists and not necessarily the current chart-toppers. The music is still great, and you may find a hidden treasure among the various titles.

Some of the tracks on Whitelabel are exclusive to the service, and you won’t find the music in other repositories, making Whitelabel an essential music service.

Unique remixes, instrumental tracks, and a capella versions are available on Whitelabel. The system does have some limitations.

A professional DJ will not be able to use Whitelabel remixes only but can combine the tracks with other music to create their own compositions (pretty easy to do with decent setup).

Another disadvantage of Whitelabel is restrictions on tracks from record producers. Some labels restrict the music quality, how it can be used and distribution options.

These issues significantly decrease the service quality when compared to services such as iTunes.

WhiteLabel.net – Should You Buy?

The decision to purchase a Whitelabel subscription really depends on your own tastes. Whitelabel is not a top of the line music service.

However, Serato never intended for it to be the best but just an option for DJs. The main aim of Whitelabel is to provide DJs with excellent promotional music as an addition to other music streams, which do not feature the same content as Whitelabel.

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