Best DJ Pools – Updated 2020 – Best Digital Record Pools For DJs

Being a DJ is not as easy as most people might think.

Between practicing, maintaining a marketing presence, finding gigs, and getting to the venue and DJing, gathering music for the events can become tedious and time-consuming.

DJ Record Pools are useful tools that make the job easier.

Rather than spending hours browsing through the web pages to come up with a few remixes, DJ Pools consolidate the requirements in a single, convenient destination – one webpage on your DJ laptop.

Record Pools are meant to streamline the search for new tunes and widen a DJ’s horizons while being far more cost-effective than buying individual records.

DJ Pools are websites that provide unlimited access to a curated collection of freshly created remixes for a monthly subscription rate.

Sites like this can be a great help for those DJs who are short on time or aren’t sure where to start the search for the newest tracks.

Best DJ Pools – UPDATED

For most DJs, buying every record they may want to play is not possible.

In this ever-changing world of singles, bootlegs, remixes, and custom edits to select from, having a simple, hassle-free service that helps DJs find all the records they need at an affordable price is really useful.

Once you decide that you want to subscribe to a record pool, it is essential to make sure you select the right service.

If you search for a DJ pool, you will see hundreds of options, each claiming to offer the most exclusive records at t lowest price.

However, in reality, only a few of them actually deliver a bang for their buck. We have done the homework for you and found the most popular record pools to add to your toolbox.

Read on to find out the best DJ Pools to select from.

What Are The Best Digital Record Pools?

Whether you are looking for latest tracks or looking for venues to expose your own production, digital record pools are excellent DJ tools.

Through record pools, DJs get access to a massive pool of new music for a reasonable price.

Digital record pools have become largely popular over the past years, and with new and new options available, it can become confusing to find which ones are worth your time and money.

The best DJ Pools offer a great selection of tracks and remixes.

Today, we look at the five unique digital record pools that have a strong presence in 2019.

  • Club Killers – Emphasizing the club atmosphere, this DJ pool features an extensive library of video, custom-created playlists, and an editors team to keep the lists fresh.
  • Direct Music Service – DMS offers the biggest catalog of music while adding new tunes that DJs may want on a regular basis.
  • DJCity – A highly popular record pool among DJs, DJCity offers a diverse selection of the latest released records.
  • Digital DJ Pool – One of the best record pools in the market at this time, Digital DJ Pool provides a variety of genres and a great selection of remixes to choose from.
  • iDJPool – One of the top record pools on the internet, iDJPool is used by DJs around the world due to its huge variety of rock and country music.

These five record pools are chosen for their popularity among club DJs. Let us explore the features and offerings of these DJ Pools in detail.

Club Killers DJ Pool

Club Killers DJ Pool review 2019

One of the best digital record pools for DJs, Club Killers has a communal feel to it due to its latest design boost.

Those users who don’t like the traditional structure of the records on pools would find this site extremely impressive.

It offers a download option called ‘CK Cut’ for all the records. These cuts are popular according to the currently trending charts and include re-drums, mashups, and remixes.

Club Killers excels by offering tracks with a shine that takes a DJ set from nice to fabulous.

By offering Curated Spotlights, theme-based playlists consisting of 20 records, Club Killers lets users save time spent in finding the right track.

The pool also provides the option to Express Download up to 15 tracks in any genre you may like.


DMS DJ Pool review 2019

An extremely versatile record pool, DMS offers a balance of fresh, new edits and a huge catalog of classics and throwbacks.

Right from the throwbacks of the 70s to Deep House, Festival Trap and more, DMS DJ Pool goes a long way in terms of selection it offers to its users.

It provides high-quality, DJ-ready downloads of even the oldest tracks.

A team of editors constantly works to keep the pool on top of the game.

The custom edits available on this site are some of the most favorites.

The quality and dedication DMS continue to deliver to users make it an exceptional service and one of the most popular pools available today.


DJCity Record Pool

One of the best record pools available at the time, DJCity has been topping the lists for years, and it is unlikely they will be going anytime soon.

This site updates the tracks daily and offers any track one can imagine.

The site’s layout is excellent, and it identifies the key for most tracks.

DJCity is one of the most common pools in the world, and one can get guaranteed hottest tracks by subscribing to this service.

This record pool is run by a big team of professional DJs and offers a wide variety of genres and the latest remixes.

You can also view the monthly top 50 charts and download the most recent tracks.

DJCity integration with Serato DJ software application is amazing as well.

Digital DJ Pool

Digital DJ Pool review 2019

Popular because of their unbeatable price, Digital DJ Pool is one of the best record pools available for DJs.

The quality it offers is hard to find at this price.

It also allows users to try the website for only $1 for five days.

Though they don’t feature video content like other sites, there is so much DJs would find here.

The clean/dirty ratio is accurate, songs are all current, and the price is affordable.

The main page of the website lists the variety of genres available, and you can stream all the songs from there. The site has a clean and simple layout, making it easy to use.


iDJPool review 2019


Originally founded as the Illinois Music Pool, iDJPool has developed into one of the most popular record pools on the internet.

While there is nothing too fancy about the look of this pool, what sets it apart is its wide variety of music.

Unlike most record pools where dance and hip-hop music dominate the website, this record pool has a more in-depth selection of rock and country music.

It also offers two different methods to download the track – classic web browser and FTP download.

It is a fantastic choice for wedding DJs particularly.

Now get your laptop and DJ headphones and go get the gig you’ve always wanted – you have a lot to show!


We hope the DJ Pools listed above help you find the music you are looking for. Each of these pools caters to a group of users precisely.

Each has its own flavor and its own benefits and reasons to join. Do share your suggestions and experiences in the comments section.

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