StudioBricks Review – StudioBricks Vocal Booth

StudioBricks Review – Updated 2024 – StudioBricks Vocal Booth

StudioBricks specializes in designing private-sound controlled spaces for three types of industries: Music & Recording, Audiology, and Office Solutions. For more than 10 years StudioBricks has been solving noise-related issues for many around the world.

Their original patented isolated brick system has satisfied many customers across the world. StudioBricks is a company based in Barcelona, and since its beginning, it has focused on delivering products that actually deliver to meet genuine needs.

StudioBricks Review

The entire design of the vocal booths is to enable fast and easy installation without compromising on its performance. The modular panels are built to deliver high-performance and all the sound-isolating materials can be easily assembled together.

Each wall of the booth comes with a CNC machine MDF panel that contains within itself the sandwiched layer of acoustic insulation. All the edges of the booth are beveled slightly, both to improve aesthetics and reduce damage.

The mechanical quality and acoustic performance of these booths are comparable with various other non-modular booths.

A portable vocal booth is always a better alternative when compared to other permanent studio installations as they give you the flexibility to move it around wherever you want to at any time.

Standard Features:

· Efficient sound insulation

· Very easy to assemble

· Equipped with fire safety features (only for office set-up)

· Customization done as per your requirements

· Practical and appealing design

· Vicoustic A50 absorber in standard models

· Vicoustic A50, SuperbassTrap 90 and Varipanel System as an absorber in Pro models

Additional Customized Features:

· Vicoustik  Vari Panel which is highly recommended for woodwind and brass

· Second door in two sizes – 2.46 x 6.89 ft. & 2.95 x 6.89 ft.

· Additional cable tunnels can be added

· Studio ventilator – adjustable from 30 m/h to 130 m/h

· Additional windows also available

· Colour customization

· Air conditioning and ventilation systems

StudioBricks Vocal Booth – What You Should Know?

The best thing about StudioBricks is that they actually build your booth and then dismantle the same before they ship it to you. This is a very good method to maintain their quality standards and ensure that all the pieces required to build the booth are included in the package.

All parts upon arrival come in the form of a palette, which is obviously heavy to lift it altogether. Hence, you have to pick up individual sections and transport all of them to the assembly place.

One of the best features of these booths is that their modular design enables you to expand or extend the same at any time (in case you find it to be a bit small). All the extensions come in multiples of 300mm and can be added in either direction.

The company recommends the use of additional accessories such as absorbers and bass traps for its speaker booths.

One more important thing to remember before you start installing your booth is that the shipment will not come with any set of instruction or manual which can be used to set-up the unit. Instead, the company sends you some links and videos along with some pictures, to help you with the installation process.

Although their customer service is exceptionally good and help is available whenever you call for it.

StudioBricks One

StudioBricks One is a compact speaker booth for your home. Meticulously designed to fit into any environment, even your living room. This premium piece of the booth will fit in your home just like a piece of furniture.

Because of its simple construction, you don’t need to worry about anything when moving, you can take it anywhere you want. Dismantling the same is very easy. You can even customize the same depending on your requirements.


· 46dB sound insulation, in accordance with ISO 717-1

· External dimensions – 3.48 x 4.53 x 7.38 ft.

· Internal dimensions – 2.95 x 3.94 x 6.89 ft.

· Total weight – 445kg

· Double wall construction

· Vicoustic Flexi A50 is the acoustic equipment along with Flexipol A50

· Glassdoor – 2.46 x 6.89 ft.

· Cable tunnel

· Electricity connection

· LED strip light

· Standard color – white

· Deburred carpet

StudioBricks OnePlus

The StudioBricks OnePlus is a flexible acoustic booth specially designed for musicians. It provides you an ideal working space regardless of the space situation.


· 46dB sound insulation in accordance with ISO 717-1

· External dimensions – 3.48 x 5.51 x 7.38 ft.

· Internal dimensions – 2.95 x 4.92 x 6.89 ft.

· Total weight – 524kg

· 7.61ft. minimum room height

· Double-wall construction

· Vicoustic visquare premium acoustic equipment

· 2.46 x 6.89 ft. glass door

· Cable tunnel

· Electricity connection

· LED strip light

· Deburred carpet

· Standard color – white

StudioBricks Price – How Much Does It Cost?

StudioBricks One retails at a price of $3,500 and this cost is exclusive of taxes and shipping charges. And remember this is what you pay for the basics, anything additional depending on your requirement will take a hit on your pocket.

Although this is not cheap, the final output is definitely something to look for – and you don’t need a $3000 condenser microphone to notice the results. Their uncompromising attitude in terms of the quality of the products used and the performance is worth every single penny.