Best Portable Soundproof Booth - Room

Best Portable Soundproof Booth / Room – Updated 2023

Finding a distraction-free zone in your office might seem to be a difficult task. Many times you would have either ducked yourself into a closet, hallway, or even the bathroom, just to buy a few moments of quietness to attend or make a phone call.

The recent advent of open offices and the outgoing of cubicles has made it very difficult to find a private space for yourself. But with the advent of sound-proofing technology, it is possible to find that peaceful corner for yourself no matter where you are.

A portable sound-proof booth or room can be installed at any place to create your own little private space. Many crowded office spaces have started utilizing these booths to provide their employees with a bit of space from all the clutter and stutter that goes around them.

However, there are many companies that now offer very efficient portable sound-proof booths or rooms that can directly be bought and used. For those who love DIY projects, here is some basic information to help you build your own sound-proof booth or room.

DIY Soundproof Booth – How To Build A Soundproof Booth?

The only thing you need to ensure while creating a soundproof booth for yourself is to see that it is properly insulated so that the amount of sound that goes in or out of the booth is reduced to the extent that you desire.

Before jumping into creating your own booth, here is a checklist of things that you will need to make one for yourself:

  • Plywood sheets – to build the structure of the booth
  • Sound-absorbing blankets – to be used as noise reducer or absorbers
  • Door sweep
  • Any acoustic foam panel
  • Caulk – to seal all holes and gaps
  • Weatherstripping – a material specifically to soundproof the door
  • Wooden frame, drywall sheets, a door
  • Drill machine, screwdriver, sealant

Once you have assembled everything that you need, it is time to start working with them.

  1. Look for a suitable place and make a proper plan including all the measurements for your booth
  2. Build the structure or basic frame, choose appropriate sound-proofing material
  3. Drill some holes, install the signal cables
  4. Seal all the openings or gaps to ensure there is nothing that can escape (use caulk for this purpose)
  5. Use weatherstripping to soundproof the door
  6. Don’t forget to sound-proof the floor also

Alternatively, if you are not interested in creating everything from scratch, then you can also convert any of your unused closets into a soundproof booth.

Best Portable Soundproof Booth / Room

For those who are not the DIY type, here are some of the best portable sound-proof booth / rooms available in the market:

Whisperroom Review

Whisperroom isolation booth review

Whisperroom is one of the best portable soundproof units that you can find in the market. With over 26 different sizes of booths to choose from, you can definitely pick something that suits your requirements.

All models come with two levels of sound insulation, a single-wall Standard and a double-wall Enhanced booth. For some applications that also require you to have ventilation, they have SNV and ENV models also.

All their products are very efficient in reducing the ambient or acoustic noise and can be used for various purposes, such as voice over or translations, recording music, practice booth, medical or even audiology testing lab, etc.

Since 1990, the company has manufactured and served exceptionally well-crafted soundproof booths across the world to various recording studios, medical labs, institutions (educational), TV networks, and even individuals.

VocalBooth Review

vocalbooth soundproof isolation booth review

VocalBooth are specialists with respect to creating modular isolation booths for mixing, recording, broadcasting, or rehearsals.
They have two products lines, the Gold Series and the Platinum Series. Both of them comprise of rectangular foot-space with parallel opposing walls. For those who want a square footprint, can order for the same, but they come with reinforced standing waves.

Both the series comprise about 90% of the total inside area comprising of panels, door, ceiling treated with high grade absorbent acoustic material, which is a pressed polyester panel or a 2-inch open-cell Auralex foam.

Room Review

room soundproof isolation booth review

A new name in this industry, the Room is making its own market by perfectly accommodating the changing needs of today’s scrappy or dynamic start-up environment. The company already has some big names under its belt, as its clients such as NASA, Salesforce, and Nike.

The company efficiently utilizes a blend of recyclable materials such as using plastic bottles for the purpose of padding. The entire noise-canceling material is designed in such a way to clear any unnecessary sound, and the complete set-up is sealed with the help of a magnetic door.

There are provisions to aid air-flow within the enclosure by creating vents in the floor and ceiling to keep the temperature moderate, and a tiny ceiling fan to prevent over-heating inside the booth.

Demvox Review

demvox isolation booth review

Another brand to look for when it comes to sound-proof booths or rooms is Demvox. Demvox specializes in creating isolation booths that are designed to reduce any kind of sound to create an isolated and professional environment which is necessary to practice, record voice or study.

The Modular Configurable System of Demvox enables every single user to have something that best suits his/her requirements. Their set-up can be used for various purposes which includes; R&D, gaming,
broadcasting, rehearsals, audio-visual recording or editing, sound and audio-visual schools, laboratories, telecommunications, etc.

Demvox has two categories of booths, the ECO soundproof booth, and the DV soundproof booth.


Before making a choice, it is always good to first understand your requirements and usage really well and after going through all the available options select the one which is most cost-effective, comfortable, easy to install and above all should have an aesthetic appeal so that it doesn’t force any sort of irreversible construction around your existing living space.