Soundgoodizer Review – How To Use Soundgoodizer VST Plugin

Soundgoodizer Review – Updated 2022 – Is It The Best Free Saturation VST Plugin?

When your mixes don’t feel lively enough, there are several tools and plugins that help you spin an interesting twist into the boring mix.

Here we take a top-down look into the most powerful mastering tool used by pros to enhance the volume of synth, bass, drums and to perfect the sound. Read on to understand how Soundgoodizer works, how to use Soundgoodizer and how does it fare against its market alternatives.

Soundgoodizer VST – What You Should Know?

Soundgoodizer VST – What you should know

Regarded as one of the top mastering tools by a plethora of music production houses, the Soundgoodizer is a magnificent VST plugin used to amplify, equalize, compress or master any track to make it sound better.

Soundgoodizer features four primary settings:

The ‘a’ setting, the ‘b’ setting, the ‘c’ setting, and finally, the ’d’ setting.

Each of these settings is backed by presets that help equalize and compress sounds the way you wish to. Further, it also has a huge round knob in the center which is meant for amplification of the sounds. The simplicity of Soundgoodizer takes the cake away. Just 4 presets that you can slap onto any sound for the captivating sound experience.

To put precisely, Soundgoodizer is a one-knob solution that allows any music to sound better by means of compression and amplification.

Soundgoodizer Alternatives

Here is the  best alternative to Soundgoodizer you can use:

Sausage Fattener

Sausage Fattener saturation vst plugin review

Sausage fattener is a multi-purpose plugin with only two main features – fat compression on one end and complete distortion on the other. While Soundgoodizer comes with one knob, the sausage fattener features two knobs that are named as “fatness” and “color”. Even though it has only two knobs, you can create a lot of variations out of them.

Sausage fattener on a drum – Use the sausage fattener on all the drum sounds mixed together and turn the fatness knob up a little until the drums start to sound better.

Sausage fattener on chords – Create a simple synth note made out of sawtooth waveform and turn the fatness up until it distorts. Next, turn the color knob up until the sound gets brighter.

Sausage fattener as a mastering tool – If you put sausage fattener on a mastering channel, you need to turn the fatness around 10% up to create a louder track that cuts through the noise.