10 Best Free Bass VST Plugins beginners

10 Best Free Bass VST Plugins of 2022

The bass is considered to be the backbone of a song’s rhythm section. It is an essential part of the mix, so you have to make sure you choose to add the best sounding Bass VST in the mix. Lucky for us music producers, the internet is filled with some of the best bass VST plugins. It’s the reason why I went ahead and tried some of them and came up with this list of the best free bass VST plugins.

NOTE: Make sure you protect your computer by NOT downloading any suspicious software.

Before we dive into the list, I want to let you know that all of these Bass VSTs work for both Windows and Mac operating systems. These VSTs also work for several DAWs such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools, Audacity, and many more.



The Ample Bass P Lite II resembles a classic Fender Precision or Jazz Bass sound that you can use in your studio.

Because this plugin is free, it is safe to say that by downloading this fantastic plugin, you are saving hundreds of dollars already.

I recommend this bass VST creating blues, soul, jazz, rock, and roll tracks.


SFORZANDO review - free bass vst

This next bass VST focuses on mid-range bass tracks.

It has a sweet interface with multiple adjustable parameters to modify your sound and make it cut through the mix.

I recommend this bass VST for producers who enjoy using bass melodies in their tracks.


SYNISTER free bass plugin review

The Synister is a monophonic synth bass that is ideal for creating modulated bass sequences.

With this bass VST, you can tweak the waveforms and filters to create your own cutting-edge bass lead sounds.


MODEL E free analog synth vst plugin review

The Model E is a free VST plugin that resembles a classic analog synth.

One notable specification of this VST is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and memory to operate.

It features a wide selection of presets, oscillators, effects, filters, and modulation that can genuinely give your songs a good bass boost.


ADLIBBLASTER review - best free bass plugin vst for FL studio, ableton, pro tools, logic pro, garage band

This next bass VST is simple, yet effective.

With this plugin, you can create chiptunes that remind you of your childhood video games.

I bet you would enjoy using this bass VST for creating classic songs with an 80s’ vibe.


FREEALPHA bass analog synth vst plugin free

The FreeAlpha shares the same engine of its big brother, the “Alpha.”

It is the free version, where it has limited but useful features you can use for your tracks.

It comes with a couple of presets to get you started. I’m sure that you would like to try the full version once you get a taste of the FreeAlpha.


TYRELLN6 compact synth free bass generator review

The Tyrell N6 is a very popular free plugin.

That is because it might be the best free VST plugin you can download right now.

It has a massive sound library that includes synth bass and other instruments.

If you have gone through some other articles before, I am sure you have already read about the Tyrell N6 and its amazing features.


TAL- ELEK7RO review - free bass vst plugin for mac and windows

TAL is known for developing some of the best free VSTs you can find on the internet.

They have developed fantastic sounding reverbs and delays that are genuinely useful for enhancing and making professional tracks.

This synth bass VST is one of their best creations. It has a wide range of frequencies and has deep bass sounds that are breathtaking.  


TAL-BASSLINE review - free vst bass

The TAL Bassline is a synth bass plugin that is specifically made to create some of the best sounding software bass instruments.

It has cutting-edge acid bass sounds and effects. It resembles the classic monophonic analog synthesizers.

I would compare it to the KORG Minilogue in terms of UI design and parameters.


SINNAH free bass single osc synth plugin review

The last item on the list of the best bass VSTs is none other than the Sinnah.

I recommend this bass VST for the more advanced producers who tool their time to learn synthesis.

It has sophisticated features that only experienced sound designers will likely utilize.

However, if you want to learn the basics of creating waveforms to create a sound beforehand, you can download this free bass VST.

 Related Questions:

  • Is it better to use a bass VST instead of recording with an Electric Bass? It depends on the music genre you are producing. For rock and roll tracks, I would prefer using an electric bass. Nothing beats the sound of steel strings as long as you have an audio interphase and a quality electric bass. On the other hand, I would recommend using a suitable bass VST for electronic and hip-hop genres. It is really up to you. As the music producer, you get to make the decisions.
  • What are my other alternatives to record Bass Tracks? Aside from using bass VSTs or recording electrical bass, you can record bass using an analog synthesizer. You can record it the same way you record an electric guitar with the use of a decent audio interface.


After going through the best free bass VST list, I discovered that all of the choices have their own sets of strengths and drawbacks. If you have a lot of space on your hard drive, I recommend that you download all of the mentioned bass VSTs. After trying them for yourself, you can remove the items you don’t want and keep the ones you find useful.