Roland RD-300NX Review – Updated 2020 – Worth the Price?

*The RD-300NX has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
GO61PC is a decent and cheaper alternative that I am listing*

The Roland RD-300NX is a digital piano that is excellent for stage performances. Being the smaller version of the Roland RD-700NX, it is packed with similar features that are tailored for practical stage use and other purposes such as rehearsals and recording as well.

Compared to its big brother, the Roland RD-300NX is much lighter, making it more comfortable for bringing it with you on tour or when performing at local venues.

Being as light as it is, one of the most notable features of the RD-300NX is its SuperNATURAL sound engine, and the Deluxe PHA III Ivory feel keys. Piano players will love the feel of this mean keyboard that closely resembles the same feeling of an upright classical grand piano.

This digital piano is not only suitable for performing live, but it also comes with various features.

These features make it excellent for recording and music production purposes as well. You’re In luck if you happen to be a music producer and piano player at the same time. However, even if you do not plan on using this keyboard for recording, you can still have a lot of fun with features when performing on stage.

Is the Roland RD-300NX worth all the hype and attention?

Let’s find out as I give you this in-depth Roland RD-300NX review.

Features and Specifications

roland rd-300nx Features and Specifications review

Let’s look at the notable features and specs of this bad boy:

No. of Keys: 88 ivory feel keys

Built-in Tones: Over 500 tones and effects

Dimensions: 63 x 12 x 21 inches

Polyphony: 128 notes

Sound Engine: SuperNatural Sound Engine

Warranty: 3 years

Sound Quality

roland rd300xn final verdict of the review

The SuperNATURAL sound engine features cutting-edge digital sampling technology that is deemed to be highly effective when it comes to replicating acoustic piano sounds. I’m more of a music producer than a piano player.

However, since I have tried a lot of classical grand pianos, I would say that the Roland RD-300NX emulates not only the acoustic piano sound, but it also tries to recreate the same feel.

I would highly recommend this digital piano for music producers and piano players who are looking for something that sounds highly similar to the tone of a classic upright piano at a relatively affordable price.

The acoustic piano tone alone is already worth the price of buying the Roland RD-300NX, but that is not all. It also comes with a massive selection of high-quality tones and effects. The Roland RD-300NX is capable of 128 notes of polyphony, which is ideal for playing intricate pieces without compromising the quality.

Key Action and Feel

roland rd 300nx Key Action and feel review

If the sound quality of the Roland RD-300NX were not enough to blow your mind, the feel and key action would probably seal the deal. While a lot of other digital keyboards do not focus too much on the realistic key action aspect, the RD-300NX does a great job.

The Deluxe PHA III Ivory Feel keyboard is an accurate representation of the real thing. Although it is synthetic, it is still better than plastic keys.

The keyboard feels very authentic and realistic, making the RD-300NX an excellent keyboard overall.


What makes the RD-300NX an excellent keyboard is the variety of useful features. It includes a lot of onboard effects such as reverb, chorus, EQ, and compression. For an extra boost for creativity, the Roland RD-300NX has 200 rhythmic patterns and a split mode.

You can also use this keyboard as a MIDI controller to add more sounds from your VST collection. You can practice any time of the day by using the headphone jack.

You can also add a traditional 3-pedal unit for classic sustain controls. This piano also has hundreds of sounds and controls that make it ideal for recording and editing the music you are writing.

In terms of the aesthetic, it has a simple and elegant style where style meets function.

Who Should Buy Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano?

The Roland RD-300NX is a great piano that is suitable for piano players of any genre. It has a high-quality acoustic piano sound and feel, that will attract people who are looking for an authentic piano sound.

Piano players would enjoy the acoustic piano sound and feel.

Modern piano players, on the other hand,  will also have fun using digital features that could be used for recording and creating new song ideas.

Final Verdict

roland rd 300nx sound review

For a digital piano in this price range, the Roland RD-300NX exceeds all expectations. The overall design is fantastic, the sound is very realistic, and the features are great for playing in any kind of venue.

The Sound engine that is equipped on this keyboard is armed for cutting through the mix.

Without using too much compression, the sound of this keyboard can penetrate through the combination achieving a fantastic on-stage sound without sacrificing dynamics.

With that being said, this keyboard may have a lot of features, but it works best for live performances in terms of sound and feel.


  • Excellent sound
  • Excellent feel
  • Sleek and elegant aesthetic


  • No advanced synth sounds
  • Limited effects
  • No built-in speaker


  • Build Quality: 5/5
  • Sound Quality: 5/5
  • Touch Sensitivity: 5/5
  • Extra Features: 4/5
  • Total: 4.75/5
  • Related Questions:

How can I contact Roland’s Customer Service and Technical Support center? If you have any concerns, suggestions, or need technical help or support with your Roland RD-300NX, you can contact them through their phone number. It is (323) 890-3740. Make sure you call them during business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Their customer service is very accommodating and easy to approach.


After using and testing the Roland RD-300NX, I really enjoyed the tone quality and feel. The sound and feel make up for the price even without exploring the other features and applications. I think that this digital keyboard is fantastic.

I would definitely recommend this for people looking for a reliable on-stage keyboard that you can bring anywhere with ease. I hope this detailed Roland RD-300NX review has helped you come to a decision.

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