4 Best Mellotron VST Plugins of 2020 (+ 1 Free Mellotron VST Plugin)

A mellotron is an instrument that is rarely used. In fact, some people might haven’t heard about it. The Mellotron possesses a warm and unique sound that is similar to an electric piano. You probably listened to the Mellotron on albums by The Beatles or Pink Floyd before but didn’t exactly know what it was.

If you haven’t tried using a mellotron VST yet, you probably want to add this instrument to your quiver. It is a chill instrument you can use to create full songs with a classical touch to it. In my experience, I try out new instruments to get me out of the inevitable “writer’s block.”

If you are in a band or just want to write songs with a classic and organic instrument feel to it, you should consider one of these mellotron VSTs I am about to show you. My top choice is the Mellotron V by Arturia. Continue reading this article for an in-depth review of each of these fantastic mellotron VSTs.

Here is a list of the 5 best mellotron VST plugins:

Newmello II by Wavesfactory (Budget)

Newmello II by Wavesfactory review - budget mellotron vst plugin for mac and windows

If you are looking to try a new virtual instrument, you can try this Mellotron for a very low price. The Newmello II is one of the warmest sounding Mellotron VSTs that you can get for $20. Compared to the other items on the list, that price seems very reasonable.

This mellotron VST package comes with 25 instruments that are recorded into a tape, giving you the classic sound of the past.

The Sound

The collection of classic instruments, such as the Mellotron M400, used by world-famous bands like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, is included in this budget-friendly VST pack. The Newmello II offers the same sound and behavioral aspects of the Mellotron M400, giving you the full authentic experience.

Final Thoughts

The Newmello II is the best choice for you if you are on a tight budget. You can get a total of 25 new instruments you can add to your VST arsenal. The price may seem meager for this one, but the sounds are vibrant.

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Mellotron V by Arturia (Top Pick)

Mellotron V by Arturia review - best mellotron vst plugin for fl studio, ableton, pro tools, logic pro, garage band

Arturia is known for creating some of the best sounding VSTs in the market right now. Not only that, but they also make fantastic MIDI controllers you can use to play their VSTs.

If you happen to buy one of their MIDI controllers, you can gain access to some of their best virtual instruments as well.

The Sound

The Arturia Mellotron V offers an authentic-sounding tape keyboard. The sound of this plugin is a combination of the 1960s and the contemporary music age. If you want a classic tape piano sound fused with the new generation, the Mellotron V is the right choice for you. It features 65 original tape racks from some of the iconic mellotrons from the 1960s’ that you can modify to your taste.

Final Thoughts

The price may be a little steep, but the term “you get what you pay for” applies to this instance. You genuinely do get what you pay for with this incredible mellotron VST. You get a set of fantastic Mellotron VSTs, plus a wide selection of modulation parameters to make the classic sound fit in most of your modern tracks.

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EZ Keys Mellotoon (Producer’s Choice)

EZ Keys Mellotoon review - vintage mellotron vst plugin

The EZ Keys Mellotoon is a one-piece orchestra at the tip of your fingers. It is another recreation of the classic Mellotron with useful songwriting features you can get for a reasonable price.

The Sound

EZ Keys includes some revolutionary songwriting features such as presets, effect chains, and many more. The sound library not only consists of the classic Mellotron, you also get a selection of orchestra instruments that you can use to create music of any genre.

Final Thoughts

This mellotron VST package is jam-packed with cool features that will help you create a full song. It has some of the best songwriting tools that you cannot find in any other VST or DAW altogether.

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UVI Mello

UVI mello review - tape machine mellotron vst plugin

The UVI Mello is a great VST because of its versatility. Not only does it recreate the legendary mellotron sound, but it also has a 4GB sound library.

The Sound

If you want a music library with some of the most realistic sounds, get this VST. The string sounds are incredible and sound very authentic. The sounds have key noise and mechanical effects to emulate the human touch.

Final Thoughts

This mellotron VST is filled with realistic-sounding orchestral instruments and samples that you will surely use for creating tracks. The samples are pre-mastered and sound good in the mix. You should definitely check the UVI Mello out.

Redtron by Artifake Labs (Free)

Redtron by Artifake Labs review - free mellotron vst plugin download

The Artifake Labs Redtron is a free mellotron plugin that you will definitely enjoy. The fact that it is free makes this VST deserve mention on the list.

The Sound

If you want to produce tracks that sound like a blast from the past, check out this free VST. The flute sounds very 1960s Beatles, and so does the Mellotron.

Final Thoughts

Although this mellotron VST seems limited, it is understandable for free software. You can put some of the sounds of this VST to good use.

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Related Questions:

  • Where can I get the real instrument? The Mellotron is a vintage instrument that was created in 1963. Chances of finding one that works are thin, plus it will probably cost you a lot.
  • Can you name some songs where the Mellotron has been used?
    • There are tons of songs that used a mellotron, but to name a few:
      • Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
      • 2000 Light Years from Home by The Rolling Stones
      • Space Oddity by Dave Bowie
      • Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles


The Mellotron is a warm sounding instrument that can be useful in the music studio.

Whether you want to create a classic rock sounding track or add some classic flavor to your modern tracks, a mellotron VST will surely do the job!

I hope you try some of the best mellotron VST plugins on the list.

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