5 Best 808 VST Plugins of 2020

If you are reading this blog post, you must already have some knowledge about VST plugins and know how to install one. I will not go too much in-depth here about the basics.

Instead, I’ll show you the best 808 VST plugins, so let’s check them out. I’ll review everything the best I can, with features and specifications section and my personal review included for every VST.

1) Bass Engine 2

Dopesonix Bass Engine 2 review - 808 bass vst free

Bass Engine 1 is a product of DopeSonix.  The minimum system requirements for this 808 plugin are 1.7 GB of empty disk space and 2 GB RAM. Whether you are using Windows XP, 7, or 10, or even macOS, as long as you got an AU and VST compatible host, you are good!

Features and Specifications

  • This VST has built-in pan, pitch, and volume controls. In addition to that, it also comes with a built-in ADSR controls and analog-style reverb.
  • If you intended to use this plugin with your laptop or tablet, the plugin is perfect for you due to its ultra-low CPU usage.
  • The Bass Engine 1’s patch loading is quite fast.  It is also one of the most striking (in terms of quality) hip hop bass instruments out there.
  • It also lets you choose the bass line with a USB and MIDI controller or keyboard, which is pretty convenient. Of course, this can also be done with your computer mouse – if you don’t like a more “hands-on” approach.
  • Not to mention the 299 hip-hop bass instruments that are already installed within this plugin, there is still more than 50 hip-hop MIDI bass lines that feature a wide selection of keys and styles.

This VST has captured the three eras of hip-hop bass – with some prefixed sets of 1990, 2000, and 2010. Lovely bass sounds that are perfectly suitable for all your “bassy” needs, trust me.

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2) Transistor Revolution MKII

Transistor Revolution MKII review - 808 plugin FL Studio free

It is been improved massively over the years and has recently been designed to suit the new graphic interface.  It’s a 16-track step sequencer and that is unified instruments for 808 plugins, it provides very deep velocity modulation capabilities to allow live drummers to add that authentic analog expression. It offers the benefits of a 10-track mixer, each track with its own processing, delay settings, and volume control.

Features and Specifications

  • There are tons of multi-layered samples that can be scanned quickly by using a knob. It also offers a 10-track mixer, as mentioned earlier, with volume control and manual processing.
  • It can track all the step sequencers by using the accent control panel, host synchronization, swing or shuffle, and the advanced settings of the parameters. Its users can also create powerful and almost-analog sounds through its advanced sampling engine – Kontakt 5.
  • It features the facility spontaneous graphical interface and custom-made Impulse Responses. In addition, its master processing section also lets you use a multi-track tape machine, compression, and the master EQ modules.
  • The Modular Preset Browser lets you enjoy the instant drum patterns, mixer channels, and a few other essential and useful configurations. The user can browse and swap the preset design and settings.
  • One of the many best parts of the Transistor Revolution MKII is that it has a pattern to write mode which assists the sound designers and music producers to sequence and arrange the patterns live with its editing capabilities.

If you are using the systems of Windows 7 or 8, Intel core 2, duos or AMD Athlon (4GB) then I highly recommend you try this (if your system doesn’t meet these parameters, I think it’s time for you to upgrade your PC, not going to lie).

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3) BigKick – Kick Drum Synthesiser

BigKick - Kick Drum Synthesiser - free 808 plugin logic pro x

If you are looking for a tool that will suit the bass or just want a quick solution that doesn’t require much hassle – Big Kick is your best bet. Don’t waste your time struggling with samples; instead, acquire more from the pre-existing drum sample collections by using this synthesizer.

Features and Specifications

  • Its library is made of more than 300 types of attack and over 100 presets. In addition, the user can also get the tuned kick drums which set the pitch to match the bass line. Also, you may tweak the pitch of the kick drum by using a MIDI keyboard.
  • Doing import or export is incredibly easy to do here. All you have to do is to just drag and drop your preferred samples to the DAW or desktop from the plugin window. It is also flexible and can replicate the most electronic kick drum sounds out there.
  • There are no difficult envelopes to fix since there are sensible knobs that give you essentially instant results. BigKick is and can surely deliver the tuned kick drums and a huge factory library where the 16 add-on packs are available.
  • The built-in EQ makes sure the presets stay perfect, as it gives a fine-tuning. Not to mention, there are the benefits of numerous outputs, autoplay, overdrive, drag-and-drop export feature, and more.
  • Formats like AAX for Pro Tools (10.3.6 and later versions), AU – Audio Units (32 and 64-bit), and VST 2.4 (32 and 64-bit) are available for the Mac OS (10.6 or later versions). Talking about the Windows XP SP3, 7 or above, there are AAX for Pro Tools 10.3.6 and more subsequent VST 2.4 (32 and 64-bit) versions available to choose from. To summarize, it will work on your PC no matter what.

The preset creators of BigKick – Kick Drum Synthesiser and Audialize D, who are well-known guys. Definitely worth a shot – it’s one of the best 808 bass VST plugins out there, that’s for sure.

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4) Beat Machine 2.0

Beat Machine 2.0 review - 808 vst plugin free

There is currently a wide range of pre-mixed quality drums that can literally cover the entire spectrum of hip hop music. Anyone can find over 600 brand new drum kits. Out of them, around 50% are multi-out kits, while the other 50% are stereo.

Features and Specifications

  • Up to 1,200 drum samples are available to be used in your studio. Either you want the Boombap, West and East Coasts, Trap or anything from the last three decades, you can absolutely find it in one unit.
  • This plugin also includes more than 50 brand new selection of hip hop MIDI drum patterns that can be easily used in stereo. The sub-mix output options are very flexible. You may also re-program your drums manually with a  MIDI controller or MPD.
  • It offers a flexible built-in pitch and drive controls. You also get separate kicks, snares, and pan controls, and a hi-hat percussion volume.
  • If you are using a touchscreen device or a tablet, there are five drum pads to press from. It delivers a 12-segment output level meter. Its updated version has included a new feature of an attack and decay for kick drum dynamics.
  • The CPU usage of this plugin is pretty low and the patch loading is fast. If you are using a laptop, tablet, or any other low-spec PC, then this plugin will do the job just fine.
  • There are two options: Beat Machine Expansion 01 and Expansion 02, which are The Knock and Live Elements editions. Whatever MIDI device you are using and whether you already have the Behringer, Novation, or Alesis, don’t think twice and just go for the Best Machine and enjoy its stunning features.

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5) Trap: Zampler Expansion
(Free 808 VST Plugin)

Plugin Boutique Zampler review - best 808 samples drum kit

This plugin comes in both VST and AU formats. It is one of the finest 808 VSTs and tone-shaping tools that feature more than 120 Presets – 31 Drum presets, 33 Bass, 55 Synth, and 9 Vocal Presets.

Features and Specifications

  • Numerous combinations, including the integrated multimode low pass, high pass, bandpass, and bandstop filters are available within this plugin. The file size is just under 200 MB.
  • Its LFOs and ADSR can generate unreal sound. The plugin also has the advantage of multiple modulation matrixes to leave your audience in awestruck.
  • There are numerous equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay, and reverb options available that can provide everything you need and imagine creating a wonderful track. The step sequencer of Zampler is famous for its intricate, full, and vibrant sounds.
  • You need a system that just requires a Plugin Boutique Zampler that is entirely free. Besides, you will not need any other thing just to run this plugin. Long story short, it makes things easier and gives fast and very interesting results.
  • This extension has enclosed all the bases to design the core so that it can produce trap, hip-hop or grime.

If you have chosen this plugin, you’ll love the music leads, synths, tight drums, and the 808s. Don’t worry about it too much – time spent away from making beats is time waste, am I right?

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I have listed down all the top 5 808 VST plugins for all your production needs. All the specs and requirements have been written down – I am sure your PC can handle them.

Now, it is up to you which plugin you will use based on your preferences and needs. These plugins make your production life easier, that’s for sure. Wish you all the best on your journey!

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