Yamaha MOX8 Review digital piano

Yamaha MOX8 Review – Updated 2022 – Worth the Price?

*Yamaha MOX8 has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
The new model of this digital piano is Yamaha MX88*

The Yamaha MOX8 keyboard would be the go-to instrument on a low budget with incredible sound and some good features. For the past couple of years Yamaha had been able to produce some very high-quality models for affordable pricing and this model falls under this category.

This model is also the exact rebranding of the Yamaha Motif XS. Since the Motif had been discontinued, Yamaha is hoping that the MOX8 would take its place and be a good substitute for that iconic model.

The MOX8 has some pretty amazing features and modes, which can be used by beginners and more advanced players as well. The instrument offers good sound quality coupled with easy portability which comes as a shock with its weighted keys.

The keyboard of the model is also noteworthy as it uses similar waveforms to the Motif XS. However, some of the features of the Motif had been opted out to keep the model affordable. The features that are in the MOX8 include 64 polyphony notes, a small LED screen, and 16 tracks.

Hence, this instrument would be perfect for players who are interested in playing and not extra features.


This model is highly recommended and is also an excellent choice for players who are on the lookout for quality under 2 grand. The instrument would definitely provide a decent playing experience without costing the player a fortune.

The Yamaha MOX8 has 88 piano keys which are weighted and the instrument weighs only 14.8 kgs making it very easy to carry around. This would be a big pro for touring musicians and artists or students attending piano classes.

The design is easy-going, well laid out, and easy to use. The MOX 8 really sets the difference from other digital pianos considering its USB and MIDI ports which can be directly connected to the computer. There are also some unique features to this model that lets the player perform straightaway without any configurations. The price also comes as an added advantage.


The only throwback of this model is hard to read display.

There have been many criticisms both by industry experts and professional musicians that the screen is difficult to read in the dark, an issue that needs immediate attention by Yamaha.

The issue has the potential to worsen more due to the simple fact that most live shows are performed under dim lights which makes it almost impossible to read the display.

Some reviews also complain about some idiosyncrasies in the manual and often claim that they are hard to understand and much harder to be applied practically.

Some experts also point out that the pitch and mood wheels aren’t in the correct places, but these arguments are always up for debate in the world of music.

Sound Quality

Sound Qualityof yamaha mox8

The MOX8 sounds exactly as a professional Yamaha keyboard with realistic sounds and rich tones. The model also has over 1200 present tones and sounds with 355 MB waveforms, all which are inherited from its predecessor the MOTIF XF.

The keyboard also offers bass and synth sounds alongside the normal tones giving the player the ability to experiment more and widen the scope of the playing. Hence, this would be an ideal choice for all beginners, intermediate, and professional musicians looking for an affordable model from a reputed brand.

Musical Inspiration

The Yamaha MOX8 offers over 250 different performances, which can be used for learning, studying, and for inspiration making the keyboard useful for both beginner and advanced players.

Also, the Graded Hammer Action keys mimic Yamaha’s acoustic piano keys realistically. The instrument also features USB and MIDI connections, and it is fully equipped with the DAW software.

Performance Recording

Performance Recording of the Yamaha MOX8

This instrument is also excellent for both studio recording and general recording while performing which can be done with just a press of a button.

The performance creator also turns out to be a very handy tool that enables the player to quickly change the settings of splits, layers, drum parts and more while performing.

The category search feature also enables the player to search the tones through different categories saving a great deal of time.

Being a workstation, the MOX8 is geared toward music production in the home studio.

Being a great all-purpose gig keyboard, the model never fails to deliver, especially in the lookout for all the sound and most of the features of the Motif XS on a budget.

While it has half the polyphony of a current Motif or Yamaha S-series synth, it’s dramatically less expensive than either of those

Other Features and Specifications

Other Features and Specifications of the Yamaha MOX8 piano review

The keyboard is included with many features including an editor, multiple emulator software and analog synth modes. All these external features of this model allow the player to play the desired music to the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

MOX has a wide variety of effects for both the internal keyboard sounds and for use with the A/D inputs including a Vocoder for vocal formant controlled synth sounds.

Also, Yamaha’s proprietary VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) technology, rather than simply attempting to approach the desired sound using conventional digital audio methods, actually models the original analog circuitry — right down to the last resistor and capacitor.

With the MOX, the high-quality effects found in the industry-standard digital recording consoles are at the players’ fingertips.

The MOX8 also includes the award-winning “REV-X” reverb, the same professionally renowned reverb found in the SPX2000.

The Yamaha MOX 8 also comes with a tone generation system, step recording sequencer, virtual-circuit modeling, a 6.720 arpeggiator pattern, and an advanced PC integration.

Final Thoughts

The Yamaha MOX 8 is a well-reputed keyboard that stands out for affordability with very fewer cons and more features.

The sound quality and added features have been tested throughout to be an absolute force in the world of music.

Both experts in the field and professional musicians continue praising this instrument and with all the accolades and very fewer quirks, the sky is the limit for the MOX8.

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