What Happens When Ableton Trial Ends? [2020 Update]

Ableton Live is an excellent DAW, and if you have downloaded the free trial of Ableton Live Suite, you can use it free for 90 days.

The real question here is, what happens when the Ableton trial ends?

What Happens When Ableton Trial Ends?

What Happens When Ableton Trial Ends - what restrictions, limitations

Well, the simplest answer is you cannot use it until you purchase a license and re-download the paid version.

If you are not planning to purchase the license anytime soon, you should probably delete it to save space on your computer.

Also, the trial download and the licensed version uses separate installers, so if you are planning to buy an Ableton live license in the future, you are not going to need anything from the free trial version.

If you have projects stave, you can still want to work n from the free trial version, you can always import them on the paid version for Ableton.

For macOS users, you can uninstall the Ableton LIve Trial by simply deleting the icon from your Launchpad or list of apps.

For Windows users, you can simply uninstall the software in your Control Panel, then go to Add/ Remove programs.

Because Ableton Live has tons of features, you probably enjoyed using the demo.

If you want to buy an Ableton Live license, just go to their website, and purchase it using a credit or debit card, then download the installer.

After installation, you can go ahead and work on your tracks!

Trial vs. Paid Version: Is There a Difference?

Ableton Live Trial vs Paid Version - Is There a Difference - what to do when ableton trial ends

There is not much of a difference between the two versions. It has the same plugins and limitations.

Sometimes, you will experience errors and receive an error message when importing your tracks from the free to the paid version.

If it is the case, you may have to bounce and render your old tracks to make it work with your current Ableton Live 10.

If you have any more questions, make sure you visit their official pages and find out more about these products.

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