High Quality Studio Sound Packs and Kits

Hey everyone, welcome to Blue Buzz Music. I see you are looking for some sweet FL Studio Sound Packs, samples, and kits?

For those who are just starting out and lurking all over the Internet looking for the best FL Studio sample packs, your journey is finally over!

You finally found some actual high-quality music production kits, as opposed to adds and virus links.

Seriously, there are some sketchy links out there! Be aware!

Don’t rush and try to download all the packs all over the Internet. The hardest part is not finding sweet kicks and 808 drums. Downloading tens and hundreds of samples is easy.

It’s a lot harder to make a beat, record everything, mix, and master.

You are in luck. These sound packs have all you need!

Well, I am not Metro Boomin, but I’ve been into music production for a while now and feel like I can release my own FL Studio sound kits.

Worth a shot, am I right? And c’mon guys, I am putting all these samples together for you to download for FREE!

You can’t complain!

Anyways, let’s peep these free sound packs for FL Studio!

1) Blue Buzz Music Essentials Sample Pack [60+ Sounds]

Blue Buzz Music Essentials Sample Pack

This sound pack offers the essentials of every beat. You get 60+ exceptional wave files that will help you step up your music production game.

To begin with, you get a few high-quality kicks, snares, hats, claps, and perks. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the sweet 808 drum sounds.

Moreover, I’ve included a few superb SFX, such as risers, falls, and sweeps.

Aren’t all these effects used mostly in electronic music?

These are more suitable for DJ who make EDM, but I know a few trap producers who pack their beats with a lot of effects.

Lastly, you will find a folder with different sounds, such as brass, piano, bells, pluck, quirk, pipe, and a lot more!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about a demo folder, where I put kicks, snares, hats, and 808’s that I use myself.

So yeah, a whole bunch of gems in just one sample pack!

To download Blue Buzz Music Essentials Sample Pack, just click the link below!

2) Blue Buzz Music Trap Kit [60+ Sounds]

Blue Buzz Music Trap Kit

As you could’ve guessed, this is more for trap producers than anyone else. However, you can probably find notes of trap even in any pop song these days.

That’s because trap music is dominating the industry right now, and I don’t see the trend changing anytime soon.

Anyways, as you can see by the file size, this sound kit is a little larger than the previous one because it also has a few loops included!

How about drums?

Moreover, I put a lot more drum samples here, because the combination of kicks, snares, and percs is crucial and must be a priority for every trap producer!

If you want to spice an average beat up, add a couple of brass or bell samples, which are also a part of this sound pack.

Didn’t you say something about loops?

Depending on what speed you are making your beat at, you can use 10+ brass, synth, and whistle loops to spice your melody up just a tiny bit.

Overall, a must have not only for trap boys but every beatmaker and music producer out there!

To download Blue Buzz Music Trap Kit, just click the link below!

3) Blue Buzz Music Feelin Blue Edition [100+ Sounds]

Blue Buzz Music Feelin Blue Edition

Even though this sound pack only weighs 26 MB, it has the most potential out of all three kits I’ve put together.

I also called it “Blue Edition,” which makes it look like a signature package of mine.

For some reason, it’s still free.

I know I could’ve monetized it, but who cares, it will probably throw a lot of peeps off, you know.

Anyways, let me tell you more about it.

This one has even more drum samples than the Trap Kit. I’ve included nine kicks, eight snares, 19 claps, 15+ hi-hats, and a lot more!

You can literally make a full album with just this sound pack!

You will still need more instrumentals, but that’s more drums than one album requires. Of course, this is just a rule of thumb.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Metro Boomin has a terabyte of sounds on his PC, but why do we need to parrot Metro, you feel me?

Moreover, as I said, there are a lot more variables than just great samples and sounds (music promotion, for example).

To download Blue Buzz Music Feelin Blue Edition, just click the link below!

Conclusion: High-Quality Studio Sound Packs and Kits

I hope that my packs/kits will help you produce better music. I really do, you know? I am just a sweet guy like that.

Speaking seriously though, I don’t want you to end up with a few gigabytes of samples.

Cause this will mean you’ve spent a few hours just blindly downloading random stuff off the Internet when you could’ve been producing.

Don’t waste your precious time and just get to work.

I wish you good luck because in this industry you will need a lot of it!