learn Easy Songs To Play On Piano. Our list of easy songs for piano will help you get better.

12 Easy Songs To Play On Keyboard And Piano (With Videos)

Finding songs to play on keyboard for beginners and keyboard songs in general can be a hustle. That's why we've made the list of easy songs to play on keyboard

Easy Songs To Play On Keyboard and Piano

There are tons of songs out there that you can play on any instrument. In this article, we’ll look at some easy songs to play on keyboard and piano.

Let’s start from a little introduction here!

Most of us don’t have enough time to learn to play keyboard songs or piano songs professionally. It’s more of a fun hobby.

Who doesn’t want to impress their friends?

And your parent, and maybe even some people at a local bar. Take a look at this list of easy song to play on keyboard for beginners and amateurs.

1) Dark Horse (Katy Perry)

Who hasn’t jammed to “Dark Horse” back in 2014? Everybody has. It’s a popular jam that is an easy keyboard song for beginners. The rhythms of both hip-hop and pop are clashing while creating something new when you play the melody.

It’s a pretty decent exercise for your fingers too!

Especially the intro, as the melody starts fast.

2) Clarity (Zedd)

As you already know, Zedd is an EDM producer. Therefore, you may need a digital synth as opposed to a standard keyboard or piano to play this keyboard song. It’s an EDM piece with a lot of vocal snippets, drums, and effect.

However, the central element is still the piano. 

If you are using a more advanced keyboard, try experimenting with different settings, presets, and instruments.

Remember, your imagination is the limit.

3) One Call Away (Charlie Puth)

Charlie Puth has released a lot of music that can be played using a simple keyboard for beginners. The best one to try at first is “One Call Away.” The chords and progression are simple, and the song is well-known.

This means a lot of people will sing along! Give it a shot – it’s one of the best songs to play on keyboard for beginners.

4) All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor)

This song has been popping on top charts for a very long time. And it’s so simple to play on a piano. The chords are easy. It’s A-Bmin-E-A. The best part is that the chord progression is repeated all over again throughout the song.

Now isn’t this nice?

The chords are played for two bars. Therefore, the full progression of four chords is performed for eight bars. Rinse and repeat. Don’t forget that you should be playing the bass line with your left hand and the melody with your right hand.

5) Stay With Me (Sam Smith)

“Stay With Me” is one of the easiest songs by Sam Smith to play for the beginners on the piano. And the chord progression couldn’t be more straightforward. It’s Amin-F-C. That’s it. You repeat the same three chords over and over again for the entire song.

How great is that?

You play chords with your left hand while simultaneously playing the melody with your right one.

Nothing too complex.

6) Clocks (Coldplay)

Sweet 2000’s bring back a lot of memories. “Clocks” by Coldplay is dating all the way back to 2002. And name one person that has never heard the song before. You probably can’t. It used to be one of the most popular pop songs to play on the piano or keyboard back in the days.

The chords are easy.

They’re Eb-Bbmin-Fmin. The tricky part is that Eb and Fmin are one bar, while Bbmin is two bars.

7) Someone Like You (Adele)

“Someone Like You” from one of her most popular albums 21 is another easy song to learn to play on the keyboard. The rhythm is slow, and the melody is repetitive. Nothing to worry about.

The chords couldn’t have been any easier.

You play A-E-F#min-D for most of the verse and chorus. And play the melody with your right hand. Perfect to play on family night or when just hanging out with friends.

8) Bubbly (Colbie Caillat)

Even though bubbly is a lot more popular when playing the guitar, it’s very easy to play it on piano also. A famous pop song from late 2000’s, its simple, catchy, and light. Definitely, something fun to learn and play! And everything blends in so naturally with the voice.

9) Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)

Once the number one on the top charts, “Shake It Off” is incredibly catchy and fun to play song with a funky beat. It does have a few tempo changes here and there, but isn’t it great to practice the rhythm chops while playing so many people’s favourite pop song?

10) Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)

Take a look at the legendary Thriller’s “Billie Hean.” Of course, it has quite a few elements to it, but the synth part is not very hard to play. It’s made of fours chords which are F#min-G#min-A-G#min.

Don’t forget about the bassline.

It’s four notes long, and when the chords change to Bbmin, you have to play the second one. With the chords and the two basslines, you’ll be comfortable to play both verses and the chorus.

11) Let It Go (Idina Menzel)

Actually, “Let It Go” is sang not just by Idina Menzel, but Demi Lovato also. Both are amazing and have different vibes to them. The original Frozen “Let It Go” is Broadway-style, while Demi’s one is more of a ballad.

But you know what?

Both sound amazing on the piano. This may not be the easiest song to play with its diverse elements and versatile transitions, but it’s definitely worth it. After all, it’s one of the most requested songs for pianists out there.

12) Fallin (Alicia Keys)

It’s a classic all the way from 2001. Why was it so popular? Mostly because of Alicia Keys herself. She wrote, sang, and recorded the instruments for the song all by herself.

Pretty impressive.

It’s also a very catchy RnB melody, which may look complicated at first but in reality is a fun challenge for all jazz and RnB fans out there. You can also try some of the blues improvisings when practicing “Fallin.”


13)  Changes (XXXTentacion)

“Changes” is one of the songs by XXXTentacion, a well-known artist in the hip hop community. With a simple set of chords and bassline, melodic chorus, and slow tempo this song will suit every beginner’s skills.

Moreover, this easy song to play on keyboard has beautiful lyrics to sing along to. It’s worth learning even if you are a complete beginner. “Changes” was the first keyboard song that my cousin learned to play!

Conclusion: Easy Songs To Play On Keyboard

Hopefully, these songs are easy enough for you. And if they are not, just practice playing the piano or keyboard until they become. If you want to speed up the process, there are tons of e-books and videos out there on the Internet.

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