What DAW Software Does Alan Walker Use in 2020?

Alan Walker has been producing music since he was a teenager.

He also started as a bedroom producer which is something you don’t see much of these days.

If you listen to his music you can hear the creativity and thought and care and attention that has gone into each of his tracks.

This has helped his big hits become even bigger thanks to the small details.

But how does he achieve these sonic layers?  

What hardware and software does Alan Walker use?

 I guess, to be specific, what DAW software does Alan Walker use?  

That’s why I have created this article to give you a sneak peek into his production process and to tell you more about the hardware and software that he regularly uses to craft songs.

I’m going to start with the software, or the DAW (digital audio workstation), and then go through some of Alan Walker’s plugins.

This combination of hardware and software is what allows him to be so creative.

And once you know what tools they use you can start to incorporate it into your music and production process to try and emulate their style or even turn it into something just as unique.

What DAW Software Does Alan Walker Use in 2020?

What DAW Software Does Alan Walker Use to make his music

Let’s start with the DAW.

He mainly uses one that a lot of people may know.

It’s called Fruity Loops.

However, whilst that may be his main one, he, like many other producers, uses more than one DAW to get different tasks done.

Alan Walker uses Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools.

When combing each of these DAWs together the result is an immensely powerful workflow that takes advantage of the benefits of each DAW uniquely.

So now, if someone asked you what DAW software Alan Walker uses, you will be able to answer them.

But you need the plugins too to craft sounds to your exact standards.

And that is what I will talk about now.

Most of the VSTs that Alan Walker uses are paid ones.

But he doesn’t always just use plugins.

Sometimes he makes his sounds as well and that is something you should also be doing.

Doing this gives you your unique sound and allows you to stand out from the rest.

So here are the top plugins that Alan Walker uses to help create his songs.

What VST Plugins Does Alan Walker Use in 2020?

What VST Plugins Does Alan Walker Use to make edm music

What Synths VST Plugins Does Alan Walker Use?

Let’s see what synth plugins are on Alan’s list:


ReFX Nexus is a very powerful synth.

It gives you some great sounds to play with.

With a few tweaks even the default synth, bass and sounds can sound great.

This plugin lets you make some crazy music.


This plugin is a firm favorite.

Sure, it may be pricey, but you get some amazing presets and you can always buy more or look for free ones.

Stock Synths

It’s all about using what you have already and then altering it to make it sound more like you.

Based on the style of music you create you will be able to find plugins to suit it to get unique sounding stuff.


This is another synth/plugin that comes with a massive amount of presets.

It has over eight banks of presets for you to mess with.

What Technical VST Plugins Does Alan Walker Use?

Let’s see what other plugins are on Alan’s list:

Antares Auto-Tune Evo

This is the go-to plugin for autotuning.

It’s also good at helping pitch correction.

Kickstart Sidechain Compression Plugin

Because compression can be a key part of a song this plugin is important to help your beats stand out.

This depends on the type of effect you want to create but regardless of that, this is a plugin you simply must be using.

Waves Plugin

This is a great plugin bundle.

It’s great for adding effects and gives you everything that you need.

TAL plugins

TAL plugins are very finely tuned and should be part of any producer’s toolkit.

What Studio Gear Does Alan Walker Use in 2020?

What Studio Gear Does Alan Walker Use

Alan Walker uses a myriad of different hardware.

This allows him to let his music style stay fresh and evolve.

Below is a list of just some hardware that Alan Walker has been known to use.

  • MSI Shadow GS30
  • Audio Technica ATR2500-USB
  • AKAI Pro LPK25
  • AKAI MPK Mini
  • UA Apollo Quad Firewire
  • Mackie Big Knob Studio Command System


Now you know more about the type of hardware and software that Alan Walker uses as part of his production technique.

This should allow you to use this in your music to be inspired and let your creativity flow.

After all, the music you create is about you, not what tools you use, although this list can help you create the best sounds that you can.

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