Top 6 Best Hip-Hop Record Pools of 2020 [Updated]

Whether you are an open-source DJ or a Mobile DJ, you will come across gigs that will require you to play hip-hop music.

It is one of the most popular music genres that has been around for generations.

What makes this genre stand out are the timeless hits from decades ago that are still being requested and played at clubs up to this day.

Having a wide selection of hip-hop songs in your arsenal is a must if you plan on doing gigs at underground clubs, birthday parties, house parties, or even weddings.

A lot of people are into hip-hop and all of its branches.

You will need to find a source of hip-hop music to fuel the needs of your audience.

Guess what?

You came to the right place, as I will show you some of the best hip-hop record pools.

One of these record pools I will show you can be your next source for the best hip-hop tracks of any era:

Digital DJ Pool

digital dj pool review - free music for djs only - complete dj music collection source

Price: $15 a month

This hip-hop record pool is possibly one of the most affordable record pools where you can download tracks.

Digital DJ Pool offers a wide variety of hip-hop tracks as well as other music styles.

Their library receives regular daily updates, so this pool does not come short with the number of songs it has to offer.

The website looks clean without a lot of pop-up ads, and you can quickly search the track you want by putting in the artist, title of the track, year, and tempo.

You also get the option of doing a 5-day trial for $1 to check out their extensive song library.


  • Massive selection of hip-hop tracks
  • Gets updated daily
  • Clean interface
  • 5-day free trial for just $1


  • Some tracks are not the best of quality
  • They don’t offer video files

Check it out here.

Urban DJ Pool

urban dj pool review - franchise record pool review - best urban dj pool for hip hop free

Price: $25 a month

This record pool is part of a much bigger record pool called iDJPool.

However, Urban DJ Pool is focused more on hip-hop tracks.

This pool also offers music from genres like RnB, Reggae, and even Gospel music.

This source is an excellent DJ pool that offers a lot of records.

It only works for users that live in the United States, though.

So, if you need to go out of the country for a gig, make sure you download the tracks you need beforehand.

Overall, it features a wide selection of not only hip-hop tracks but also tracks that are connected to the urban culture here in the States.


  • Good selection of urban genres such as hip-hop and RnB
  • Gives user FTP access


  • Only works in the United States

Check it out here.

Franchise Record Pool

franchise record pool review - premium dj pool for

Price: $19.99 a month

Franchise Record Pool is one of the best sources of hip-hop record pools for DJs.

The website is updated with 100 tracks a day.

This record pool is a great source for rare remixes of tracks such as different outtakes, radio edits, and so on.

Plus, Franchise Record Pool is one of the most affordable sites with the biggest selection.

Franchise Record Pool was founded in 1996 by none other than hip-hop star, Funkmaster Flex.

This record pool does not just offer audio, but you can also get access to video downloads as part of the meager premium price.

The best thing about Franchise is the interactive smartphone app, which allows users to interact with their audience, as well as other DJs that subscribe to this record pool.

For iOS users, you can also download the SPINS app that allows you to share playlists with other DJs and do crow surveys on which are the most requested songs.


  • Offers a massive selection of 300,000 songs
  • Smartphone app for easy access and organization of files
  • Offers video for a low price


  • The user interface could use a little organization
  • Users might find the number of features overwhelming

Check it out here.

Club Killers

clubkillers review - cheap hip hop trap edm dj pool to download music

Price: $50 a month

The Club Killers record pool has been around for a long time now and has proven to be one of the best record pools to get your music.

They offer a lot of high-quality tracks and remixes that are ready to use.

Their team of remixers and editors produce fantastic remixes of songs you can use for your sets.

Club Killers, just like Franchise Record Pool, offers both audio and video files.

However, the only drawback to this otherwise perfect record pool is the cost.

It costs a lot more than the other choices, but users don’t seem to mind, considering the amount of value of audio and video tracks you can download.


  • They offer the best cuts and DJ edits that are ready to use
  • Clean interface
  • Excellent customer support


  • Does not have a mobile app
  • Some links are corrupted

Check it out here.

Late Night Record Pool

late night record pool review - professional record pool for djing and music production

Price: $47 a month

If you are looking for a massive selection of throwback tracks from the previous decades, Late Night Record Pool is probably your best bet.

The only thing that I don’t like about this record pool is the steep price.

It may have an extensive selection of tracks that spans decades.

I still feel that it justifies the price.

If you are a DJ that foes tons of regular gigs, you probably wouldn’t mind paying the fee, as long as you can get the money back by playing gigs that pay well.

For your convenience, you can choose to download the files in a ZIP folder or download the tracks individually.

Downloading ZIP packs include different versions and edits of a track, such as a clean, dirty, or radio edit of your desired track.

If acapella and instrumental tracks are available, it will be included in your ZIP folder.

Maybe the price is sort of worth it.

This record pool is suitable for DJs and producers who want to create their own remixes as they offer more than just the tracks themselves.


  • Individual or compressed folder downloads
  • Extra tracks with different edits
  • The best throwback selections


  • Pricey
  • Some tracks are not in the highest quality

Check it out here.

Crate Connect

create connect review - hip hop and trap music record pool for djs

Price: $22 a month with options of quarterly or bi-annual subscription

Crate Connect offers a variety of hip-hop tracks for beginner and intermediate DJs.

They offer exclusive remixes and edits that you cannot find elsewhere.

If you are looking for a record pool with more diversity, you should check out Crate Connect.

As you know, not all record pools offer the same music, and Crate Connect offers some rare tracks.


  • You can preview the entire song
  • Decades worth of music from different genres
  • High-quality tracks with lossless compression
  • Affordable


  • no mobile app
  • the website crashes or freezes at times

Check it out here.

Related Questions:

  • Are there record pools for other genres?

Yes, there are a lot of record pools for specific genres on the web.

You can subscribe to different record pools, but it will cost a lot of money.

If you need a particular song from a different genre for your playlist, it is wise just to purchase the track individually to save money (house and latin music come in mind here)

You can make the most of these record pools if you try switching your subscription from time to time because all the libraries host different content.

  • Are there other sources for music aside from record pools?

It depends on the DJ software you are using.

Some DJ software such as Algoriddim DJay allows you to use songs from streaming platforms such as Spotify.

However, you will need a Spotify subscription.

As a music lover, I assume you already have one.

You can also purchase songs from Apple Music (formerly known as iTunes) or Amazon.

Purchasing songs individually, however, will cost about 99 cents per track.

Subscribing in a record pool is a much higher value in the long run.

  • Do you have to pay royalties for using the tracks?

If you are just playing these tracks for your gigs, I guess you don’t have to pay royalties.

However, if you are a producer and release the records as your own, you will have to read the fine print on the website to find out the license terms.

Some sites offer royalty-free samples and tracks, but for whole songs, it might be different depending on the source.


There you have it, the list of the best hip-hop record pools.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and before I leave you, here are a couple of things you should remember:

I cannot assure you that you will find all the tracks you are looking for on these websites.

I can only assure you that they have vast libraries with thousands of songs to choose from that you can use in your DJ sets.

You can create some of the best remixes by subscribing to one of the best hip-hop record pools listed above.

Have fun mixing and creating your next playlist!

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