Omnitronic TRM-402 Review – Updated 2020 – Omnitronic Rotary Mixer

For the uninitiated here, rotary mixers have often been the centerpiece of a DJs setup for the past few decades, it’s essentially the device that helps in mixing and manipulating tracks, and something that separates a DJ setup from playing pre-recorded music.

A rotary mixer is also one of the most expensive equipment’s for a DJ, especially for beginners who are just getting started, in which case, you have to absolutely sure of what you require or risk falling into a massive financial hole even before your career takes off!

Most pro-DJs continue to swear by rotary mixers, and despite this cult following, rotaries are often unsuitable for many DJing styles, but if you’re hellbent on a rotary over faders, there are few that can match the potential of the Omnitronic TRM-402, in this article, we will take an in-depth overview of the product to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Omnitronic TRM-402 Review

Omnitronic TRM-402 4 Channel rotary mixer

Even among rotaries there are certain products that have a cult-like following, and it need not be anything ground-breaking with the product itself, but its overall look & feel, along with its usability that creates such cults.

Omnitronic, created by Steinigke, successfully tapped into the demand for an affordable DJ console, in an era when most users either used a DIY homemade solution or ridiculously expensive branded ones, such an innovation quickly garnered much fan-following.

After almost 20 years, Steinigke still follows the same mantra of high-quality products at affordable prices, and, due to its early success, it has launched a series of different products. The TRM-402, released in 2018, follows the same ethos.

Omnitronic TRM-402 4 Channel Rotary Mixer

Omnitronic TRM 402 Test

The Omnitronic TRM-402 comes with a 4-channel rotary mixer, which means a total of 4 sound sources can be mixed to create smooth transitions and effects. Most rotary mixers have a minimum of 2 channels, but they might have 4 inputs, which means you will have to select the inputs for each of the 2 channels.

The TRM-402 makes for the smoothest possible experience, making it easier for even beginners to get a good hang of the system.

It also comes with a 2-band EQ, allowing you to adjust the highs, mids and the lows for smooth mixing and experience.

All of the components are of high-quality, the ALPS Rotary Potentiometers are known for their durability and ruggedness, allowing for rough usage without having to deal with any breakdowns or downtimes.

Omnitronic TRM-402 Vs 202 – How They Differ?

Omnitronic TRM-402 Vs 202 Dj mixer

The TRM 202 MK3 does a wonderful job building on the other TRM-202 models, showing the consistent incremental improvements seen across all Omnitronic models over the years. Compared to the TRM-402, the one major difference is that it only has 2 channels, while still providing for 4 inputs altogether.

This itself does not make much of a difference, but if you want to use 4 sources on a 202, you have to manually select the sources while changing channels.

The TRM-202 also has the ALPS Potentiometers, giving a very good look and highest-quality feel. The controls come with a lot of letters and numbers, that add to the sophistication of the device, it might also seem a bit overwhelming to first time users, but this is something that most people fall in love with over time.

Should You Buy Omnitronic TRM-402?

It’s perfectly clear that this console doesn’t appeal to high-end users, but remains the best choice for entry & mid-level users. The style, finishing, and feel of the product make it a timeless classic and give it a look of a premium product, which is available at some of the lowest price-points for these products.

So, if you match these criteria, this would surely be an amazing device to get started with, but once you do, it’s not easy getting adjusted with the higher-end models, which is what fuels the massive cult-like following of this brand.

The Omnitronic TRM-402 is also quite sturdy, rugged and roadworthy, making it the mixer of choice for traveling musicians. The product is built with rigorous use in mind, so you don’t have to spend time or resources protecting the equipment, just the bare minimum, and this device will serve you for years to come.

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