[2020 Guide] 6 Music Video Promotion Techniques You Wish You Knew

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Alright, in this article we are going to go over the basics of music video promotion. It’s a whole multi-million dollar industry, but let’s cover the best music promotion techniques for beginners/newbies/broke boys.

Look, there are promotion companies that make tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars off promoting someone’s music, art, movie releases, etc.

They have connections in the industry, a lot more financial freedom, and authority.

It’s not like they’ve emerged out of nowhere, the biggest promotion companies have been there for a while and have built their authority over time.

Anyways, most people can’t afford them.

expensive music video promotion companies

There is another kind, the cheap ones. They have excellent websites, but how much can they do for you for $300. First, they have to pay themselves. Then they hire someone else for a fraction of what you’ve paid to do some kind of work.

And even that someone makes a profit, otherwise he/she wouldn’t be doing that. So you end up being milked like a cash cow.

You will start seeing more views/follows/engagement in general.

However, the second you stop paying, all your “fame” goes away. Again, this can be done for a fraction of price if we are speaking of paying installments of like $300. All you need to do is research and some common sense.

No one is going to make you a new Jay Z for $300.

So the smartest and the best way to do music video promotion at a low budget will be doing everything yourself with the help of a few tools I am going to talk about!

Let’s get to the point already, shall we?

Have a Nice Looking Music Video to Promote

professionally shot video to promote

This is very obvious, but hey, there are so many people out there who try to promote their crappy music videos.

Sometimes they are not even crappy, but just snippets of a cartoon or anime with their song playing in the background. Don’t put too much time into promoting a lyric video, unless you got enough clout.

People don’t really watch them unless it’s a song that’s been playing on the radio all day long and they want to peep the lyrics to sing along correctly or something.

I mean you can do this for fun, but if you are serious about music production in general, go and shoot a decent music video! Don’t forget to edit it nicely and you are good to go. It’s that easy!

Commenting on Other Users Posts/Videos

commenting on music related blogs to promote your video

So we are starting with free and easy things you can do. It’s common sense to start commenting on other users posts (Instagram), tweets (Twitter), and videos (YouTube).

However, it’s not easy to get noticed. The bigger the account/channel, the harder it’s going to be. Having a verification badge can make this process 100 times easier, but most of us are not the chosen ones. So what do you do?

Well, try commenting on something post or video related.

Some people are using automation software and stamp emoji comments back and forth. Others just copypaste the same comment about how they just released a song/video, and ask to watch it and give reviews.

Seems like a decent strategy for some, but there are 2 tremendous setbacks in my opinion.

First, you are being super annoying and disrespectful to the account’s/channel’s owner.

You are like this guy that talks only about himself at someone else’s party.Long story short, nobody likes a guy like that.

The second setback is directly related to the first one.

Look, you are disrespecting the owner and also his fans to an extent. And let’s say you are going to post on every single post or video of this famous guy.

What kind of feedback do you expect? Well, you definitely won’t get a big following doing this.

What you will get is a lot of hate comments. And you may react however you want, but they won’t make you feel good. Bad comments about how bad your music and music video are will bring you down, consciously or subconsciously.

So just be courteous and respectful, okay?

Other than that it’s a great practice to do for a couple of hours a day to get some recognition and following in the industry!

Promoting it Through All Social Media

promote the music video through all social medias

This tip may also sound way too simple, but people do forget about this stuff. And I don’t mean post on IG and tweet that you have a music video coming up.

Utilize Instagram and Facebook stories (considering you have some following), Reddit, music related forums, etc.

Don’t ever spam though. People hate spammers, and you may end up getting dislikes than likes.

Let me clarify a few things for you. It’s common sense to post on Twitter, Facebook, and IG.

Have you ever thought of Reddit?

It’s such a great traffic source! And not just traffic, you can make money, sell things, grow your email list and a lot more, but that’s not the topic of today’s article. The best part is that Reddit is primarily the US, Canada, and the UK. So you end up only getting the premium traffic from English speaking countries.

Again, if you are being spammy, Reddit will backfire.

I still haven’t figured out why, but some people on Reddit are really bitter. I’ve been emotionally hurt a couple of times. Grow following on all social media, so it’s easier to promote your music video!

Reach Out to Influencers and Ask For Promos

reach out to influencers to make your music video known

Okay, this one is quite crucial, and not a lot of people think about it. Depending on the influencer’s following and engagement, it can cost a fortune.

In the hip-hop industry, for example, there are big accounts like WorldStarHipHop, RapRadar.

They are more like news accounts, and they sure can post something about you for some cash. And I mean a lot of it. It can both give you exposure, and ruin it all for you.

I wouldn’t be excited to pay a few hundred bucks just to be called a clown by a few thousand people, you feel me? Not the best hip hop music promotion, in my opinion.

You have to have some kind of a gem to give to the world, or be very stress resistant!

Another way is by DMing an influential person in the industry. Let’s use hip-hop genre again. We have a lot of radio DJs and journalists that cover hip-hop industry 24/7. If we talk hip hop, think Adam22 and DJ Akademiks.

If you get lucky, you may get featured in one of their posts or stories. Some of them have a price list. Others just don’t give promos.

Usually, if you are a really small account, they won’t bother, as it will be obvious that you’ve paid them to feature you. So you may have to crank up the numbers at least artificially. You know what they say, fake it ’till you make it! Not always right, but can come handy at times.

Speaking of cranking up the numbers…

SMM (Social Media Marketing) Pannels

SMM panel - social media marketing panel music promotion companies

I feel like these panels scare people. All the terms like “fake followers,” or “fake likes” make you feel like you are going to get banned or even worse shadowbanned.

Yes, these panels can be harmful if you don’t know what you are doing and abusing the services they provide.

One beatmaker I followed had like 10k subscribers on IG and 130k views on a video. I called him out, but he quickly bounced back by saying “if you know about this kind of stuff, you are the one using it!”

I didn’t get a chance to reply, as he blocked me.

Oh well, I am sure I’ll be fine.

This is an example of overusing a service. The math doesn’t add up, you know. Depends on the account, but 10% engagement is quite good. And here is this guy rocking his 500%+ and think it looks natural.

You can buy all you want – followers, likes, comments, etc., but they are not real. None of the followers will ever engage with you. There is also a more time-consuming way to get likes and follows, and those will be real.

We just have to use an automation tool.

Automation Tools

automation tools to promote your music and music videos

Can you guess what these do? Right, they automate different processes to make your life easier.

In most cases, an automation tool will only take care of one social media for you for a certain fee a month. In this case, you usually receive a very user-friendly design and easy to set up the process. All you have to do is to list your competitors or type down a few hashtags, and you are good to go.

The default follow/unfollow/like/comment functions are better to tweak a little bit depending on your account age, following, etc.

What if you want to manage all your social media with one tool?

That’s when Jarvee, for example, comes into play.

In my opinion, they are a lot more complicated. First, you will need a few proxies (depending on how many accounts you have). Then you will also need to tweak each function and scrape a bunch of accounts off social media.

It’s a little overwhelming, but take your time to learn the workflow, and you’ll be fine!

Both kinds of automation tools won’t directly help to promote a particular music video, but instead grow your social media accounts, fan base, and engagement.


To wrap up, I want to remind you that everything you do to get exposure takes a lot of work. If there were or is a shortcut, you wouldn’t find it on the Internet, no matter how deep you dig.

You may get lucky and blow up, or work hard and blow up.

Instead of waiting for the first one to happen, just do the second one. Don’t get caught up in numbers, don’t look at others’ engagement.

Just do your best and don’t give up, alright?

Hopefully, the tips above will move you another inch closer to your final goal. Cheers!

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