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Music And The Press – 8 Nuances You Should Know About – Updated

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Getting your music in the press isn’t easy – however, here are some great tips to help you to do so.

1. When You Begin To Record A New Single, Album Or Collaboration

When you decide to do the above, you can bet your fans will be excited. This also means that bloggers, publishers, and influencers of the music industry can help you reach new readers when they write about your project. This is known as getting press.

With that said, there are a few things you’ll want to tell the press. You’ll want to let them know who you’re working with and where you’re recording. Don’t forget to talk about things that are different with this album or single from any previous projects you’ve worked on.

2. When You Are Deep Into Recording Sessions

If your recording process is taking months to complete, then you’ll still want to inform people how things are going. You should release an update when you’re halfway done with your project. Bloggers might want to know if you have any song titles in mind and they may want you to share videos, photos or demos that you might have.

3. When Recording Is Completed

When you have wrapped up recording, you want to make a major announcement saying so. This gives you the opportunity to share more details about your project. This includes photos and pictures of you performing in the studio. By now, you should be able to let your fans know when you will be releasing your single or album.

4. When You Settle On An Album Title

Fans will want to know what your album title is. When you settle on a title, it’s time to tell the bloggers and other publicists about it. Doing this will surely get blogs more readers.

When the press speaks to you about the title, you want to provide them with details about your musical career. Tease them with interesting soundbites of your album. Finally, tell them how you’ve chosen the name for the album.

5. When Artwork Is Finalized

This is another fun stage. People love seeing covers of albums that will be released in the nearest future. When you’re pitching stories to the press, make sure you provide them with a bit of info about the album artwork. Talk about the overall design of the album’s cover and who actually designed it and what the artwork represents.

6. When You Launch A Single From Your New Album

This is your chance to capitalize on the promotional power of blogs and websites. Simply give them an exclusive first look at your album or host a premiere for bloggers and website owners to attend. If you do this, you can bet that many of the sites and blogs will jump at the chance to promote your music via their websites and their social media accounts.

7. Launching A Video

When you decide to launch a video, you’ll have the opportunity to get your song out there to the masses. Create an embed code for your video or put your video on YouTube, but make it unlisted. Then you can share the code with bloggers and music niche website owners.

This will drum up publicity for your video and your song. You can also use a service like this to get the word out there.

8. When Personnel Changes Happen To Your Band

Is there a member of the band that’s leaving or will you be adding someone new? If so, then let the world know, even if the emotions you’re feeling are negative. Remember, letting the world know what changes are happening is another excellent way to get more coverage for your songs and videos.

Discuss with the press about how your music will change and what direction you guys will be heading in.


With this tips in mind, it’s going to be a lot easier to create publicity for your new upcoming single or album!