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Mixars Duo Review [Best Budget Mixer?] – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Mixars Duo is an excellent mixer that is built in the plug-and-play style.

As most DJ consoles in the industry right now, it works flawlessly with Serato DJ. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Mixars Duo reviews out there. Well, here is one for you to get to know the mixer better.

Mixars Duo Review – Updated

Mixars Duo is a beautiful and powerful mixer with a neat and logical layout. As opposed to a lot of middle price range mixers out there, this one is has a metal quality built.

If you’ve used other mixers like Traktor Kontrol Z2, you’ll notice some similarities, such as two channels, vertically arranged RGB pads, etc.

Depending on what you want from the mixer, you might fall in love with the simplicity and non-overwhelming design of Mixars Duo.

Some people love “busy” layouts, so they go for the most advanced and complex looking mixers with a lot of inputs and knobs. Others like low-key mixers that won’t take the entire desk and provide as much functionality as the former ones.

When purchasing Mixars duo, you are also getting a Serato DJ software supplied, so if you are debating on getting into the DJing scene, this might be one of the best choices for you.

What computer do you have?

If you have a Mac, you don’t even need to install a driver, and in case you own a Windows PC, ASIO is incredibly straightforward and simple to install. It’s pretty much a plug-and-play mixer, which is incredibly easy to use and follow.

Now let’s take a closer look at the mixer for the more detailed Mixars Duo review.

Also, if you don’t feel like reading, here is a great video review!

The article itself has a ton more information, so make sure to keep reading after that!

Mixars Duo Front Panel

Mixars Duo Review - Front Panel

Mixars Duo Review – Front Panel

The front panel of Mixars Duo may seem like nothing special, but it’s incredibly functional. First of all, you get a bunch of scratch friendly controls, which always come in handy when performing live or practicing at high intensity.

Moreover, it’s equipped with two controls, curve and reverse, which let you control both input channels.

Throw in a crossfader cut-in control and a split cue switch, and you are set for success.

If you don’t know what a split cue switch is, it’s simply a combination XLR / TRS mic input and RCA aux input that are switchable. And of course, you get two headphone input (1/4 “ and 1/8 “ respectively)

Mixars Duo Back Panel

Mixars Duo Review - Back Panel

Mixars Duo Review – Back Panel

If you’ve never had a mixer before which is unlikely, the back of Mixars Duo can be a bit confusing. However, after you take a few moments to look and all the inputs and outputs, you’ll get most of it. After all, it’s supposed to be a simple mixer.

On the back panel, you’ll find the XLR / RCA master outputs, TRS / RCA outputs, and, finally, the RCA record output.

A lot of DJs in the industry wonder whether there should be a better use of the space, as all it the RCA output does is duplicates the main, as opposed to bypassing the master volume control or something similar to that.

You also get the switches for each of the two channels and a ground pole. Moreover, the back panel of Mixars Duo is equipped with a dual USB hub, which for most DJs comes in handy daily.

Mixars Duo Top Panel

Mixars Duo Review - Top Panel

Mixars Duo Review – Top Panel

The Mixars Duo review wouldn’t have been full without looking at the top panel of the futuristic mixer. The design couldn’t have been more straightforward and easier to navigate.

Each side represents one channel, which is equipped with a few knobs and switches, such as line volume, analogue filter, complete three-band equalizer, and input switch.

Does it integrate with Serato DJ seamlessly?

Speaking of Serato-specific controls, there is a loop control encoder (to be used with the shift button), an FX control button to choose various effects, and a couple of beats buttons for beat sync.

As mentioned earlier, you get the vertically aligned RGB pads that you can use in both cue and sample modes. Use the toggle switch in the middle of the mixer to switch them around.

Overall Impression

Mixars Duo MKII

Mixars Duo Review – Overall Impression

The mixer is of outstanding quality. The sound quality is impressive, all the switches, faders, and buttons are smooth and easy to use.

The ability to switch banks is quite good, considering that the alternatives are time and energy consuming. Even though the mixer has a few effects, it’s only compatible with a few of them.

Nothing to worry about!

This doesn’t affect many DJs, as they would have another analogue effect filter as a separate piece of equipment anyways, and not to make up for the drawbacks of Mixars Duo.

Overall, it’s one of the best bangs for the buck out there, which reminds some of when the DJing was still developing.

All you had was a two-channel mixer and a couple of decks. That’s more than you will need if you are a beginner, and a handy and easy to travel with a mixer if you are performing at events.

Mixars Duo is an excellent addition to every DJ’s collection.

Mixars Duo Serato – Integration Is Crucial

Mixars Duo Review - Serato DJ Intergration

Mixars Duo Review – Serato DJ Intergration

As mentioned earlier, Mixars Duo is seamlessly integrated with Serato music software for DJs. The fact that the two work perfectly together is vital for every amateur and professional DJ.

Serato DJ’s the world’s most popular DJ software after all.

Serato is incredibly reliable and doesn’t crash even during the most power consuming tasks such as live performances. Moreover, Serato works hand in hand with musical hardware companies that make sure everything works seamlessly.

Luckily, Mixars Duo is one of these hardware products.

Another notable feature that Serato offers is the 7 day a week support. Unlike most companies that need a business day or two to get back to you, this software corporation spends a fortune on customer support to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Lastly, if you ever feel like the unlimited number of tracks from SoundCloud and Tidal is not enough for you, there are tons of expansion packs full of gems that you can purchase. Therefore, Serato should be the only software used with Mixars Duo MKII.

Mixars Duo Vs Pioneer s9
Which One Is Better?

Mixars Duo vs Pioneer S9

Mixars Duo vs Pioneer S9

There are a lot of questions amateur DJs ask. “Which mixer or sampler is better?” is one of the most popular inquiries. And the battle of Mixars Duo Vs Pioneer S9 has been around for a while now. Therefore, we’ll go over it.

Even though they may seem similar, there are actually many differences between them. Fundamentally, of course, they perform the same task.

Both Mixars Duo and Pioneer S9 are used to mix two input channels.

And they have a few similar features, such as effects, crossfades, inputs / outputs, etc. Mixars Duo is excellent, but not nearly as popular as Pioneer S9.

If you think about it, the primary audience of Mixars Duo are DJ amateurs mostly, and very few professionals. Moreover, even people who don’t DJ have seen the Pioneer logo here or there, while Mixars is a little more low key.

Mixars Duo VS Pioneer S9 – Technical Details / Branding

Remember that Pioneer spends thousands of thousands, if not millions on marketing. Therefore, you’ll see their logos at big DJ battle and performances. Moreover, it’s a DJ industry standard for a reason. Davide Guetta and Calvin Harris have most of their equipment made by Pioneer.

As a result, there is a mark up on the premium product such as Pioneer, the same way artists consider Yamaha and Casio the two big giants of the music production industry.

The main difference you see right away is the price.

Pioneer S9 seems to be almost 3 times as expensive as Mixars Duo. Of course, there are a few reasons to that, but a lot of beginners would be scared to drop this much money on something they may not utilize in the future.

Another noticeable difference that even a truck driver will notice is the number of drum pads and the size. First of all, Pioneer S9 has 8 assignable drum pads on each channel, while Mixars Duo only has 4. Another feature that Pioneer S9 has for visual learners is the ability to assign specific colours to the pads.

This can make your workflow a whole lot easier.

Many DJs can’t justify spending so much more on a mixer such as S9 instead of Mixars Duo. Besides the lack of postfader effects and a few drum pads and controls here and there, you are not missing out a lot.

Mixars Duo has a fantastic mixer and a very good powercard, so why pay a fortune for a small upgrade?

Some people have noted issues with scraped paint due to the crossfader position and movement, and the left line fader seems to be too close to one of the boards of the Pioneer S9 mixer.

Others love it and won’t ever give it away because of its sound quality, plug-and-play, and the concept / button placement.

The rest is for you to decide.

Check out this video of the mix and scratch session where the guys used Mixars Duo and Pioneer S9!

Best For The Price
Mixars DUO 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ - New
Powerhouse Mixer
Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer, Black, 4.25 x 10.51 x 16.04 (DJM-S9)
Mixars DUO 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ - New
Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer, Black, 4.25 x 10.51 x 16.04 (DJM-S9)
Best For The Price
Mixars DUO 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ - New
Mixars DUO 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ - New
Powerhouse Mixer
Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer, Black, 4.25 x 10.51 x 16.04 (DJM-S9)
Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer, Black, 4.25 x 10.51 x 16.04 (DJM-S9)

Mixars Duo Review: Conclusion

To sum everything up, Mixars Duo MKII is the best bang for the buck you can find on the market. While it doesn’t have the same features as its more expensive and lucrative opponents, you can always base your workflow around the scenic route and save some money!

If you are considering to DJ, why not get something simple and not overwhelming?

Upgrade when you get better at it and will start feeling like Mixars Duo is not enough anymore. A lot of amateurs and professionals use it even though they can afford a “better one.”

It’s hard to fight the compact and slick design and great functionality of Mixars Duo, even for big brands like Pioneer. And as it was mentioned earlier, the rest is for you and you only to decide!

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