Midi Fighter 64 Review

Midi Fighter 64 Review – Updated 2024 – Price, Comparison & More!

The most powerful customizable tool for finger drumming, Midi Fighter 64 is a sample-driven controller for hardcore MidiFighter fans. Today, we review this 64 button controller and take a closer look at its features, price, and alternatives to help users learn more about it.

Midi Fighter 64 Review

The Midi Fighter is a compact MIDI controller featuring 16 arcade-style buttons, four banks, and shift buttons. Bright LEDs facilitate eye-popping light-shows while the inclusion of five sound packs allows music creation. The buttons offer good customizability with the RGB lighting. It allows mapping events with the motion sensor feature.

You can choose from black and white colors when buying the Midi Fighter 64. The entire body including its sides is made out of plastic. It has enough switches that you need not use the bank switches. It feels sturdy and weighty when you pick it up. The buttons are quite big and you are unlikely to miss any during your live session.

The arcade buttons feel great and the LEDs are illuminating through the rings around the buttons. It is possible to set individual button colors using the Midi Fighter utility application. You can also select particular patterns of animated lighting. When you perform on the buttons, you hear the clicky sound like that of a mechanical keyboard.

The utility is the only software available for the controller. You get access to some of the best sound packs. Midi Fighter 64 works with many software though the use of Ableton Live is more convenient. Setting up this software is really easy.

When creating mashups, you can easily convert the Ableton (if that’s your DAW) session to be running on the MIDI controller. What makes it different is the LED feedback. The MIDI data should be sent to channel 3 on the hardware to be able to create custom light patterns.

Midi Fighter 64 Price

Midi Fighter 64 Price

The MIDI controller introduced by Shawn Wasabi is a custom tool commissioned from a music tech company DJ Tech Tools. Controllerism artists use this controller along with a DAW to perform complex musical routines.

A software called Ableton allows loading the samples which are programmed to play upon pressing buttons on the controller. This MIDI controller uses arcade buttons with LED rings that you can customize to different colors.

The Midi Fighter 64 is available for purchase through DJ Tech Tools for $499. The company has started distributing the hardware in 2017. It gets the arcade buttons from Japan and the firmware has been updated to include animations. Each of the controllers is hand-assembled by the in-house circuit bender. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Midi Fighter 64 Vs Launchpad – How They Compare?

Midi Fighter 64 Vs Launchpad

Midi Fighter 64 is made by DJ Tech Tools while Launchpad is made by Novation (that’s right, the creators of the world-famous Launchkey). They both are MIDI controllers and used for the same purpose through their button platform setup is different. Midi Fighter makes it easy to lay a beat and the buttons are more playable, specifically for something that involves fast-paced drumming.

The buttons have a travel distance and are easy on fingers while doing long sessions. Midi Fighter 64 is much more durable and you can use it for many years with a performance that does not degrade.

Those who make animations and videos on both Midi Fighter and Launchpad, they are cross-compatible because they share the same color layout. RGB-based launchpads provide three brightness levels and the Midi Fighter 64 exceeds with separate MIDI messages that let you unlock 16 levels on any color. It also has a secondary bank that you can activate easily.

Midi Fighter Alternative

Midi Fighter Alternative

While there is no alternative to Midi Fighter, there are some MIDI controllers that help musicians, DJs and artists show their creativity. Here are some of these tools:

Makey Makey – Though not a MIDI controller, Makey Makey allows emulating keystrokes with the help of electrical conduction. It is an ideal tool to use with Ableton Live’s Key Mapping feature. It allows using any conductive object as a trigger. You can use it with any app to turn the keystrokes into MIDI messages.

Pianocade – This MIDI controller is a stylish piece of hardware that uses buttons and joystick to control lighting or a MIDI-compatible app.

You can purchase one on their official website.

Source Audio Hot Hand – The 3-axis wireless motion sensor opens up limitless possibilities for MIDI control. The Hot Hand is designed to translate hand motions into MIDI control messages that you can map to any parameter with the help of a software editor.

Livid Instruments Guitar Wing – The all-new Guitar Wing offers a wireless interface that fits on any bass or guitar. It provides motion sensors, pads, buttons, and switches to let you control anything – lighting, DAW, plugins, effects or any app that uses MIDI control. The 3D motion sensor allows sending control messages by moving the instrument around.


Midi Fighter 64 is a compact and powerful controller with solid construction and reliable motion control. Those who are willing to give a new flavor to their setups would surely find it a great option because of the look and functionality.

It is ideal for finger drumming, mashups, and visually appealing performance routines. It offers great value for the price and is recommended for artists.

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