how to make money playing guitar on the street

6 Ways to Make Money Playing Guitar

There is a myriad of ways you can use to make money as a guitar player yet many guitarists stay tucked away in their rooms letting potential money-earning opportunities slip away.

You need to realize that guitar playing is a talent and skill that not everyone can do, and that’s what you can capitalize on. Here are some amazing ways you can use to make money as a guitar player.

1. Upload your videos to YouTube

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YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing sites on earth. As a guitar player, you can use YouTube to do a number of things, and that includes making money. While starting on YouTube, you should not worry about the views and subscribers.

As long as you keep posting, more and more people will find your videos and share them. As a musician on YouTube, it is essential to avoid copyright violations so that you are able to monetize your videos in the long run and also avoid getting banned.

Here are some ways you can use to make money on YouTube:

  •  Making tutorial videos – People have problems playing the guitar, and because this is a practical skill, they find instructional videos much easier to learn through. You could make videos teaching people how they should play riffs and solos of certain songs.
  •  Ads – After attaining the minimum minutes, subscribers and views required by YouTube to monetize your videos, you could contact them and start making money off ads placed at the start of your videos or anywhere on your video. You can do this by opening an AdSense account.
  •  Promotions – As a Youtuber, you can promote products on your YouTube channel by putting links in the description of the video and further personally promoting them on your videos. You will get a commission anytime a viewer buys the product using your link.

2. Perform

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We all have dreams of selling out arenas and big stadiums one day, but most of us probably haven’t reached that level. Do not let this discourage you from making money through performances in small concerts and other events.

You do not need to perform in big stadiums and arenas to feel the rush and thrill of doing a live performance.

You can attain the same feeling in a social event performance, a bar, a party and even a conference. Most of these places search for talented musicians to perform during their events.

You can get paid to perform, and the fact that most of them do not have the budget to hire popular musicians makes your chances of getting the gig even higher. Apart from learning how to perform in a crowd, you also get to network with other musicians and people who could potentially hire you for another gig.

3. Record an album

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Recording songs can be entertaining especially if you are in a band. If you do not have a band, then you could go solo as well. Booking a studio is the first step to recording your song. A cheaper alternative is to record at home.

By recording an album, you get an opportunity to popularize your guitar playing talent as well as your music. You can also make money off the CD sales for your album. Some good places to sell your CD can include; parties, events, your YouTube channel and even in stores.

4. Start freelancing

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There are some well-established bands out there that require a guitarist to do some live performance and recordings with them. Getting such a gig can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and get paid.

An excellent way to find such bands is through visiting your local music store and checking if they have an advertisement sector for musicians. You may find an advert placed of a band that requires a guitar player to do a live performance with them and get paid.

We understand that finding such adverts may be difficult and that is why there are sites such as Fiverr.

This site allows you to advertise your guitar playing skills and get hired to do recordings and performances. You should ensure your profile is well set so that you are able to beat the competition.

5. Teach people how to play guitar

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There are many people out there who want to learn how to play the guitar but can’t find a suitable tutor or maybe the charges are way too expensive for them. This is a great and stable way to make some cash.

You can market your services through social media, issuing out brochures and through your website. You could offer lessons at a small fee, and as you get more and more students, you could increase it gradually so as to better maintain the number.

6. Publish learning materials about guitar playing

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This can be best done by writing a book or starting a blog. As a guitar player, you have probably learnt a number of tips and tricks over the years. Writing about such tips in a book or blog can be a great way to share them with others while making money in the process.

Publishing a book has never been easier with the emergence of services such as Amazon Kindle. All you need to do is write, make a cover and upload the book.

Blogging is also a fun way to share your knowledge and earn money. You just need to find a cheap posting site, for example, WordPress, set up your website and start writing. You could then monetize the site through ads and affiliate links.


professional guitar player salary

As can be seen, making money as a guitar player is not so difficult. Most guitar players lack patience and that is why they fail to make money from such an incredible talent.

You may not be making the amount of money you thought you would be making at a certain time but rather than giving it up altogether, try to assess the situation and see where you can improve.

Alternatively, you can look for other outlets that can make you money from your guitar playing talent as mentioned above.

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