Lagrima Digital Piano Review – Updated 2020 – Instructions, Manual & More!

For those who believe music is an art, musical instruments are the tools without which it is impossible to create something impressive.

While there are hundreds of different types of musical instruments in the industry, the most popular are the pianos, guitars, and drums.

A large number of brands offer high-quality, unique pianos with their own distinct sets of features.

When you are looking for a new piano, there is so much to consider.

Lagrima is one of the most affordable brands selling digital pianos.

In this post, we’ll review the digital pianos from this brand, look at the most popular models, and try to understand how to get started with them easily.

Lagrima Digital Piano Review – Updated 2020

Lagrima Digital Piano Review - electric keyboard piano for beginners, kids, and adults

Lagrima is a reputed brand known to produce an extensive range of electronics and home furnishing products.

They offer an impressive line of musical instruments featuring affordable, functional, attractive pianos.

Lagrima pianos are famous for quality and economical prices.

Each of the models has distinct features and come in a variety of sizes.

Those who don’t just intend to play the piano but also want to add beauty to their home would find the Lagrima digital piano an excellent choice.

The attractive-looking, fully-featured piano comes in a nice console to naturally invite friends and family to enjoy music together.

It offers the best of both worlds at a budget-friendly price and in an attractive package.

The Lagrima digital piano models come with an LCD display screen to let you see the features you select.

They are full-sized pianos with song recorder, demo songs, built-in speakers, MIDI connectivity, and black/white color options.

The piano has buttons and control on the side, hidden from the main view which is an appealing feature.

The variety of tones it offers let you change the instrument sound to your liking.

You can use it to sound like a guitar, strings, or accordion.

The preset rhythms allow adding beat to the music.

The digital piano even features a built-in metronome.


  • Available in classic black and white to complement any decor
  • Fully weighted keys for a giant piano experience
  • Clear, vivid, stable sound
  • Touch sensitivity can be controlled
  • High-quality metal pedals with acoustic functions
  • LCD screen for easy customization and learning
  • Demo songs for practice
  • Preset rhythms with drums and metronome
  • 480 tones and 128 standard GM tones for versatility
  • Built-in stereo speakers for loud sound
  • Record and playback functions available
  • MIDI terminal gives digital connectivity options
  • Instruction book included for help
  • Features dual headphone jacks
  • Can connect to mobile devices via USB


  • Open back cabinet requires placing against the wall
  • Not all models come with a bench
  • Assembly instructions are not so clear
  • Doesn’t feature a natural piano tone

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano Review

Lagrima 88 Key Digital Piano Review

The most generic piano from Lagrima, this model features 88 standard keys with a three-pedals system to help you come up with some great music.

The full-size, digital piano is weighted to give the feel of an analog model.

The fully operational pedals help you practice and experience an acoustic piano.

The Lagrima 88 key digital piano comes with all the digital functions and voices to let you benefit from options that a traditional piano won’t offer.

The natural, warm sound makes it so popular among music enthusiasts, young and old.

The piano has a headphone jack so that you can play the music without disturbing others.

The digital piano has 80 demo songs pre-loaded and has an LCD screen on the side.

Kids and newbies can use these demo songs to learn playing the piano.

It is also possible to record the sound with the recording system which can playback the music whenever you like.

You can even connect the digital piano with your mobile or laptop and sync with the apps on different devices.

The Lagrima 88 key digital piano also comes with a portable electronic keyboard to let you play it anywhere you want.

The piano includes a 3-pedal board, power adapter, sheet music stand, and instruction book.

It is an amazing choice for those who want a console-style piano for an easy transition to a digital instrument.

This digital piano model is also ideal for learners who want to benefit from the tough sensitivity and key weight to master precision and strength necessary to get their hands on an analog instrument.

The demo songs, LCD screen, and other digital features make it easy to learn.

It is also a great option for those who are looking for a compact and convenient instrument for fun and enjoyment at home.

Lagrima Digital Piano Assembly Instructions & Manual

Lagrima Digital Piano Assembly Instructions & Manual

The Lagrima digital piano is easy to assemble though it lacks assembly instructions.

The instruction manual that it includes can prove to be helpful.

The manual has a graphic diagram that shows the different functions and controls on the piano.

The digital piano comes with all the accessories to make it easy to connect to the power supply and other devices.

The Lagrima digital piano instruction manual lists various safety parameters and care instructions to help you use the instrument with the utmost safety.

It also describes the main features of the piano and different settings and controls available.

You can also find instructions about connecting the input and output devices with the piano, playing demo songs, lessons, voices, and effects.

You can refer to the manual to learn using the record and playback function of the digital piano.

It also gives you a detail of the piano specifications.

This manual would also prove useful in case you find any issue with the piano and need some help with troubleshooting.

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