Writer and Musician From New York Victoria P

Interview With Writer and Musician Victoria P

Today we are going to interview Victoria P (@lilukulelekiddo), a singer and musician from New York.

So Victoria, how about you introduce yourself?

I’m just a girl who makes music sometimes. I was a music major for a whole day, but I realized I wanted music to be something I could only do for fun. I don’t want to make a life out of it. I love writing, reading, playing video games, and petting dogs.

How many instruments can you play?

I can play nine instruments: clarinet, alto clarinet, eb clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax, tenor sax, piano, and ukulele.

That’s impressive. Most people can’t manage to learn one. Did your parent make you take classes or participate in extra-curriculum activities in school at all?

My parents actually didn’t influence me to join any extracurriculars. I decided to join the band in elementary school, and it kind of stuck. I was always in a choir, and I ended up taking vocal lessons for a few months when I was 12. I also loved playing songs on piano since I was little.

When did you find out that you were good at singing?

I’d been told I was a good singer for a long time, but I was timid and didn’t think I was any good. I finally started singing in front of other people after I got my first solo at a choir concert in elementary school.

Is ukulele easy to learn? After all, it’s only four strings?

I’m not exactly the best at ukulele, but I find it the easiest to write songs with. I found it pretty easy to learn. I wanted to learn guitar, but my hands are too small for that, so I opted with the uke. I think learning the ukulele isn’t terribly difficult, but the techniques for different styles of playing take a little time to master.

Do you think you’d be able to make a full-time living off your talents at some point?

I’m hoping to make a living off of my writing! I don’t ever see myself becoming a famous musician or anything, though. I feel like if I were going to get noticed, it would’ve happened by now.

You are a student, right? Have you ever missed a party to practice more or stayed up late to finally master a melody?

I have stayed home from several a party just to improvise and jam on my ukulele. Sometimes I end up creating something that sticks, and it turns into a song.

What motivates you to keep going when someone tells you that it’s not worth your efforts at the end of the day?

I don’t feel like it takes a lot of effort for me, because I just do it for fun. A lot of people were worried when I told them I’d be going to college for music, but I never had anyone discourage me from trying. I actually was the one who decided to go to school for literature and creative writing instead. People were amazed when I told them I made the switch.

Any last words for aspiring artists that want to follow their passion but always come up with excuses?

If it’s what you want, you should just do it. If you find yourself continually putting it off, you should think about why. If it’s writer’s block, find something that inspires you. If work or school is getting in the way, try and rearrange your schedule to find time for everything. If you’re passionate about it, don’t let yourself get discouraged. Everyone has their own pace for these things.

Is there a way to contact you? A social media perhaps?

I have an Instagram account where I post videos occasionally – @lilukulelekiddo. Feel free to DM me if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

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