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Jarvee Review [Best Social Media Automation Tool of 2024?] – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Hey guys, welcome to Blue Buzz Music!

Are you looking to increase your social media engagement? Let me tell you, these days it’s not an easy thing to do.

There is no “best for everyone” formula when it comes to the media.

Listen, there are Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google+ (Yes, some people still use Google+). All of them are for different purposes and have a different kind of content and audience.

First, you have to come up with some kind of social media engagement strategy.

The audience on each platform is different and expects a certain kind of behaviour, you feel me? Let’s look at an example.

If you post prank videos on LinkedIn, you won’t get any serious engagement.

People there are professionally oriented, so you can make an infographic to go “LinkedIn viral.”

So yeah, think of a strategy before getting to work. Don’t overthink it though.

Second, you need social media engagement tools.

They are also called automation tools.

Most grown-ups don’t have a lot of time even to have a hobby. Now besides doing what you like (music production, for example) after work and on the weekends, you have to spend hours managing your socials.

At this rate, you are going to burn out very fast.

And while in the beginning, you may feel like your account is growing exponentially, you are going to hit a plateau at some point.

And that’s when most people give up.

This happens when people don’t think long term. If they were to look into utilizing some social media automation tools, they would’ve saved a lot of time and nerves.

At a small cost, you can forget about spending countless hours in front of the screen.

However, don’t think of this as some kind of advertisement. You will still have to put in work to set everything up correctly. Just like a machine, you will still have to lube it, change oils, etc.

What I am trying to say is there is a lot of tweaking to do after. You will have to monitor your follow back ratio, slowly increase your activity.


I wanted to tell you about Jarvee – one of the best social media management tools on the market.

jarvee review - best social media automation tool

Jarvee Review – Is Jarvee The Best Social Media Automation Tool?

There are a lot more “nicer” tools out there, but you pretty much pay the same price to have a slicker interface and fewer functions. Moreover, most of them only automate one social media account.

As a musician, I use Facebook, IG, Twitter, YouTube, and sometimes Tumblr. Let’s say there is a nice and easy to use service for each. I still have to find my way around five platforms.

Sounds like a lot of work to me.

Jarvee lets you do everything.

There are obvious drawbacks to having an all-in-one tool.

First, it’s going to take up a lot of CPU and RAM when working (e.g. scraping/doing daily tasks).

You either have to have your PC/laptop on at all times or invest in a VPS, as Jarvee creators suggest themselves.

Second, you just get overwhelmed sometimes.

While trying to automate everything at the same time, you end up starting too many processes simultaneously and slowing down Jarvee a lot.

Moreover, now you have to research what a VPS is, how to set one up, and how much extra you have to pay.

I’ve quit setting it up at least a couple times before finally getting everything done. It took me over a month.

I had to message the support team and ask them to extend my trial. The guys are friendly and understanding and get back to me real fast whenever I open a ticket.

Jarvee Automation Tool Pricing

They have three packages: starter ($29.95), professional ($69.95), and premium ($99.95). What I personally liked is the fact that upgrades only mean increasing the number of social media accounts.

Even with a starter package you still get all scheduling and automation features for all eight social media platforms with premium customer support.

The only difference is the number of social accounts.

You get ten accounts for a starter, 70 for a professional, and 150 for a premium package. Most services will cut specific tools/perks/capabilities from the cheaper packs so customers will spend more.

Jarvee has been pretty chill so far, and I hope it will stay this way for as long as possible. Anyways, let’s move on.

Which Social Media Platforms Can You Automate?

 Instagram Automation

Jarvee Instagram Automation Tool

Jarvee Instagram Automation Tool

Instagram has grown tremendously since the early 2010’s and has become the 3rd most prominent social media after the mighty Facebook and YouTube.

However, IG has its own purpose – visuals.

If you post a slick or a funny photo, you get likes. However, if you post an image with a lot of text on it, most people will scroll past it.

That’s just the culture of Instagram. Focus on images and videos and leave a long caption for Facebook or LinkedIn.

Jarvee lets you automate quite a few things on Instagram.


First, you get to schedule all your posts. This is nothing extreme but can come in handy with other tools in hand.


Second, you get to automate follows, unfollows, follow-backs, likes, comments, reposts, etc.

This will take some time to set up. You list how many users you want to like/follow/unfollow per a set period of time.

If you’re going to auto-comment, you may write down a few “template” comments, and the tool will pick a random one to post. I don’t encourage using auto-commenting, as it clearly looks fake and hurts your personal brand, but it’s up to you.


You also get to manage all your direct messages right from your computer which makes things a little easier.


As you grow, you will get some people who spam or call you out all the time. This can get a little annoying, so Jarvee lets you set up a filter to block people who don’t pass your setup.


Sometimes you get busy and won’t have time to reply to every comment your photo/video gets. Jarvee will like each comment to show your appreciation.


If you have a travel or a meme account, you can set Jarvee up to save posts of specified users if they pass the filters you include. For example, the number of likes and/or comments.


When you sign up with Jarvee, you get proxy support.

You don’t need any proxies if you have one or two accounts.

However, if you manage a few, then it will be a smart thing to get some. You enter your proxy settings, and Instagram sees you as a new user with new IP etc. So for a few dollars a month you increase privacy and security of your accounts.


Another thing they brag about is the so-called spin syntax. It just spins an article, for example, and changes most words with synonyms. Sometimes it’s alright, but most of the time it doesn’t look good.

However, if you manage many accounts and have small captions, you can surely make each one of them look more authentic.

Honestly, I would’ve bought Jarvee even if it only automated all my Instagram hustle as it was taking the majority of my time. Anyways, that’s just Instagram automation; we still have seven more.

 Facebook Automation

Jarvee Facebook Automation Tool

Jarvee Facebook Automation Tool

As you know, Facebook is a little different from Instagram. You can’t just use a follow/unfollow method, because you are trying to promote a page.

However, there is a strategy to increase your page’s following with Jarvee.


You can filter people by niche using Jarvee and start sending them friend requests. If your profile looks excellent, a lot of them will accept your invite.


Once you have a decent number of friends, you can set Jarvee to auto-invite friends to pages. Again, some will ignore.

If you make your page looking all clean, professional, and entertaining, some will like and follow the page.


Then you can unfollow people that you’ve invited to visit your business page a few times and they still haven’t. Once again, the tool is included in the ultimate Jarvee bundle.


If you are a musician like me, it’s not a big deal if you can’t answer your messages right away.

However, if you offer a product or a service, you want your conversion rate to be as high as possible.

Therefore, you can use the “auto-reply to new messages” tool. It’s nothing close to the real customer support, but while you are not making a lot of money, this will do.


Just like with Instagram, you can use auto-liking and commenting. While I don’t have a problem with liking new posts on a wall or a page, I find auto-commenting being spammy.

Also, Facebook has been getting stricter with spammers every year, so don’t be surprised if your account gets suspended or something.


Most people don’t manage 5-15 facebook pages. You don’t need to add any proxies for 1-2 pages. However, Jarvee has this option available, so if you ever need it, it’s there.

I am sure you can find more stuff if you dig deeper, but that’s likely more Facebook automation tools than you will ever need.

 Twitter Automation

Jarvee Twitter Automation Tool

Jarvee Twitter Automation Tool

Twitter has been around since 2006, so it had a lot of changes over the years. The main functions stayed the same. You can still like, comment, and retweet.

Spending a few hours a day, seven days a week, as Gary Vee said, can get you places after a couple of years. However, there is no case study, and it’s more of a rule of thumb.

You still have to tweet and engage, but Jarvee can make the process a lot simpler for you.


Those mentioned above auto-like/follow/unfollow/retweet tool will do the most work for you. After you set everything up, there is nothing else you need to do but scrape the desired twitter accounts.


You can also automate twitter “mention” tool. This means you will be able to find your target audience and connect with your prospects in a more personal way, you feel me?


To keep your feed fresh, you can pull tweets from RSS. You can do the same thing with IFFFT and a few other services, but this one doesn’t have any limits.

Moreover, it’s just an add-on, like a cherry on a piece of cake.


You can set up direct messages to targeted users that Jarvee will find based on your filters. The developers call it “spreading your marketing message and increasing your campaign’s conversions.”

I call it spamming and disrespecting other users that can report you and get you banned. However, if you believe in this strategy, go right ahead.


Just like with Facebook, you can set a canned reply for when you are not online and get a message from a fan. Moreover, you can customize the messages depending on the question and the situation.


You get the spin syntax feature which will make your tweets more unique, especially if they are coming from a popular RSS feed.

Alright, the three tools above are the ones that are being automated the most (they are also the most popular ones, besides YouTube, but that’s an exception).

With just these tools you can step your game up and increase your engagement tremendously!

I am still going over the rest of the social media platforms on the list, so stay with me!

 Google+ Automation

Jarvee Google Plus Automation Tool

Jarvee Google Plus Automation Tool

Honestly, I don’t know exactly why they decided to automate all Google+ processes. It’s still around but not really being used by many people.

As far as I know, having an active Google+ account helps you get better search engine positions.

So it’s a must-have if you own or are planning to own a website.

Let’s talk about what processes you will be able to automate with Jarvee.


You are able to auto-find, join, and unjoin groups in your niche. With this feature, you can, for example, join a hundred groups. Then you post something in each group.

After a few days or so, just unjoin these groups, filter them out, and start joining the new ones.

Rinse and repeat. Simple, but be careful and don’t get banned by spamming.


Jarvee also lets you auto-follow and unfollow. It’s a little different from Instagram because most people on Google+ are bloggers, so don’t expect your follow back ratio to be nearly as high as IG.

If you don’t have anything useful on your page, then good luck getting the numbers up!

This is pretty much it for Google+. I mean, do you really want to invest even more time into this? That’s what I thought.

 Pinterest Automation

Jarvee Pinterest Automation Tool

Jarvee Pinterest Automation Tool

Most people don’t even know what Pinterest is. We’ve all heard of it, but can you even call it a social media?

Look, Pinterest just does its own thing. It’s a photography related social network where people post and share (also called repin) images on different niche related boards.

It’s crazy how back in the days it would easily outrank Instagram and Tumblr. There are still millions of monthly users that look for deals, lifehacks, ideas, etc.

Pinterest is mostly used to represent brands and products.

So again, if you are a musician and have recently started a clothing line, look into Pinterest. A lot of people there look for things to buy, especially clothing and shoes.

Note that 81% of Pinterest users are females, so list your products and services accordingly to the stats.

So what Pinterest functions can you automate with Jarvee?


First, you can schedule your pins instead of posting tens of them at a time. By doing this, you increase a chance of people actually seeing your pins.


Second, you can add video pins from YouTube or Vimeo, which are known to perform better than just photos.


Jarvee lets you add URLs to your pins. If you have a website and one of your pins go viral, it can bring in traffic for months or even years to come.

If you don’t have a website, go ahead and link your social media account (I would personally do my Facebook page).


You get the essential functions such as auto-follow, unfollow, comment, and repin. If you are a bigger account, a lot of people will follow you back and return comments and repins.

In the beginning, it’s going to be a little harder.

What does auto-repin do? Jarvee finds viral pins based on the filters you set up and repins them to your boards. This will attract visitors and increase engagement.


Jarvee can put a watermark on each one of your pins before publishing them. You don’t really have to do this, but if someone re-pins your work with no credit, you will still be recognized as the original author.


Do you have any high-quality, interesting RSS feeds in your niche? If you do, Jarvee will pin all the new images from the feeds to your boards.


Once again, you can assign a proxy to each of your Pinterest accounts, so you won’t get banned. The spin syntax is also available, but I don’t see many ways to utilize it with Pinterest.

Maybe you are still not very convinced, but Pinterest is a powerful platform to share, especially if you have physical or even digital products to sell.

It’s also great to get traffic from if your pin goes viral or gets some traction. Overall, a great social media platform with a lot of capabilities.

 Linkedin Automation

Jarvee Linkedin Automation Tool

Jarvee Linkedin Automation Tool

We all know LinkedIn is basically a business professionals social network. So here is the question: “Why even try and automate LinkedIn”?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. It’s a social network with millions of users.

I don’t know how much a musician can profit from a LinkedIn profile, but I did my research, and it looks like there are 250k+ profiles of musicians, singers, artists, etc.

Therefore, you can market your product to this 250k+ audience. Now when I have the numbers up it doesn’t seem as perspectiveless, does it?

Anyways, if you have a website, Linkedin can be a great source of traffic.

If your posts are high quality and are shared a lot, your conversion rate will be high as well.

How about we see what Jarvee can do to help us out with LinkedIn automation.


You can start by scheduling your posts, so your account publishes them at the most optimal time. Easy-peasy.


You can automate posting by scraping posts from RSS feeds. It can be your blog, and other well appreciated blogs in your niche. Once set up, you don’t have to worry about posting.


Jarvee lets you scrape accounts and groups in your niche. Then you join/unjoin groups and post there. You can also add some groups to your ignore list.


Auto-likes/comments/views will add some traction to your profile. The more people are viewing it and endorsing you, the easier it is to grow the audience.

Maybe you will get lucky and get a few shares out of it also!

LinkedIn has the “someone has visited your profile” notification, so if you auto-view a lot of smaller accounts, you will raise curiosity and make them check your profile, you feel me?


How about automatically endorsing your connections’ skills? They will likely appreciate that and endorse you back.


You get to publish clickable images, so if a person clicks anywhere on the picture, he/she will be sent to your website/another social media account (Preferably Facebook).


You are free to use proxies and spin syntax settings. I don’t know a lot of people who manage batches of accounts on LinkedIn, but hey, I can’t know it all, right?

This should be it on LinkedIn automation, moving on!

 Tumblr Automation

Jarvee Tumblr Automation Tool

Jarvee Tumblr Automation Tool

Alright, guys, we are almost there, bear with me!

Tumblr is a tricky social network. It’s kind of like LinkedIn, but for artsy people. Even though it’s been dying slowly, there are a few high-quality blogs in art/drawing and photography niche.

We had an interview with one of the Calgary big shots in photography, Carson Gron.

You can also find fan pages of big TV shows, movies, and games. Other than that, however, there isn’t much to look for.

I still see a few possibilities to get some exposure with Tumblr, but not a lot.

Let’s see how Jarvee can help you.


You can auto-follow, unfollow, reblog, and like. Seems like quite a bit of stuff already. However, Tumblr is different from Instagram and Twitter.

When someone follows you, you expect the person to like your content and not just do this to get a follow back.

Same usually goes for likes and reblogs. Speaking simply, it’s not Instagram/Twitter mentality. You can’t get ahead here with the same follow/unfollow strategies.


Jarvee lets you add your content on all your blogs and sub-blogs (as many as you want) to grow your audience.


If you manage a lot of blogs, you can have each account to run on its own proxy.

I am not a huge fan of Tumblr.

However, I am sure some of you have a better understanding of the network and will be able to get a lot of engagement out of it. Remember, all you need is a strategy!

 YouTube Automation

Jarvee YouTube Automation Tool

Jarvee YouTube Automation Tool

YouTube is the last but the least on our list.

I don’t think there is a proper automation tool for YouTube just yet, but Jarvee is one of the first ones to get their feet wet.

They offer the auto-follow, unfollow, like, and comment tools for your YouTube account.

I don’t use their YouTube service because I don’t have a need, as I don’t publish that much stuff. Moreover, I feel like the tools mentioned above to grow your YouTube account are a little spammy.

Jarvee also lets you watch your video continuously, but you will get into trouble if not done correctly.

The penalty can be avoided by adding a bunch of proxies, so it looks like the videos are watches from different accounts in different parts of the world.

I haven’t done that, but I can see how you can move your video to the very top of the search results by having a steady number of views and watch time.


Wow, that’s a big post. Jarvee should reach out and pay me for such an in-depth review, you know? Anyways, that’s what I use for my social media.

It’s not always straightforward, especially in the beginning, but pays off at the end of the day.

Any thought? Feel free to send me an email!

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