FL Studio Skins Guide For Beginners – Where to Download? [Updated 2020]

Hey guys, welcome!

Looking to customize your FL Studio interface with some skins? 

Look no further – here is the guide to help you figure things out! 

What is FL Studio?

fl studio skins themes selector for mac and windows

FL Studio is one of the best DAWs for beatmakers and music producers, especially for producers under the hip-hop and electronic music genre.

It has one of the most intuitive GUIs and without doing any skin customizations, FL Studio, particularly FL Studio 20, which is the newest version, looks pretty sleek already.

However, some people prefer to customize skins on their software apps to make them more personal and unique, and we get that.

There are many FL Studio skin customization sites and pre-made FL studio skins online, such as Peatix and Medium.  

All you need to do is download them, extract the skins from the zipped folders.

A Brief History About Software Skins

fl studio 20 skins free download

A while back, music player software, such as Windows Media Player and Winamp3, had tons of skin and visual customizations. That is what most people loved about these digital music players.

When iTunes came out, there are no customization options for the interface’s look, and fans of the software attracted minimalists who are not into the complicated looks.

But enough about history.

Those apps are long gone nowadays, and nobody ever uses them anymore.

If you want to customize and change your FL studio skins and make them more personal, you came to the right place.

However, you should keep in mind that there are no official FL Studio skins, and every modification to its user interface could be a violation of their copyright.

Why do people want to change their FL Studio Skins?

fl studio 20 theme selector - dark and light skins download

Well, one of the reasons I can think of is that people can get tired of the look of their software.

And when that happens, it might even affect their creativity and cause writer’s block.

Of course, that is just my speculation, and I think the main reason people change your FL studio skin is that it is fun.

How to Change your FL Studio Skins

how to install and change fl studio skins

Before changing the skin, make sure FL Studio is closed.

Step 1: Download an FL Studio Skin pack from the internet

Step 2: Extract the zipped folder you downloaded and copy the files

Step 3: Open FL Studio files from your computer and go to the “Artwork” folder

Step 4: Now, find the “Wallpapers” folder and paste the extracted skin files

Step 5: Open FL Studio, go to general settings

Step 6: Find the skin menu and select the skins you added

Changing the skin on FL Studio is not legal, so make sure you do it at your own risk.

If you do not want to risk it, then you can probably stick to the old skin if possible.

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