12 Easy Karaoke Pop Songs to Sing For Beginners and Kids [Updated 2020]

There are plenty of easy pop songs that you can sing as a beginner.

Typically, these will feature easier rhythms and fewer notes so they will be a lot easier to sustain.

More than a century of pop classics has produced a rich repertoire of pop songs for all occasions that lie in the doable ranges and tessitura.

A common thread with these melodies is that they are unlikely to include too many notes within a song.

Before you start working on the song, it also good to have an idea of your voice and its capabilities.

If it is not in your vocal range, it may come out too awkwardly.

Knowing your vocal range and ability is important and picking a song based on that vocal range enables you to sing comfortably.

However, you can also pick a pop song to sing depending on whether you love the tune or have the desire to sing it.

But you are likely to sing more comfortably if you pick a song that compliments your voice.

There are plenty of things that make a song easy.

It should have memorable lyrics and it should have a range of an octave or less.

You also need a song with a chest or belting voice and it shouldn’t have a head or falsetto voice as this is the best range where most people will be able to sing comfortably.

Also, you need a simple rhythm without too many unexpected accents.

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley

This 1956 hit by Elvis Presley is one of the easiest and most popular pop songs to sing, especially in karaoke.

Many of Elvis’ songs would make for good karaoke but this is a lovely song that is also easy to mix and master.

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

Uptown Girl is the kind of song that you will listen to once and never forget.

The lyrics are simple and easy to master, you don’t need much in terms of voice range and the song has a good tempo that almost anyone can master.

The song has been redone by several other songs, including Westlife, further driving its popularity.

It has a popular theme and makes for a good party song, another reason why it remains a top karaoke favorite.

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton

This soothing piano-driven pop song has serenaded our ears for close two decades now.

It is an all-consuming song with an impressive orchestral arrangement.

The lyrics are also easy to master, perhaps because the piano is also so captivating.

Mamma Mia by ABBA

Like the last two songs, Mamma Mia is also an upbeat, fun, and danceable song.

It is also an easy tune to memorize and sing.

The song is fun which further makes it easy to sing and it has an uptempo beat that does not change much throughout the song.

This allows you to put all your energies on the delivery rather than the pitch of the song.

If you don’t have an extensive note or even have an idea of what your pitch and range is, then this can be a great mid-range song for any singer, including beginners.

I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

I Can See Clearly Now is a fun, timeless, and memorable song that has transcended generations.

It is the song that you can get off the right bat and sing it comfortably.

The melody is simple and the lyrics are easy to understand.

The song is easy-flowing and has a mid-tempo.

It is also an uplifting song that makes it one of the easiest pop songs to sing.

Da Doo Run Run by The Crystals

The Crystals produced some memorable karaoke-worthy songs such as Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and Then He Kissed Me but Da Doo Run Run seems just like the kind of song that is made for karaoke.

Apart from its old-school feel, it also has a great melody and the rhythm consisting of drums adds to the fun and drives the song’s chorus.  

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Channel your inner Queen with this old classic.

As a result of Freddie Mercury’s falsetto at the start of the song, this is probably one of the most challenging tunes but it is still an easy song to sing.

Angels by Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams never performs this hit live without the crowd tagging along from the start of the song.

It is an instant crowd-pleaser and easy enough to learn.

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

We almost imagine that virtually everyone in the world can sing or at last hum along with Cyndi Lauper’s soothing and melodious classic tune Time After Time.

This is a song that you can master and sing in just a few hours.

Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers

This is one of the easiest pop songs to sing as it features a repetitive tine and does not have a true “chorus.”

Besides, all the verses sound the same which makes it easy to memorize.

This repetitive factor makes the song easily recognizable and memorable.

It also has a limited range so it is an easy song to sing.

Besides, the theme of sadness, melancholy, and heartache packs quite a punch.  

Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan

This song has a very simple melody and verses even though the lyrics may be a bit difficult to master.

It is also a beautiful love song that most people will relate to.

Adele did a cover of this song so most people will be familiar with it.

Overall, a fairly easy song to pick up if you leave out the expanded vocals.

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

Shake it Off is a peppy and more upbeat karaoke song that is also easy to pick it up.

It’s a fun song with very simple verses that are easy to master.

Apart from the verses, the melody is also repetitive with the ‘Shake it off, shake it off, o-, o-’ repeated again and again.

The tune is also catchy which makes the song a great crowd-pleaser.  

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