9 Easy Guitar Songs for Children and Teens [Updated 2020]

Mastering the guitar takes time, patience, and hours of practice.

There is no better time to instill some superb lifelong guitar playing skills and techniques than when the kids are still young.

Kids can learn to play the guitar from a very young age.

Kids as young as 1 can begin strumming at their mini guitar.

In the beginning, the strumming will be random with spontaneous burps but you can add a method to their learning process by giving them the right material to practice with.

Very young kids are obviously not going to learn how to fret chords so you have to choose the easy guitar songs for them.

For kids this young, you can start by introducing them to melodies and bass lines on the fifth and sixth strings as these are the easiest to pick up.  

Here is a look at some of the easy guitar songs for children that you can expose your kids to from a young age.

Smoke on the Water by Deep Blue

This is a popular favorite with guitar teachers and is one of the coolest riffs for kids to sing.

The song is usually played on the third and fourth strings.

To make it even simpler, you can transpose to the sixth string.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

We almost assume that all kids can sing this cute and timeless children’s classic.

For kids who need something that is simple and easy to learn, this can be a great beginner guitar song.

Even 5-year old kids can play this song, instantly pick up the melody and play it comfortably at their own speed and still sound ok and get it right.

It is a delight for kids as the melody is almost instantly recognizable to them once they have heard it a few times.

On the flip side, this is an easy guitar song for the really young kids and beginners.

Older kids may need something a little more challenging.

For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield

For What It’s Worth is a great beginner guitar song for children and one that is also fairly easy to master as it features just two chords, E and A, if you leave out the C and D chords found in the chorus.  

Kids can easily learn the song’s bass line just by playing its quarter notes along with a fretted version of the harmonics which is played at the beginning of the song.

Once kids have learned the song’s harmonics, they can play the real song with the 12th fret harmonic followed by the 7th fret harmonic.

500 Miles by The Proclaimers

The only difficulty with this song is its Scottish inflection.

Otherwise, kids won’t have a problem strumming on the guitar in ‘500 Miles’ as the song as a very simple chord progression.

The song features the chords E, A, and B but kids can replace the B chord for G without losing the originality and distinctiveness of the song.

Changing B for G also makes the song very easy to play.

‘500 Miles’ would nevertheless be suited for kids who have already been playing for quite some time.

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

‘Brown Eyed Girl’ has the “sha-la-la” in the chorus which makes it work out great for kids on the guitar.

Besides, it has smooth progressions that will also work nicely for kids.

This is one of the easy guitar songs for children because the lyrics are easy to learn and the song is melodious which adds to its appeal to children.

Hey Ya by OutKast

This was one of OutKast’s greatest hits.

It’s upbeat, fun and has simple easy to learn lyrics.

The guitar work in this timeless song is impeccable.

The song seems to change as it progresses but it is easy to learn the bassline.

With the right chords, kids can easily strum along with this song on the guitar and make it work without strenuous effort.

The happy and upbeat vibe about this song also makes it a favorite with kids.

Louis Louis by The Kingsmen

‘Louis Louis’ has fun and distinctive rhythm which makes it an instant kids’ favorite.

The rhythm is so unique that it is instantly recognizable even if kids are only using the 6th string on the guitar for the bassline.

The song has a loose and free-flowing feel about it and this is something kids will easily pick up.

The song was released close to 50 years ago but it remains evergreen and is still popular with kids today.

Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

Smoke on the Water is a children’s favorite from the 1970s.

It is a cool and sweet riff that kids can easily learn to play on the guitar.

The best part is that it has a slower pace than other rock songs but it has the “stomp” that will make it a great delight for kids.

‘Smoke on the Water’ has traditionally been played on the third and fourth strings but you can teach kids to play it on the sixth string to make it easier for them.

Stand By Me by Sam Cooke

Stand By Me is a very sweet and easily recognizable love ballad.

It also has a slower beat that makes it easy for kids to learn.

The slow pace enables kids to keep up when playing this catchy and unique song.

It’s not as simple as Mary Had a Little Lamb.

The slight complexity presents a small challenge for kids to work a little harder on the guitar.

However, the fact that it repeats beautifully throughout makes it one of the easy guitar songs for children.

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