DJ Gig Finder – Here’s How To Find DJing Gigs Like Clockwork

As an aspiring or established DJ, you are constantly on the lookout for your next gig.

Whether it is at a festival, club or wedding, your equipment is ready to go, and your fingers are itching to get mixing.

Here are some of the ways to find DJing gigs and common pitfalls that may be stopping you from bookings.

DJ Gig Finder – Here’s How To Find DJing Gigs Like Clockwork

Finding your first gigs may be a daunting task, but as soon as you find some steady clients, the gig requests will start to stream in.

There are a few things you need to get ready before finding gigs. Ensuring you have the following on your side will make it a lot easier to put yourself out there.

Create a website with some of your gig photos and several of your tracks for people to listen to; think of it as your portfolio.

Add a calendar with any gigs you may have and details for people to book you. Allow people to sign up and receive emails or purchase merchandise on your site.

Share your gigs, photos and tracks on social media and ensure you have unique content. Encourage others to share your posts and always have contact details on your platforms.

Additionally, you want to create a press kit to send to event organizers and record labels. The press kit should include some photos, a concise biography, contact details, some demo tracks, and possibly a video.

Club DJ Jobs – Getting Started

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Everyone has a favourite club to visit for a night out. Chances are, the staff already knows your face or even your name. Certain DJs will have a specific slot every week.

Approach a specific DJ every time you go to the club and share a few words with him.

Be courageous and finally approach the DJ to ask if you could have a go at some time during the set. You may be told no, but there are always other opportunities, and maybe the DJ will let you hit the decks on another day.

Tell the staff, bartender, and manager that you are looking for gigs and will take any slot they have available. Give them your number and a mix.

There is always the possibility that you get a slot before a bigger DJ, or need to step up when the regular DJ is ill or away.

You probably don’t visit only one club and may know several other clubs in the surrounding areas or close neighborhoods.

Go to each club and give your original mixtape and contact details to the music coordinator or manager. Ask for any available gigs and book as many as possible.

How to Get DJ Gigs At Festivals

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The most crucial thing to keep in mind when trying to find festival gigs is to get to know other DJs. The more DJs, artists and friends you have, the greater your chances of getting into gigs at a festival.

Knowing someone who is performing could give you the opportunity to appear on stage alongside them or on your own for a few minutes.

Do an internet search to find out which festivals are happening in the future and get the contact details of the organizers.

Send each organizer a link to your mixes, your availability schedule, and how they can get hold of you for bookings. Always follow up ata later stage to confirm the mix was received by the organizers and to ask for any feedback.

Wedding DJ Gigs

DJing at a wedding or birthday party is another great introduction to potential clients. Wedding DJ gigs attract a lot of people from various backgrounds.

Besides having the opportunity to meet couples getting married, there is always the possibility of being heard by a radio personality, another musician, or someone from a record label.

Hand out mix CDs to any person who approaches you at a wedding. You can also visit wedding venues in your area to make them aware of your services.

Give the wedding coordinator a copy of your mixtape and several business cards, which can be given to couples hosting their wedding at the venue.

Another option is to have a USB stick with your mixes on it and take it to any event you attend, even if you are going as a guest. You never know when you can get your music on and make people aware of your style.

Travelling DJ Gigs

The adventurous DJ may decide to see the world while playing gigs. Being a travelling DJ offers you the chance to play in many different clubs, events, or festivals, and increases your chances of becoming a popular DJ.

You will need to do a lot of research about DJ gigs and plan your trip around these dates.

Consider all your options carefully and think of any potential costs, including accommodation, gas costs, plane tickets and meal expenses.

Some places may offer meals or overnight accommodation, but other gigs will require you to make your own arrangements.

The good idea is to have your own sound equipment, turntables, and mixes ready to go.

It makes it much easier to get gigs if you have your own gear, especially if the place where your slot is does not have any of their own equipment.

This will probably be at a local restaurant or pub where there is usually just vocal artists; they may not have DJing equipment but may be interested in having you perform once a week.


Getting DJ gigs is not difficult – you just need to put some energy into it and do your research. Hand out mixtapes to anyone you can think of and make yourself unmissable.

Visit festivals, clubs and event venues face-to-face, ensure you have your press kit ready and make contact with any organizer you may come across. Always follow-up with organizers and you will have a string of gigs lined up.

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