Dell vs HP Laptops: Which Brand is Better? [Updated 2020]

When shopping for a new laptop or desktop, you will find yourself torn between Dell vs HP.

These two are among the most trusted brand names in the PC market.

They are marketable, offer a diverse range of specs and models to satisfy varied needs and customer categories, and are known to have excellent quality build as well as high productivity.

In spite of the preeminence of these two PC brands, users struggle when it comes down to choosing Dell vs HP.

In this article, I delve into what each of these brands has to offer.

I will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of each of the brand’s offerings including the innovation, variety, and customer support.

Hopefully, my review will help you find a suitable laptop for your needs.


are dell laptops better than hp laptops - dell vs hp

Dell laptops have been around since 1984.

Over the years, they have developed a reputation for great aesthetics and a wide range of options to choose from.

Based on your budget, you can pick from a wide variety of compact designs in the Dell line.

They tend to be cheaper and are suited for innovative people or those shopping for an everyday laptop.


I like the fact that Dell offers a great variety of thin-profile laptops as well as the thicker profile laptops depending on your preferred hardware requirements.

I find Dell laptop designs particularly well-optimized with some good variety to choose from.

But as you’ll notice, Dell laptops still come with a standard look.

This makes their laptops suited for a wide range of user-groups from the school-going kids to the working people who need a laptop for the office or home office.

In terms of the looks, I like the wide range of colors from the Dell product line.

With HP, I would only be limited to a few standard colors.

If I’m going to shop for a laptop and I need a machine to have a little character, I would go for Dell rather than HP all factors remaining constant.  

The logos look fancy and the keyboards are backlit.

In terms of the aesthetic appeal, I find the look and feel of the Dell laptops adequate although the HP laptops have a sleeker and more appealing look.


Dell laptops tend to be comparatively cheaper than HP laptops.

If I’m shopping for one and I’m torn between Dell vs HP and are on a limited budget, I will likely get the best price-per-performance with a Dell laptop hence better value for money.

Dell laptops are also sold directly from specialized vendors or retailers which further makes the laptops cheaper.

If I’m shopping for a laptop and my budget is limited, I would go for a Dell laptop.

I also love the wide range of laptops available in the Dell line that suit all budgets.

There is everything from the notebooks to the high-specification laptops that are better suited for gaming and other heavy-duty applications.

However, if the price is not a major consideration, then I’d choose the HP range of laptops which have a sleeker profile, great performance as well as excellent build quality.

Dell takes a step further.

If any of its products don’t meet a buyer’s desired specifications, the company can actually customize one for you to suit your desired specs!

Customer Support

Many users will agree that Dell offers superior support.

Dell’s customer support tends to be timely.

If a customer needs a replacement done, Dell gets it accomplished in the least possible time.

The Dell repairs are done with speed, finesse and perfection to get the laptop back in order.

The customer support is courteous and helpful.

In fact, Dell’s customer support is considered one of the best in the world.

The entire range of Dell laptops come with a warranty which Dell backs up easily without any issues.

Dell’s technical support line assigns a personal assistant when a customer makes a call who will assist in resolving the problem.

If the problem is fixable over the phone, the support assistant walks through the process.

If the problem is not fixable over the phone, the support technician can connect to the user’s PC and perform remote diagnosis and resolution of the problem.

Should all these remote assistance steps fail, the customer will be routed to the nearest Dell repair center in your locality.  

The Dell customer service team is also available on phone 24/7.

In some selected countries and states in the US, the company can even send a technician or representative from their office to come and help out.

I find this extensive and efficient customer support quite appealing.  

Product Variety

In terms of range, Dell offers a lot more options.

It can, therefore, accommodate the needs of a diverse range of users.

Something I wouldn’t get with HP laptops.

Because of the huge variety, I can always find a Dell laptop that is almost precisely suited for my needs.

With an HP, a user always finds themselves making a compromise and settling on a laptop that they had not initially intended on purchasing.

Size and Innovation

In terms of size, Dell laptops tend to be larger so I find them quite a handful to carry around with me.

On the other hand, the company does quite well when it comes to airflow.

The Dell laptops do not heat up easily when in use.  

In terms of the actual hardware, there is a greater combination of components with the Dell laptops.

The variety in the product offering provides customers with more combinations to choose from.

Why Buy Dell Laptops?

A user torn apart in choosing Dell vs HP will find some good reasons to opt for Dell.

The absolute winner is the price.

Dell laptops are cheaper than HP laptops so buyers can always find a top-performing laptop with superior specs but at reasonable pricing.

Another reason I would want to go with Dell is the large variety and combinations that are available.

This variety means that I’m unlikely to compromise on what I’m shopping for when I opt for Dell.

The large variety ensures I can mostly get a laptop that suits my precise needs.

Finally, Dell’s customer service is top of the class and is regarded as one of the best in the industry.

There is 24/7 customer support, generous warranties that Dell honors without quibbles, and excellent online customer support.


are hp laptops better than dell laptops - dell vs hp

Hewlett Packard is no doubt a world-leader in the PC market and Dell’s foremost competitor.

From its origins as a workstation hardware manufacturer, the company expanded into a dominant position in the personal computer (PC) market.

Its products are known to have a very appealing look with topline performance.

HP has always been known for its durability and the quality of its components.

It has a large selection of hardware products that serves a large category of users.


HP laptops are known for their remarkable quality and top-level productivity.

The most obvious feature of its product line is their highly appealing design.

Their stylish look is one of the top-selling points.

However, unlike Dell, HP has a limited color range.

HP uses a number of materials to pull off the top quality in the laptop design.

For example, the laptops are made using all-metal casings.

To further customize the laptop and add to the appealing look, the casings are etched in some cases.

The sleek designs of HP laptops give them a somewhat sophisticated finish.

These are the kind of laptop designs that will earn me lots of compliments.

I also like a good finish and HP projects an aura of sophistication and sleek that appeals to my taste.

HP also delivers superior sound quality.

The range of HP laptops can accommodate high-quality speakers.

Currently, many of the HP laptops have a Beats audio technology to provide users with superior sound quality.

The appealing design and op-end specs make HP laptops a top choice for users looking for serious laptops for office or official uses.

HP’s ultra-sleek and stylish design language is best pursued in its new Spectre x360 product line which features an aluminum chassis that comes ins a silver color as well as elegantly crafted hinges that allows users to convert the laptop into a tablet.

Users torn between Dell vs HP are usually split on the design.

Both brands deliver eye-catching laptop designs and concepts.

In recent years, both brands have elevated their game in design innovation.

The general consensus is, however, that HP enjoys an edge over Dell when it comes to laptop designs, particularly with its newest products.


With that superior advantage also comes higher prices.

HP laptops tend to be pricier than Dell laptops for obvious reasons.

HP uses some materials as well as components that are costlier than the ones Dell uses.

The cost is passed down to the consumer.

HP laptops can only be purchased from its dedicated vendors.

For example, I can’t buy an HP laptop direct from the company, and this further drives up the cost of its laptops.

However, If I were shopping for a powerful laptop but was short on budget, I will more likely find a pocket-friendly option with Dell than with HP.

Product Variety

HP offers a wide range of laptops to suit all needs.

I can find laptops for all seasons including laptops for college students, gaming, or professional-class computers.

There is a lot within HP’s spectrum of hardware for all customer categories.

One of the best HP laptops for college uses is the HP Chromebook.

Upgraded versions of these come with Windows 10, various collaboration tools, and 8GM of RAM.

They deliver reliable performance and have long-lasting batteries.

HP offers various laptops for gaming and professional-class uses.

Serious gamers can go for the HP OMEN X laptops with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series graphics card, virtual reality capabilities, and a 4K Full High Definition (FHD).


HP is at the frontiers of innovation in the PC market and has released various cutting-edge laptops and new features.

The company has maintained an edge in the marketplace through constant innovations that have kept its products evergreen.

In the personal computing space, HP has continued to unveil lots of new and innovative commercial products such as its zBook workstations and the Elitebook Folio G1.

HP’s consumer products continually exhibit beautiful designs and high performance.

HP also has popular products in the premium consumer categories such as gaming and entertainment and entertainment.

Its personal systems hardware such as the Spectre 3 now offer consumers the thinnest laptop.

There is also the high-performing Omen X gaming system.

Customer Support

HP customer support is among the best in the world.

The customer service is multifaceted and includes phone support as well as support via its official social media portals.

The company also has a large cache of helpful YouTube tutorials that users can watch to resolve various computer problems.

In spite of this, customer surveys still show HP customer support lags behind that of Dell and Lenovo.

Common problems reported by customers include delays in providing assistance which is due to the fact that the company outsources most of its support services.

HP’s Strongest Points

HP products are beautifully designed and provide winning performance.

Its components are high-performance and durable. I find the laptops to be really good-looking and technical support is still above par.

HP construction is one of the sturdiest and the system is stable with excellent performance.

HP laptops are in general more expensive than Dell laptops.

HP laptops are built with a lot of detail and pack up an array of very innovative and high-performance features.

HP vs Dell: Which One Should I Buy?

Dell vs HP Laptops - which is better for movies, music, gaming

Both HP and Dell are the top brands.

They make good-looking, reliable, and durable laptops.

Both HP and Dell also offer a constellation of laptops across various customer categories.

However, HP has a limited variety of laptops while Dell has a more extensive range of laptops to choose from.

Both brands offer a wide selection of laptops on the budget and high-end scale of the market.

Dell is suited for the more innovative users such as creators while HP is more of business-like professional class laptops.

Dell laptops are also more affordable.

If I were looking for an affordable everyday laptop with relatively good specs, then I would go with the Dell product line.

They have a good range, solid build, and innovative flair.

HP would be ideal for someone looking for a stylish and high-performance laptop that can be used with relative ease.

HP machines have a superior build quality and the components are decent and reliable.

HP laptops have a robust build and are more durable than Dell products as they use special materials for the casings such as metallic finishes.

HP laptops are generally hard-wearing.

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