Can You Hook Two Different Brands of Stage Lights? [Mobile DJ Tips]

If you are a mobile DJ or wanting to start a mobile DJ business, you are going to need to invest in the best gear.

Since most of your equipment will be moved around and set up in different venues every day, you are going to need equipment that can withstand daily use, and sometimes abuse that is unavoidable on a certain occasion.

In this article, I will show you how to maximize your equipment, particularly your stage lights.

A lot of people are asking if you can hook two different brands of stage lights, and the answer is:

It depends on the type and voltage supply.

LED Wire Through Strips

can you connect two different brands of led lights together how

If your LED strip lights are “wire through” that supply the same voltage which is 110 volts in the US, and 220 volts in Europe, then you can go ahead and connect them.

However, you will probably need to cut the cords to connect the wire-nuts to make them work.

Just remember these two things when connecting two strips of LED lights together:


Most US appliances, electronics, DJ gear, Lights, and other electric equipment run on 110 to 220 volts.

As long as your LED strips share the same voltage, you can connect them together with no problem.

Current and Amperage

The current is the amount of amperage an LED strip draws from the power source. You need to make sure that your power supply can handle the amount of amperage drawn by each LED strip to power them all at once.

If the power supply can supply 1000 amperes, and each light strip draws 20 amp, then you can power up to 20 strips even if the brands are different.

Flexible LED Strips

Flexible LED Strips - can you connect different brand led strips together - how to connect multiple led strip lights

If your LED strips are the flexible type, they get their usually low voltage from a driver.

You can connect two or more led strips together if the voltage and polarity match.

Also, to make sure that enough power is supplied, you will need to check the amperage on the driver.

These flexible LED light strips usually have SK6812, APA102, or TM1803 drivers.

If they have the same control chip written on the driver, then it is safe to connect.

These lights are not usually used for mobile DJ setups, but more for gaming, studio, and entertainment rooms.

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Which Lights are Better for Stage Setups?

The strip lights that are wired are the ones you need to watch out for when setting up a stage for your mobile DJ business.  

Is it safe to connect two different brands of LED lights?

Assuming that you hook them up safely without any exposed wires, and have the same voltage and current, then yes, it is totally safe to connect them together.


To sum things up, yes you hook up two different LED lights together even if they are from different brands.

Just remember that the current and voltage needs to match.

Also, another reminder is to make sure they match colors so they look good and professional.

It is still best to get matching lights from the same brand, but sometimes the lights are not available so you are forced to buy a different brand.

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