3 Best Piano Books For Kids

3 Best Piano Books For Kids of 2022

If you decide to teach your child or enroll your child for piano lessons, you might want to get them started by reading children’s piano books.

Piano books that are tailored for children will get them engaged and stick to the curriculum for a long time, long enough for them to master the piano as an instrument.

A kid’s attention span may be shorter than teens or young adults, which is why it is vital to keep them interested in learning.

These piano books I will show you are suitable for kids five years old or below. It will contain some fun songs that they will truly enjoy playing and songs that are appropriate for their age.

In my opinion, Alfred’s Prep Books is one of the best children’s piano book collections that will keep your kids on the learning curriculum.

best engaging piano books for children kids

They have some of the most engaging songs and illustrations to make your child want to come back for more learning.

We’ll look at one of them down below, and there are many more that you can find on the Internet.

Books that you expect kids to read are supposed to be engaging with colorful illustrations with a selection of songs that are appropriate for children.

If you want to keep your kid interested in learning the piano, you should invest in books tailored for kids.

Instead of lending them your old piano music sheets, invest in something they would want to read.

Although classical sheet music may be a good way to start, children may not be excited to learn songs from a page that does not look interesting to them.

Aside from talent, one of the vital aspects of learning is keeping your kid excited about learning.

These books should include fun songs, and fun drills to improve their piano runs and muscle memory.

Buyer’s Guide: What Makes a Good Children’s Piano Book?

What Makes a Good Children’s Piano Book for kids

Let’s look at a few things to look for in a piano book for kids:

Children’s Piano Books Should Be Interactive

Think of a children’s show such as Blue’s Clues or Dora the Explorer.

These shows have a formula that gets kids hooked; they are interactive. They should have engaging visuals.

It does not necessarily need to have illustrations; it could be colorful and written in big fonts that children like.

The goal here is to keep your child interested and hooked, so you better choose an appropriate book for their age.

When you are out looking for a book for your kid, imagine being in your kid’s shoes and choose a book that you know that a kid will love.

We all have been kids, so I don’t think it is hard for us to understand.

Choose Song Books and Lesson Books

Songbooks are filled with songs that children would enjoy learning and eventually playing. You should try to supplement the songbooks with lesson books to enhance your child’s piano runs and muscle memory.

Some lesson books have a list of songs in between the pages, and the same goes for songbooks. By choosing the right balance of songbooks and lesson books, your child will improve their piano playing in no time.

However, children will find it hard to learn through reading books alone. Make sure that your kid has a piano teacher that knows how to teach young children using appropriate techniques.

Importance of Lesson Books for Kids

You might think that your child will not need books because they already have a piano teacher. However, there are some benefits they could get from reading piano books that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

It teaches them the fundamentals of self-learning and reading notes when the teacher is not around.

I was never taught piano lessons when I was a kid, so I could only imagine that I would’ve turned out to be a better player if I had lessons growing up.

A lot of these piano books for children get kids hooked and excited for the next lesson.

It is kind of like finishing an episode of an educational kid’s show, where kids are looking forward to the next lesson.

Teaching kids how to play the piano is a combination of strict schedules and teaching methods that will keep them wanting more.

The Best Piano Books for Children

Here are 3 best piano books for kids that, in my opinion, meet all 3 criteria listed above:

Alfred’s Basic Piano Prep Course Lesson Book Level A (Best Overall)

Alfred’s Basic Piano Prep Course Lesson Book Level A best piano book prep course lesson book for kids

This book is an excellent starter book for beginners. It comes with a book and a CD that includes the songs for each of the lessons in the curriculum. This piano library also includes:

  • Lessons specifically designed and tailored for children five years and older
  • Engaging illustrations.
  • The course widely considers an average attention span and small hands of a beginner.
  • After the beginning of each lesson, the child will already learn how to play along to songs.

Alfred’s books are one of the most popular book collections in terms of learning the piano.

They are very informative, interactive, and fun.

Their books are designed explicitly for encouraging kids with a short attention span, and small hands to learn songs appropriate for their age and skill.

The Basic Piano Prep Course Lesson Book Level A focuses more on lessons and dynamics instead of learning songs.

The structure of the book has excellent methods and steps that help kids build the underlying fundamentals at an early age.

The book may be engaging and consist of fun children content.

Still, piano teachers often choose these books because of how effective they are in building techniques.

Easy Keyboard and Piano Pieces (Runner-up)

Easy Keyboard and Piano Pieces - easy songs for kids to play makes it a great piano book for children

I like this 40-page book because it is packed with lessons and 30 songs that children can play.

This book is an excellent addition after buying the first Alfred Book.

The songs are broken down into manageable sections where your child can slowly learn and master before completing the whole song as a piece.

The reason I like this book so much is that it is jam-packed with tons of songs for a low price.

Piano Book for Kids 5 and Up (Excellent addition)

Piano Book for Kids 5 and Up - one of the best piano and keyboard books for kids under 5

This Damon Ferrante children’s book has some important fundamental lessons that are very engaging.

Once your kid finishes the Prep Book Level A, this book could serve as the next lesson.

A lot of parents and teachers like this book, because children seem to like the illustrations and song choices it includes.

Aside from all the lessons included in this book, it also has several suitable song choices that kids would absolutely love to play.

It may not be that advanced compared to Alfred’s books, but it still has the same amount of engaging content that children will most likely enjoy.

Related Questions:

  • What is the best piano for children? In my opinion, I think children should get used to full-sized keys as early as possible. There is no use learning on a smaller keyboard with smaller keys, as they would eventually grow and get used to full-sized keys. A great entry-level piano is the Casio Privia PX-350 or PX-130. These digital keyboards resemble and replicate an authentic acoustic piano sound and feel.
  • What are the fundamentals children should learn first? Well, since I did not learn the piano as a kid, some things that I wish I could have learned first are; tempo, finger placement, and scales.


Choosing the right piano book for your children can be a little complicated at first, but the best technique is to let them choose between the books I have shown you.

However, all the books on the list are different, which makes it possible to own every single one of them if you have the budget.

These piano books for children are relatively affordable. It shouldn’t be a problem if you want your kid to get into learning piano, and keep learning how to play the piano in the future.

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