3 Best Midi Controllers for Reaper of 2020 [Updated]

As any good producer knows when you are producing music you need to make sure your MIDI instruments do the job.  

In this article, I am going to look at what is best for producers who use Reaper as their production tool.

I am going to only talk about MIDI controllers that sync with Reaper and also use its features.  

Let’s start with what a MIDI controller is.  

The majority of music producers already know this.  

But for those who are not aware, a MIDI controller is a music keyboard that hooks up to your computer.

Let’s also dive into what Reaper is.  

It’s a DAW created by Cockos in 2004.  

It became very popular very fast and gives your PC a complete digital audio production suite.  

You can use it for working on multi-tracks.  

MIDI recording.  Audio.  Mixing.  Editing.  Mastering.

But what makes a good MIDI controller for Reaper?  

It must work with all the features of the DAW, in this case, Reaper.

Companies are creating MIDI controllers that play better with DAWs these days.  

One such company is Nektar.  

Nektar makes their keyboards with Reaper in mind.

But is Reaper the best DAW for you?

It depends on you.  

You must choose the DAW that you are most comfortable with.  

In this article, I am focusing on Reaper only.

In a rush? Here is a quick rundown for you:

Best Bang for the Buck
Arturia KeyLab MKII 61 Professional MIDI Controller and Software (White)
Top Pick
Nektar DAW Controller (T4)
Old but Gold
Nektar DAW Controller, white, medium (P4)
Arturia KeyLab MKII 61 Professional MIDI Controller and Software (White)
Nektar DAW Controller (T4)
Nektar DAW Controller, white, medium (P4)
Best Bang for the Buck
Arturia KeyLab MKII 61 Professional MIDI Controller and Software (White)
Arturia KeyLab MKII 61 Professional MIDI Controller and Software (White)
Top Pick
Nektar DAW Controller (T4)
Nektar DAW Controller (T4)
Old but Gold
Nektar DAW Controller, white, medium (P4)
Nektar DAW Controller, white, medium (P4)

Alright, let’s get back to the article!

So, when choosing a MIDI controller for Reaper, it’s good to make sure that all the pads work.

When all the MIDI controller pads work with your DAW you can integrate them better.  

It makes programming the pads with different sounds and do different things easier.  

You need to make sure the faders also work with your DAW of choice.  

A good DAW lets you map it all the way you want.  

This should be an easy task, but, based on the DAW and MIDI controller, you may need to investigate this.

The MIDI controllers on this list made it because of their features and usability.  

But most of all its because of their integration with Reaper.  After all, you don’t want to spend money on a MIDI controller for all its functions to not work.

There’s nothing worse than having a MIDI controller with cool features that don’t work in the DAW you use.  

It takes a long time for producers to get to grips with whatever DAW they are using.  

Many will pick compatible hardware based on a DAW.  

This helps their production workflow be more seamless, with fewer issues.

I can’t tell you the number of times I had issues with MIDI controller features not working with my DAW.  

There’s nothing worse than a cool keyboard feature that you want to use on your track and your the DAW refusing to accept it.

So, let’s start and get down to business and go through the best MIDI controllers for Reaper. 

Arturia Keylab MKII 61

Arturia Keylab MKII 61 - best reaper controller for making beats

I love this keyboard.  It comes with some impressive MIDI technology, including aftertouch sensitivity.  It features 16 sample pads.  

Now Arturia keyboards have always been great with velocity-sensitive pads.  

They work great for producing hip-hop music.

But they are also durable.  Again, Arturia keyboards are known for their durability.  

But when you touch and feel these, they always feel sold and well put together.  

Unfortunately, there is no built-in arpeggiator.  This is missing and definitely should be included.

It’s great for use with Reaper.  

And it’s a great MIDI controller for any serious music producers.

Nektar Panorama P4 

Nektar Panorama P4  - best midi keyboard for reaper daw

Here is one from Nektar.  

The P4 is a keyboard that producers want.  

It works great with Reaper.  Sure, it may be old, but that’s nothing against it.  

With great features, such as motorized sliders that work great with Reaper.  

Choosing between the T4 and P4, the T4 is the one that I would go with.  

That’s because the T4 is newer and easier to work with.  

But that may depend on you.  Try them both and pick which one works.   

I found it hard to choose between the two models.  

You should be able to find both of these at decent prices if you shop around.

Nektar Panorama T4

Nektar Panorama T4 - best beat making keyboard controller for reaper daw

The main selling point of this keyboard is its aftertouch and its velocity.  

The amount of sensitivity these give is fantastic.  

Any music producer looking for a MIDI controller will choose one based on these two features.

Everything in the T4 is a well-rounded and pleasing package.  

There is little that you will find wrong with this controller.  

It also is very affordable, especially based on what it gives you for features.

This is a fantastic 49 key MIDI keyboard that I recommend.  

With this MIDI controller, you can improve your production and Reaper skills.

What’s the Best MIDI Controller For Reaper?

This is always a tough question for me to answer.  

There’s a lot to consider when picking the best MIDI controller for any DAW.  

Price, features, and compatibility come to mind.  

For many producers, they tend to focus on features or compatibility.  

I’d say start off focusing on the price.

That’s because once you nail down how much you want to spend it makes finding your MIDI controller easier.  

Look for MIDI controllers that are first in your price range.  

Then look for ones that have the features you want for that price.  

That’s my preferred way of researching new production gear.

For fans of Reaper, in all honesty, any of these MIDI controllers work great.  

But if I had to pick one from the list, well that makes it tough!  

I liked both Nektar keyboards.  

New producers and serious producers will also love them.

If you are a fan of Reaper, then picking a MIDI audio controller will mean a lot to you.  

I hope that this article has helped you pick the best MIDI controller for Reaper.  

Have fun with whatever MIDI controller on my list that you choose.  

Don’t stop making killer beats in Reaper. 

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