3 Best Mandolin VST Plugins

3 Best Mandolin VST Plugins of 2023

A mandolin is an uncommon instrument that music producers rarely use. However, there are some VST options to choose from if you ever need a mandolin in one of your tracks.

You can also try to add a virtual mandolin in your mix if you want to sound unique. Since this instrument is not used a lot, you get a chance to create distinctive tracks with an underutilized instrument.

Although mandolin VSTs are not really popular in modern music, you can still find a place for such an instrument in your new song. Whether you’re creating a contemporary track or a musical score, a mandolin VST might come in handy.

Best Mandolin VST Plugins List

Now that you seem intrigued about using a mandolin, here are some of the best mandolin VST plugins that are worth checking out.

Acou6tics by Big Fish Audio

Acou6tics by Big Fish Audio mandolin vst plugin download

The Acou6tics sample pack does not only offer Mandolin samples, but you will also get nylon string guitar, acoustic steel guitar, twelve-string, and a guitar ukulele. These samples come in high quality, and you will notice that the developers really put their hearts into producing this impressive sound collection.

The Sound

The sounds and samples were recorded and produced in high-quality. The sound is very realistic, with a lot of options for articulation and dynamics. You cannot really tell the real from the virtual instrument apart. It doesn’t have hundreds of sounds like most sound packs, but with this VST, it is about quality, not quantity.

Final Thoughts

The Acou6tics is another well-developed VST created by Big Fish Audio. You will surely get your money’s worth if you decide to buy this VST.

Check it out here.

Mandolin by Cinamatique Instruments

Mandolin by Cinamatique Instruments best mandolin vst plugin for beginners

The Mandolin by Cinamatique Instruments is an easy-to-use plugin. It is a comprehensive plugin with parameters to customize sound to your taste. However, you will need the full version of the Kontakt Player 4 to use this VST. This plugin sounds very realistic with dynamics with a human touch. You can also choose a variety of strumming patterns and articulations that would fit the sound you want for your tracks.

The Sound

So far, this VST plugin has one of the best Mandolin sounds that is definitely worth the money. The mandolin sound is good enough to replace acoustic guitar on some of the sections of your song to make it unique and distinctive.

Final Thoughts

I really love the sound and editing characteristics included in this mandolin plugin. I recommend it for people who want to experiment with string sounds.

Check it out here.

Evolution Mandolin by Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Mandolin by Orange Tree Samples premium mandolin vst plugin

My last mandolin plugin recommendation is the Evolution Mandolin by Orange Tree Samples. It might be a little over your price range for a mandolin VST. Still, it is definitely worth it if you appreciate an excellent mandolin sound. The developers and sound engineers really put their time to create this VST.

This plugin comes with options such as strum patterns and tone. It also includes a compressor, a chorus, and a flanger effect to make them sound more intense.

The Sound

I am delighted with how the way these mandolin samples sound. Aside from the effects and different parameters you can tweak, the mandolin sound revolutionary. Upon hearing the sound without adjusting any settings, you could easily mistake it for an authentic mandolin.

Final Thoughts

This VST plugin did a great job with both the sound and the user interface. If you are a serious music producer with your own recording studio, you should definitely check this VST out. The price tag may be a little bit hefty, but this is the best option if you are meticulous about your sound.

Check it out here.

Related Questions:

  • What makes a mandolin VST great?

The first aspect you should be looking for in a mandolin VST is the sound. The sound should resemble and emulate an authentic mandolin, or something as close as possible to the organic sound. If you cannot tell the difference from the real instrument vs. the virtual one, it means it is an excellent VST.

Next are the effects and parameters. You should select a VST with the significant effects and adjustment options such as strumming patterns, articulation, and dynamics.

Finally, the price should be around your budget. To get the most value for your money, make sure that you need the VST you are buying. Make sure you would maximize the utility of the VST and make sure that it would help you improve your tracks and skills as a producer. Almost any VST is worth the price if you end up using it frequently.

  • What songs used a mandolin in one of their tracks?
    • Losing My Religion by R.E.M.
    • Boat on the River by The Styx
    • Going to California by Led Zeppelin
    • Ho Hey by The Lumineers
    • Battle Evermore by Led Zeppelin


I hope you find the right mandolin VST addition to your VST collection. There may be a lot of free options for this instrument; however, I did not find any free mandolin VSTs that are worth the download.

As a music producer, you should always look at the sound first before the price tag. Either one of the three best mandolin VST plugins is worth it, just choose one that would fit your budget and your needs.