3 Best Harmonica VST Plugins of 2020 (Including 1 Free Harmonica VST)

You are probably wondering why you need a harmonica VST plugin. If harmonicas are not that expensive and easy to play, why do you need to download a VST? Well, recording a harmonica or any other instrument with a mic is rather challenging (no matter whether it’s condenser or dynamic).

You need to capture the sound perfectly so it will sound good on your tracks. Whereas by downloading a harmonica, VST will eliminate the whole recording process.

By downloading a harmonica VST, you don’t need an acoustic treated room and microphone, all you need is a computer, and that is it. You can also use a MIDI controller to perform with the VST.

To make things much more comfortable, you can drag and drop high-quality pre-recorded harmonica samples on your track timeline. Using harmonica VSTs or any other VST offers high-quality sounds for less the work.

It is kind of challenging to find a realistic harmonica VST. Most options may sound a little digitized. Lucky for you, I already went ahead and dug the internet to find the best harmonica VST plugins.

Best Harmonica VST Plugins List

Alright, let’s get to the list already!

DSK Harmonica (Free Harmonica VST Plugin)

DSK Harmonica - free harmonica vst plugin download free

The DSK Harmonica might be free, but this plugin sounds excellent. It is simple to use and easy to tweak. Although it does not have more parameters, for a free plugin, the DSK Harmonica sounds fantastic. You will surely like how thick the included sounds are. DSK has been delivering a lot of great plugins lately, and this VST is one of their best.

The Sound

At first glance, the harmonica sounds from this VST sound quite like the real deal. It could use more parameters and options, but you can’t complain because it is free.

Final Thoughts

If you want a realistic sounding harmonica plugin, the DSK Harmonica is worth the download. Because it is free, you can just delete it if you are not satisfied with the controls. But in terms of sound, this VST is something you should check out. It’s pretty light too – so you won’t need to invest in a better PC or laptop, so that’s nice.

Check It Out At DSK Music

Auditory Lab Harmonica V2

Auditory Lab Harmonica V2 - best harmonica vst for mac and windows

With the Auditory Lab Harmonica V2 plugin, you get three different types of harmonicas; It includes a diatonic, chromatic, and tremolo harmonica. Each of the different types will have their own set of parameters that you can adjust independently.

The intuitive user interface is easy to master and manipulate. Each harmonica will be displayed on the UI with the set of controls assigned to it.

You can use a MIDI controller and Modulation wheel to slide and create effects to make them sound more dynamic and realistic.

The Sound

The sounds that the Auditory Lab Harmonica V2 offers are quite realistic. It has a selection of presets that you can use right off the bat without further tweaking.

Final Thoughts

This VST is a quality purchase that is worth your money. It has tons of features that can make creating tracks with the VST much more interesting. The variety of options and parameters alone is what makes this VST worth the price (especially if you already have a full studio setup).

Check It Out At Auditory Lab

8Dio Misfit Harmonica

8Dio Misfit Harmonica - best harmonica vst plugin for fl studio, ableton, pro tools, logic pro, garageband

Finally, the last item on the list is the Misfit Harmonica by 8dio. The samples on this VST sound raw and gritty. The imperfect sound makes it more realistic and human-like. Some VSTs that sound precise eliminate the human touch, but not this one. The gritty sound is rather convincing.

The Sound

The sounds on the Misfit Harmonica are impressive. Compared to the Auditory Harmonica, this VST may be a little more complex to navigate through. However, what it lacks in user-friendliness, it makes up for in how authentic it sounds.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this harmonica for acoustic songwriters who want to add harmonica fills between song sections or harmonica solos. It is very Bob Dylan like, and it sounds better accompanied by acoustic strings.

Check It Out At 8Dio

Related Questions:

  • What makes a good harmonica VST?

A good harmonica VST should have a convincing sound. It has to sound as close as possible to a real harmonica. You should choose one that leans toward an organic sound, rather than sounding too digital. You should select a harmonica VST that is easy to navigate.

The VST should be user-friendly so that you can maximize the use out of it. Lastly, the Harmonica VST should fit your price range. If you will spend hundreds of dollars on something you only use once, think again.

  • What type of music can I use a harmonica VST for?

You can use a harmonica VST on almost any kind of music genre. IT is up to you. As a producer, you should use your gut and ear to know when to use a particular instrument. You can use it for pop, country, and even EDM, as long as it fits the context.


Choosing a harmonica VST is only the first stage of the process. It would help if you learned how to program the notes on your MIDI editor to make it sound realistic. Make sure you learn the dynamics of playing the harmonica and try to emulate it on a piano. By doing this method, you can surely make any instrument sound authentic.

If you ever buy a harmonica plugin or any other type of plugin, make sure you experiment with them and maximize their use. If you end up not using it, it can be a waste.

There you have it, I hope you liked the list I showed you, and I also hope you found the best harmonica VST plugin for your sound arsenal!

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