Blender free open-source vfx editing software

3 Best Free VFX Software for Editing Videos of 2022

I know that this blog is about music and music production.

However, in the music production business, you will inevitably come across or encounter other related tasks.

Whether you are producing music for your band or producing songs for other people, you might want to add extra services for a more viable business.

Experimenting with VFX is also a fun hobby you can spend time on, as there are infinite possibilities.

You can produce live recording videos or even 3D Pixar-Esque animated music videos.

Plus, adding video effects to your clips is an entirely different activity you could get into.

Best Free VFX Software Applications

If you ever think about creating 3D animations or adding special effects to your existing video content, here are some of the best FREE software for VFX:


Blender free open-source vfx editing software

Blender is a great free VFX software you can use to get started with.

You can quickly learn how to use Blender and the entirety of its 3D rendering features from searching the web for online tutorials and support.

What I like most about Blender, is the community that surrounds this software.

It is regularly updated, and since a lot of people seem to be using it, I am confident that all your questions about it will get answered.

This fantastic VFX program is free with an option to donate to help their cause.


Fusion free vfx software for beginners free download

Fusion by Black Magic is a total blowout. It is a sophisticated VFX software that might take a little while to get comfortable with, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be amazed by what it can do.

The node base system is considered to be the most efficient way of editing.

Fusion gives you the capability to key, motion tracking, and rotoscope, making VFX integrate well into your projects.

The internal particle system included allows you to import and composite your existing 3D creations.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express free video editing software vfx download

Hitfilm Express is a great free VFX software.

It includes over 140 visual effects that are absolutely incredible.

With this software, you can do compound video editing, and the interface is user-friendly.

If you are just entering the realm of VFX, Hitfilm Express is suitable for you.

It also has tons of support from the online community to help you get up to speed with the process.

Related Questions:

  • What are the computer requirements needed for using VFX?

For starters, you will need an Intel i9 processor that is 3.5Ghz or higher with 8 cores or higher (get ready to upgrade your computer or laptop). You will also need a decent video card and a minimum of 32GB of RAM. If you have a decent gaming computer, that would probably work. If you do not have these requirements, the VFX program would still work, but your computer might freeze and crash.

  • What are the essential pieces of gear I need for live recording?

If you want to do a live recording session, you will need cameras, an interface with the necessary amount of inputs, some microphones (Dynamics and Condensers), and a computer with a DAW. You could also use a multi-track recorder like the Boss BR-800 as an alternative.


If you are into music production, getting into VFX is a similar kind of activity in terms of creativity and eagerness for learning.

Who knows?

You might even start as a hobbyist and learn enough to make your recording studio a viable multi-media studio.

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