15 Best Free Sampler VST Plugins

15 Best Free Sampler VST Plugins of 2022

If you are on the web looking for the best free sampler VST plugins you want to use with your favorite DAW, you came to the right place. In this article, I will show you some of the top choices I have tried and tested myself that I hope you would enjoy these incredible VSTs as much as I do.

Before diving to the list, I want to remind you to: don’t download any suspicious software. Only download what are on the links provided.

15 Best Free Sampler VST Plugins

Alright guys, here is the list – enjoy!


TX16Wx software sampler free vst plugin review

This first VST is available in both 32 and 64-bit as an AU or VST plugin.

It is more than just a sampler; it comes with tons of effects and modulations such as envelope filters and MIDI keyboard mapping.

You can use this sampler VST to record with a flowing style, and for live performances as well.

Grace: Sampler (Available for Windows only)

Grace Sampler free sampler plugin vst review

The Grace: Sampler is a type of sampler that every beatmaker should have no matter what genre you are creating.

It comes with tons of features such as:

  • 2 filters per voice,
  • AHDSR envelopes,
  • LFO,
  • Step Sequencers,
  • XY control pads for expressive play,
  • Drag and Drop sample loading for your DAW,
  • Browser with preview option,
  • Import and export user patches.

DrBeat (Available for Windows only)

DrBeat free drum sampler plugin review

This next sampler VST comes with a total of 8 slots where you can load and trigger the samples with a press of a button.

Each slot has its own set of parameters that you can individually customize to fit your taste.

Each sample is fully editable, where you can change the start point, end pint, volume, effects, and many more.

It is a straightforward sampler that functions quite well for a free VST plugin.

Multi-Sampler (Available for Windows only)

Multi-Sampler free multi timbral sampler vst plugin review

The Multi-Sampler is a simple keyboard style plugin where you can load up to a total of 49 samples for each bank.

It may not have individual settings, but it has a set of multi-functional parameters such as ADSR, speed, depth, cut, and volume.

The style is simple yet effective if you are looking for a traditional sampler you can use with your MIDI keyboard.

SF2 (Available for Windows only)

SF2 free guitar sampler vst review

This free high-quality sampler useful features that you would want in a sampler such as:

  • A MIDI channel selector,
  • Note control,
  • Amp envelope,
  • Bank and preset selector,
  • Multimode filter,
  • Advanced LFO,
  • MIDI automation and MIDI learn,
  • Filters,
  • Delay effects.


sforzando free sfz player vst plugin review

The sforzando is a dominant SFZ player.

This sampler VST is recommended for the more advanced beatmakers.

This powerful tool is a must-have if you want to take sampling to the next level.

A powerful device such as this focuses on function instead of relying on fancy features and effects.

Position (Available for Windows only)

Position free modulation sample player vst review

Position is a sampler where you have the option to alter the start position of each sample.

It works by loading any sample of choice, choosing a tempo and length, then play the key on your keyboard or MIDI controller.

As simple as that, you can have a fully functional sampler with several parameters to experiment on.


ZAMPLER-RX free sample workstation plugin

Another free sampler VST with fully loaded features, the Zampler//Rx, is a handy tool you can use for sampling.

Aside from all the traditional features, you can find in a sampler, this VST also comes with modulation, effects, an arpeggiator, and a sequencer for flowy recording sessions with a twist.


MT-PowerDrumKit free instrument drums sampler vst plugin

I am excited to show you this next one because this free sampler plugin is one of my favorite go-to drum sampler VSTs.

It can work as a MIDI track where you can program drum noes to fit your song.

What I like the most about the MT-PowerDrumKit is the presets and pre-recorded samples that you can use to create a whole song from start to finish.

Raptor (Available for Windows only)

Raptor free modulation sampler vst plugin review

The Raptor’s user interface looks rather complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it can be easy to use.

It is a single cycle waveform sampler that has tons of parameters you can adjust to create high-quality tracks with waveforms and oscillators.


Paax free piano keyboard sampler plugin

The Paraphrasis is a spectral sampler that can model a sound patch with just one sonic sample.

This free sampler VST comes with 16 unique polyphones and has a reverse option.

With all of these creative tools, you will surely enjoy synthesis and sampling in an entirely different way.

Paax (Available for Windows only)

Paraphrasis free modelling synthesiser and sampler vst plugin

The Paax is another keyboard-based sampler that you can use a MIDI controller for triggering each sample you desire to launch.

It has three envelope controls, three configurable LFOs, and it is fully automatable.

You can also adjust the amplitude, pitch, and filter cutoffs to make your samples more interesting.

XTT01 (Available for Windows only)

XTT01 free wav sampler plugin vst

It may look simple, but the XTT01 has all of the essential features of a wave file sampler.

It has assignable LFO, a multi-type filter, a filter envelope, an amp envelope, and a mono mode and glide function.

All the features that make this VST enjoyable are present.

Bassje (Available for Windows only)

Bassje free wav sample sequencer plugin vst review

The Bassje is another sleek retro-looking beat sequencer that you can use for live performances.

With a sampler such as this one, you don’t need to bring a whole band when you perform.

You can create a drum sequence o play your rhythm parts when you are performing or recording solo.

Helios (Available for Windows only)

Helios free wav sampler vst plugin

The Helios is another one of my go-to samplers for recording and beat making.

It has a lot of features that let you explore the creative side of sampling.

I love recording with this because you can launch one sample file but use effects to create expressive sounds in real-time.

This technique is pretty useful for creating music with samples and effects as the main instrument for dynamic control.

Related Questions:

  • Can You Trigger Samples Using a MIDI Controller? Yes, as long as the sampler has a MIDI learn function, you can use the keys or pads on your MIDI controller to launch the samples.
  • What are the Best Hardware Samplers? Some of the best hardware samplers will cost a fortune compared to the freeware I just showed you. But if you really want to experience using a sampler or Audio Workstation, I suggest you try something like the Teenage Engineering PO-33. It is an extremely portable sampler and drum machine you can bring anywhere.


There may be a lot of choices, but I am sure you will find which is the best free sampler VST for you among the list I just showed you. Because some of these sampler VSTs require some hard drive space, you can download them all and try them one by one to see which one is the best fit for your style, needs, and musical taste (or upgrade your computer?).