Behringer DJX750 Review – Updated 2020 – Worth Buying?

DJs always bring music that creates the ambiance for an event. But the audience expects them to mix and serve music they can get immersed in. One of the main things that help DJs fulfill these expectations is a good mixer.

Depending on the type of DJ using the tool, a mixer can be many types. Whether the music comes from software, a cassette or CDJ, a DJ mixer has to entertain well. One such amazing mixer is the Behringer DJX750 that caters to DJs interested in winning the hearts of their fans. In this post, we review this mixer and talk about its features and benefits to help you learn more about it. Who knows, maybe you’ll end finding that it’s a must for your setup!

Behringer DJX750 Review – Updated

behringer djx750 review updated

Behringer DJX750 is a specialized, 5-channel DJ mixer with low noise capability and classic black design. It is designed to offer fantastic digital effects and is easy to use. It features an outstanding build quality. It gives clear audio for the ideal dance floor music.


It’s important to know what you are buying, especially when it comes to premium products like Behringer DJX750. Let’s look at what the mixer has to offer!

Input Selection

This mixer offers a number of inputs to make your performance more convenient and impressive. It offers a dedicated mic channel that you can use for singing or making announcements between shows to add a special touch to the mixes.

The onboard 3-band equalizer enables fine-tuning of voices. The stereo channel EQ uses frequencies in the range -32dB to 12dB to be able to handle any input source ranging from tape decks and CD to MP3 and disc players. The multiple input selection feature not only makes this mixer versatile but also helps make music sets more exciting.

Monitor Multi-Tasking

This mixer has a multi-tasking monitor feature that enables DJs to give the best performance. It allows choosing between split position and stereo mode.

When in the split position, the PFL output can be heard on the left and Master signal on the right. You can turn the control to work in the stereo mode to hear the channel signal on both sides of the phone.

Digital Effects

The Behringer DJX750 offers 33 exciting effects to select from. With so many Flangers, Reverbs, Delays and Phase Shifters to choose from, you will be able to delight your audience. You can take the show to the next level with the Auto Filter and Voice Changer effects.

Crossfader and Channel Faders

The mixer uses high-grade 45mm faders in ultra glide variety. They have a life expectancy of up to 500,000 life cycles. The crossfader uses voltage controlled amp technology to make sure there is no noise made by the mixer. It even allows customized crossfading with the use of the CF control curve.

Auto Ducking

This device comes with a talk-over capability that automatically senses your voice and lowers the volume to make sure your voice always remains in the front. Volume can be set according to your personal preference. The mixer also has dual auto BPM counters that eliminate any guessing and let you create a flawless transition from one file to another. Each counter has a digital display that displays the channel being tracked and the music tempo.

Sound Quality

The quality of sound offered by this mixer is really impressive. Behringer mixers use each of the ultra low noise preamps to ensure maximum headroom, minimum noise, and ultra-transparent sound. When you compare the sound quality of this mixer with others in the line, you can realize why most professionals trust this brand.


  • Easy to use, durable and compact
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Multiple inputs and effects
  • Multi-tasking monitor
  • Accurate controls


  • Knobs are sometimes found to be inconsistent
  • Some problems reported with beat sync

Behringer DJX750 Replacement Parts

behringer djx750 replacement parts - crossover, power supply, PCB
Crossover, Power Supply, PCB
behringer replacement parts - fader, subwoofer
Fader, Output PCB Assembly 12″ Woofer

Behringer DJX750 mixer’s spare and replacement parts are readily available. You can find a wide variety of replacement parts for this product. The most popular parts are the mixer crossfader and stereo fader. All the electro-mechanical parts of any product are subject to wear and tear over time. Crossfaders on mixers suffer from wear and tear after heavy use.

UltraGlide Crossfader Module CFM-2 – This replacement part for Behringer DJX750 mixer maintains the performance of the device and protects its quality and value. It is specially designed to extend the lifespan of the Behringer DJX750 mixer to serve you with years of unbeatable performance.

Behringer DJX750 Vs DJX900 – How They Compare?

When talking about high-performance 5-channel DJ mixers from Behringer, both DJX750 and DJX900 are ultra-low noise mixers in attractive black designs. Both of these products offer state-of-the-art digital effects and advanced parameter control. These mixers also feature a multi-tasking monitor with customizable options like split and master/cue balance.

The Behringer DJX750 mixer features a VCA-controlled crossfader to deliver smooth and reliable performance while the DJX900 comes with advanced 45mm Infinium contact-free crossfader. The latter also features an adjustable curve and tension to provide a long life.

The DJX750 has ultra-glide faders that offer up to 500,000 life cycles. The Behringer DJX900 comes equipped with a built-in interface that allows recording and playback of digital music files.

Both these Behringer professional mixers are designed to be powerful and cater to a specific set of requirements and users. Professional musicians and DJs can compare their features and offerings to find out which one suits their needs the best – on stage or in a studio.

Better Price Tag
Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer
Better Performance
Behringer Pro Mixer DJX900USB Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer,Black
Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer
Behringer Pro Mixer DJX900USB Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer,Black
Better Price Tag
Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer
Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer
Better Performance
Behringer Pro Mixer DJX900USB Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer,Black
Behringer Pro Mixer DJX900USB Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer,Black

Final Words

The Behringer DJX750 is a highly versatile and powerful mixer that offers ease of use, convenience, and high-quality performance. It gives a lot of customization options to suit different types of DJs. Both newbies and pros and benefit from this mixer and it is a great value for money.

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