About Blue Buzz Music

Blue Buzz Music

Hey everyone, Andy is here. Just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. In the music industry I go by Blue Buzz, I live in Canada, and I love making music.



I’ve been in the music industry for about 5 years now since I was 16 years old. A buddy of mine showed me FL Studio sometime in early 2010’s and I can’t say I really fell in love with it. It was fun to play with it but I had no clue what I was doing.

I didn’t even know you can actually record a studio quality track on a piece of software, not speaking of music theory, mixing and mastering. I remember one day I found a way to put a reverb on one of the kicks and I was shocked at what Fruity Loops was capable of. A real newbie, right?

My First Account on IG

After years of learning as much as I could about music production, I felt like I was ready to share it with like-minded people, who were interested in making music or just wanted to start but didn’t know how. So I started sharing tips on my Instagram, as it felt like one of the easiest ways. Done it for a few months, just posting tips and strategies, but something didn’t feel right.

Personal Brand

It was like a ghost account and nobody knew who was behind it, which is just the worst for the personal brand. Although I had a couple thousand followers, nobody really knew me. That’s when I decided to change the way I managed my IG. After a few personal posts, people actually started messaging me and asking me questions, telling me I helped them, and asking for collaborations. It felt amazing, let me tell you!

YouTube Journey

After my IG got quite a bit of traction, I realized my posts get buried in the timeline way too fast. Being real, that’s just the nature of Instagram as a platform, so I decided to get on YouTube as well. Good quality videos stay on the top of the search months, if not years after you upload them. Sounds pretty good, right? If you keep uploading quality stuff that people like and engage with, you are set!

An Idea to Create BlueBuzzMusic.com

After all this, I realized that I can engage with even more people if I was to create a website. As opposed to both Instagram and YouTube, you can have different kinds of content and it’s SO much more flexible. Moreover, you own it!

Here, I share as much information about all aspects of music as possible. Everything from hardware to software, from writing a hook to releasing your music, from learning the basics of music theory to making industry quality beats, you will learn here!

P.S. If you want to contact me, feel free to use the contact page.

Sit tight and get ready!