Hey guys, welcome to Blue Buzz Music - my name is Andrey. I run pretty much every aspect of the blog.

Alright, let’s see who I am and why anyone should listen to me and my advice on gear, software, and so on. Where do we start? Well, we can start from the very beginning. I wasn’t brought up in a musical family and was never in a band or anything.

In fact, I haven't started producing music professionally until a few years ago.

First time I’ve seen how FL Studio (called Fruity Loops at the time) was at around the age of 15. After playing around for a few weeks and pushing all the plugins to the limits to get the most “fun” sound, I gave up. Then college came – and I was incredibly busy for a few years.

Which college did I go to? I graduated from an oil and gas engineering program! Here is my class and me in the middle.

What about music? Until recently, I wouldn’t even call it a hobby of mine – more like a toy to play with and throw out. But I guess I was wrong – it became so much more than just a hobby.

Fun years of school and college passed and I’ve decided to give it a shot again, now when working full-time. This time, however, I was serious. Investing in a music studio setup was expensive, and I didn’t have thousands of dollars at my disposal at any moment.

If I invest, I’ll have to stick to it!” – I thought.

And I did stick to it, which I am incredibly proud of. Started off learning all ins and outs of beatmaking, then moved to mixing and recording, and still learning the proper mastering techniques as the finishing touch.

Right now I am mostly focusing on my blog – yes, the one you are on – to help the beginners and amateurs to pick the best equipment, soft, and learn the tricks that will help them succeed.

Here are my socials and emails for you to reach out!