Yamaha P155 Review digital piano keyboard

Yamaha P155 Review – Updated 2024 – Worth The Price?

*Yamaha P155 has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
Yamaha P125 is an excellent alternative that I am listing*

The Yamaha P155 is a contemporary digital piano that focuses on recreating the acoustic grand piano experience for a lower price and a smaller package. It is an excellent sounding piano that is great for touring. It is not that heavy, but it is durable enough to be carried around for playing in different venues. It comes in black or mahogany top boards, which gives it a fresh look, making it an excellent piano for the house as well.

The P155 is the combination of an attractive design with high-quality acoustic piano sounds that are sampled with high quality. For a digital piano of this stature, it is quite affordable compared to the other model in its category. To learn more about this fantastic digital piano, keep reading this detailed Yamaha P155 Review.

Features and Specifications

Yamaha P155 features and specs review

Let’s look at the features of the device:

No. of Keys: 88 keys

Built-in Tones: 17 voices, three brilliance effects

Polyphony: 128 notes

Sound Engine: Sonic CFIIIS Technology

Warranty: 3 years

Sound Quality

Other Features and Specifications of the Yamaha P155 piano review

The Yamaha P155 uses Sonic CFIIIS Technology to record and sample one of their acclaimed acoustic models. They recorded the 9-foot concert grand piano and equipped the P155 with a dynamic and realistic acoustic sound. If you listen to the sound-quality without looking at the digital piano, you will probably mistake it for the real thing.

The P155 is also equipped with two 12-wat speakers that are loud enough to fill a room with the desired volume. Surprisingly, the sound quality from the built-in speakers sounds realistic and dramatic, as if it was a real acoustic piano.

You can play 128 notes of polyphony with the Yamaha P155, making it possible to lay some of the most intricate pieces without notes getting cut off.

Key Action and Feel

Key Action and Realism of the yamaha p155

If you have experienced playing any Yamaha digital piano, it is safe to say that you can expect the same quality from the other models. The graded hammer action keyboard feels very realistic and true to the acoustic piano experience. Each of the notes mimics the responsiveness and resistance of a real acoustic piano.

The Yamaha P155 also has a feature that replicates the reverberation of actual strings on an acoustic piano, that further imitates authenticity.

The keys are made with synthetic ivory. The smooth surface absorbs sweat from your fingers, and it feels very genuine. These keys have fewer clanking sounds that are produced by cheap plastic materials.


  • 17 voices
  • Chorus effect with three types of brilliance modes
  • Two separate headphone jacks
  • MIDI and USB connectivity
  • Built-in metronome
  • Built-in speakers
  • 2-track recorder that records three songs at a time
  • User songs and external songs
  • FC4 footswitch sustain pedal
  • 50 preset songs
  • User-friendly LED display

Who Should Buy the Yamaha P155 Digital Piano?

I would recommend this piano for both pros and beginners alike. The Yamaha P155 is a versatile piano that can be used for touring, playing small venues, or as a stationary piano at home. If sound quality and realism are essential to you, then you should definitely try out the Yamaha P155.

Final Verdict

Yamaha P155 final verdict review

The Yamaha 155 is a versatile piano that combines portability, sound quality, and realistic feel in one durable package. It performs well for recitals and piano dueling, and it is also a great piece to display in your living room, music room, or music studio.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent feel
  • Synthetic Ivory keys


  • A little bit heavy


Build Quality: 5/5

Sound Quality: 5/5

Touch Sensitivity: 4/5

Extra Features: 3/5

Total: 4.25/5

Related Questions:

  • What makes an excellent digital piano?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a digital piano that resembles the sound and feel of an acoustic piano, you want something that has dynamic sounds. You want a piano that is sampled with high-quality recordings from an acoustic piano together with the same weight and feel of its keys.

If you are looking for a piano with more sounds, the P155 is not for you. However, the P155 has MIDI connectivity, which makes it possible for you to add sounds from your VST collection.

  • What is the key polyphony?

Key polyphony is the number of notes you can play at the same time. For playing complicated pieces with a bunch of notes played fast or simultaneously, you will need about 64 to 128 notes of polyphony. Polyphony is a crucial aspect when looking for a realistic digital piano. You don’t want to compromise the tone if the notes and sustain are being cut off.


Choosing the right piano for you is always about preference. Some people prefer more sounds and features, while for others, they prefer realism and feel. If you can get all that in one package, that would be a fantastic thing. I hope you learned a lot and made up your mind by reading this Yamaha P155 review.

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