What Song is This? Identify Songs With These 9 Apps [Updated 2020]

What song is this?

Every once in a while, we experience listening to a song that we instantly vibe to and love, but don’t know the title so you can’t listen to it over and over.

You may have caught some of the lyrics, but you need to know the title to stream or purchase the song online.

In my experience, I was streaming music on shuffle and heard the song I instantly liked.

Without looking at my phone, there was no way I could’ve read the title or artist.

On Spotify’s shuffle or radio mode, you cannot really go back and play the previous track, so I had to wait until that song plays again.

Fortunately, with modern technology, you can always track the name of a song.

You can download a song identifying app or search for the title of a song based on lyrics and even melodies.

There are tons of websites and mobile apps that can track down songs for you.

Some of these sites and apps are better than others, so I took the liberty of making this list of the best song identifying apps and websites.

Some of these apps can identify a song if you type the lyrics, hum a melody, type in some of the words.

You can also use the apps to identify a song that is currently playing on the radio.

Some of these apps might not work 100%, especially if the song you are trying to determine is not on streaming services.

If you hear a song at a live show, you may not find the title if that song was not released by the artist yet.

Here are 10 items on the list, to identify what song is this:


what song is this siri - how to identify a song on pc

If you own an iPhone, the easiest way to identify a song is by asking Siri.

Open Siri and say the phrase, “what song is this?” Siri will listen to the song and identify it for you in a matter of seconds.

Siri will only identify songs that are released on streaming apps such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music (formerly known as iTunes).

Siri will identify songs that are playing.

Whether you are in a coffee shop, mall, or car, all you need to do is whip out your phone and ask Siri what song is playing.

It does the job well most of the time, and it has always worked for me in the past.

To activate Siri on your iPhone or iPad, go to settings, then open Siri and Search.

Take note that you will need to be connected to the internet via wi-fi or mobile data for Siri to work.

The ask Siri function is powered by Shazam, a music app that is also featured on this list.

However, it does not have all the Shazam features, which I will discuss later.

The Siri app is fun and easy to use for identifying song titles.

After identifying the song, the title and artist will appear, and it will give you an option to purchase the song on Apple Music.

The ask Siri feature also works for Apple desktops and laptops.


  • Quick and easy
  • Fast


  • The song needs to be playing to identify it
  • It does not work for songs that are not released on internet platforms

Google Assistant

Google Assistant - find song by rhythm and melody

Apple Devices aren’t the only ones with assistants who can identify song titles you don’t know.

Android devices can also do it with the Google Assistant.

Google has several platforms that can identify songs, and they are now available as a built-in feature on Android phones and tablets.

To identify a song using Google Assistant, all you have to do is say the right voice command, such as “what is this song,” or “name this song.”

Google Assistant does not only work with Android, but you can also download it on an Apple device.

This app can quickly identify songs that you are desperate to find.

It works like Siri, where you have to point the mic of your device to listen to a song, and it will give you the song title and artist after a couple of seconds.

Since Google makes this app, it can identify a lot of songs, even songs that are only released on YouTube and most internet sites.

Identifying song titles and artists is just one of many things that Google Assistant can do to make your life easier.

It is one of the best virtual A.I. assistants currently, and some may argue that it is a lot better than Siri.


  • Google Assistant uses the most modern tech and Google’s fantastic search engine
  • It works fast and can identify more songs


  • It only works when the song you are looking for is playing
  • No input lyrics method


Shazam - identify find songs without lyrics or vocals

Shazam is probably one of the first song identifying apps ever invented.

I remember having this app when the first generation of iPhones came out.

I was genuinely amazed by this app then, and until now.

It is now faster and gives a lot more info about the song aside from the title and artist.

Being around for over a decade, Shazam is proven to be one of the best song-identifying apps.

Siri’s song identifying feature is powered with the help of Shazam, but through the Shazam app, you can get more info about the song.

It can identify a lot of songs, and even some of the rarest songs you can find.

This apps works a lot faster than any other similar apps.

It works on all kinds of smartphones, and it is easy to use.

If you are looking for a hassle-free app that is proven to work accurately, Shazam is one of the best.

Shazam is not only popular.

It has true authority when it comes to song finding.

There may be many new apps similar to Shazam, but this app has proven to give more accurate searches.

It also has unique features that are not found in other apps.  


  • Can play music and videos from YouTube
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Can find some of the rarest songs


  • Deleting the app erases all the search history and logs


SoundHound - how to find a song without shazam - what song is this

This next app is a unique app that can not only identify playing songs.

It can also identify songs that you hum.

It may not be as fast as the other choices, but finding songs just got better because SoundHound allows you to name a song by humming the melody.

If you try this app, make sure that the audio is clear and not muffled for more accurate results.

With SoundHound, you have a better chance of identifying a song by humming its melody.

If your humming is on-point, you will get the answer in no time.

Aside from the humming feature, SoundHound also works like Shazam and the other apps mentioned, where you can use it to identify songs that are playing.

The technology of this app is absolutely fantastic and innovative.

Previous generations would be really impressed with how robust the programming features are on this app, and I think the SoundHound app would last for the years to come.


  • Gives you updates on the artists you follow
  • Excellent song-identifying engine
  • Humming feature
  • Identify songs that are playing


  • The app contains a lot of ads


TrackID - find song by melody piano guitar sax violin

TrackID is a fantastic app that not only identifies the title of a song; it also gives you a slew of extra information about the song.

This technology is created by none other than Sony, a leader in the high-tech industry for many years now.

I shouldn’t have to tell you what Sony has contributed to technology over the years, and TrackID is one of their latest and greatest creations.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

If you want to know the title of a song that is playing, it can quickly identify the song and give you tons of information about it, including related information.

Without realizing, you will spend hours discovering new and exciting information about music and artists.

It also allows you to save your previous searches, so you can pick up where you left off.

If you love reading about trivia and information that you can share with your friends, TrackID is something you should check out.

You can also share info directly to your friends through social media.

Overall, TrackID is an excellent music-identifying app that offers so much more than just the title of a song.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Quick sharing features
  • Intuitive user interface


  • It does not work offline


musixmatch - find song by tapping - name my tune

This next app works with most smartphones, so whether you own an iPhone or Android phone, you can install this app and start identifying songs in no time.

The musixmatch app has many satisfied users because of its many features, such as playback features.

It also allows you to create playlists and so much more.

This app does not only work with multiple platforms, and its well-built algorithm delivers lightning-fast results.

The one feature that makes musixmatch a unique choice is that it also provides song lyrics to sing along with your favorite songs.

Since you are interested in finding out the title of the song, why not learn the words, too, right?

Musixmatch gives you a chance just to jam out and sing along to new songs and some of your all-time favorites.

If you really want to take it to the next level, you can even filter out the vocals of any song so that you can sing it as your own, karaoke-style.

You and your friends can have fun and sing along with songs on road trips or at parties.

If you want something more than just a music identifying app, musixmatch is an excellent choice with more features.


  • It is absolutely free
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Provides lyrics to your favorite
  • Allows you to filter out vocals from existing songs


  • Requires internet
  • it uses a large amount of data


MusicID - how to identify find song on pc iphone android

If you need a fast music discovery app, MusicID is another excellent choice.

It has an in-depth database that can identify the rarest and most obscure tracks within five seconds!

MusicID is pretty straightforward to use.

All you need to do is open the app, press identify song, and hold your phone close to the song that is playing.

It will quickly analyze the song and give you the results.

It also provides extra info such as similar songs, lyrics, a biography of the artist, and many more.

MusicID also provides you with a link where you can download the music and links to YouTube videos.

It is one of the better apps that can give you results and no time.

You can skip the browser search and get direct results and more.


  • Get fast results
  • Voice-activated search
  • Gives you access to links and useful information


  • Tons of ads which can get annoying


Midomi - what song is this on the piano keyboard guitar

Some users say that Midomi does not work 100%.

It may not always be right, but it is not entirely a bad thing.

If you play a recording of a song or a track, Midomi will send you more than one result.

It will send you a list of similar results that can be your way of discovering new music.

If you are into a particular genre or style of music, Midomi is a fantastic app that will introduce you to similar music and expand your song palate.

Midomi does not only work with song recordings, it may not be right 100% of the time, but it can identify sings by humming the melody.

If you do not know the words to a particular song, you can simply hum the tune, and Midomi will try to find the song or something similar.

Aside from coming up with results, it also shows you how other users hummed the songs they were looking for, and it is kind of an exciting feature.

Just like other apps, Midomi will also provide links to videos and options to purchase the song you searched for through Apple Music.

This app also works across different platforms such as your phone or computer so that you can use it anywhere.

The best thing about the Midomi app is that it is FREE!

  • Easy to search songs
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Free
  • Allows you to search songs by humming


  • it is not 100% accurate


Genius - humming a song app - classical music recognition online

Genius, as the name suggests, is one of the smartest and high-tech apps on the list.

It gives you fast results and displays lyrics to the songs you searched.

It works just like most apps, where you just point your phone to identify a song, and it is one of the most accurate apps that can identify almost any songs in its database.

This app is trustworthy, and many users prefer this app over others because of its reliability and outstanding user interface.

It can identify almost any song that you hear.

You can use it to identify songs from movies, TV commercials, and more.

It only needs a glimpse of a song to identify it, so it does not take a lot of time to get results.

This app works with almost any device and platform, and it is integrated with your favorite streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora, or SoundCloud.


  • Well-known and trustworthy
  • Displays lyrics
  • Displays song history and facts
  • Fast
  • Can identify even the most obscure tracks
  • Works with streaming apps


  • No music player
  • Does not suggest video links

Bonus Tip: Use Google Search

Google Search - find a song without app software in the browser

If all else fails, you can search for a song you are looking for on Google.

Before I found out about these apps, I have always used Google search to identify songs.


You can type in a phrase or lyric of a song you remembered.

You can also type an artist’s descriptions, and Google’s search engine will give you results.

If you do not remember the lyrics, you can even try to type a melody such as a “na na na” and surprisingly get results.


Because of today’s technology, you can always track down any song you hear whenever or wherever you are if you are a music producer or artist that released a song on the internet and use these apps to identify your song.

It feels great to know that a song that you produced can be identified by one of the excellent song-identifying apps.

If you need to track a song, all you need to do is download one of these apps and ask, “what song is this?”

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