What DAW Software Does Travis Scott Use in 2020?

Anyone who is a fan of Travis Scott and who also appreciates the complexity that is music production may have listened to his songs and wondered just how does he create his sound or samples.  

What software is used?  

Knowing that is great for budding producers because it allows them to discover potentially new DAW software or plugins that help them to develop their unique style by trying to emulate musicians, they are fans of.

In this article, I will briefly try to answer what DAW software Travis Scott uses.

What DAW Software Does Travis Scott Use in 2020?

What VST Plugins Does Travis Scott Use to make his music and vocals

Based upon his musical style and creative process I would say that Pro Tools would be what he uses the most.

What VST Plugins Does Travis Scott Use in 2020?

Given that Travis Scott could be using Pro Tools it makes sense he uses plugins from WAVES, UAD, and SoundToys.

These should allow him to apply massive reverb and compression, as well as distortion, that helps him craft his unique sound.

Autotune and distortion are two of Travis Scott’s most notable features in his tracks.

Both of which can be achieved via a DAW and plugins.

When in the studio Travis Scott adds a lot of autotune to the main track.

This then has heavy distortion added to it and blend to help taste it.

Any reverb vocals in his songs have usually been modulated.

It’s the use of multiple reverbs that has helped Travis Scott create his unique musical style.


Not much is known about what DAW software Travis Scott uses.

Most of this is based on speculation and the musical style of Travis Scott.

But it does also make a little sense.

Either way, remember that the DAW and plugins you use must be the ones that you are comfortable with using the most.

Emulating artists you are fans of is great as part of learning music production or discovering a new and killer plugin, but the result must be all you.

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