What DAW Software Does Timbaland Use in 2020?

Timbaland is known for creating some of the most popular hip hop songs, as well as working with popular artists such as One Republic to create smash hits.

He’s a producer and a songwriter.

But many people may not know that he also creates his beats as part of his composition process.

He likes to use keyboards in his songs, such as an ASR-10 and a Korg Triton Studio keyboard.

What DAW Software Does Timbaland Use in 2020?

What VST plugins Does Timbaland Use to make his beats

It isn’t widely or officially known.

But I can always speculate based on my research.

For example, back when Timbaland was working heavily with the likes of Missy Elliot and Justin Timberlake it was revealed that Timbaland started his creative process with analog tape first and then this was imported into a computer for further editing and mixing.

In this case, the software where it ended up was Pro Tools.

A popular DAW among the main music producers.

So, it could be that currently, or at least at some stage, Pro Tools was the DAW software of choice by Timbaland.

Upon further research though, I think that if someone asked me what DAW software Timbaland uses, I would have to say it would be Ableton Live.

This is because, thanks to its features and functionality, as well as a whole host of plugins and VSTs, it also has a device called a Push that lets you control the software using light-up pads.

This is a unique way of creating music and lets you select an instrument and map it to a pad and just tap out what you want to play, and the software records it.

It makes music creation both fun and innovative.

It is this Push pad that Timbaland uses especially when working with drums, assigning drum sounds to each of the pads.

Now, when you listen to a Timbaland and you hear the drumming chances are it was made this way.


It isn’t widely known what DAW software Timbaland uses but given his musical style and the abilities of Ableton Live, this seems the most logical choice.

If you have never used Ableton before then it is worth trying, both if you are new to music production or not, and especially if you are a Timbaland fan.

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