What DAW Software Does Russ Use in 2020?

When it comes to making or producing music on a computer the main thing you need to think about isn’t the latest or greatest hardware.

It isn’t even the DAW or plugins you plan to use.

Instead, you need to simply ask yourself what are you comfortable using?  

There is no point in buying the latest and greatest DAW and tons of plugins if you don’t know how to use it.

Also, when music producers are starting, they should use one DAW.

But they may, later, decide to use others and assign workflow tasks to a specific DAW.

Either way, for a producer, you need a DAW that you are comfortable using.

That is the same sentiments that producer Russ believes.

Be comfortable with the DAW that you choose to work with.

What DAW Software Does Russ Use in 2020?

What DAW Software Does Russ Use to make beats, mix and master

If someone was to ask you what DAW software Russ uses, would you guess it was Ableton?  Or Reason, or FL Studio?  

If you guessed these then you are wrong.

Russ has said that he uses more than one DAW.

His DAWs of choice are Logic 9 and Logic Pro X.

That means that Russ also prefers Mac hardware for producing his music over Windows machines because these are DAWs that are exclusive to Mac hardware.

What About Other DAWs?

What vst plugins Does Russ Use

The funny thing is that FL Studio is having a resurgence.

This is another DAW that has become popular, especially for those starting.

It’s great for making hip hop on.

it’s also accessible and you can get it from Windows, macOS and also iOS and Android.


It all depends on what you are comfortable with.

Just like Russ said.

If you are new to music production ad DAWs and plugins in general, then FL Studio would be a great place to start.

For more seasoned producers there’s Ableton and the Logic DAWs, the same as Russ uses.

Simply be you and make the music you want to use in the DAW that meets your needs.

That’s all you need to remember to get started in music production.

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