What DAW Software Does Ritviz Use in 2020?

Ritviz is one of India’s most popular singer-songwriters and electronic music producers.

He has achieved success through his song Udd Gaye which was also featured in the Netflix India show Mismatched.

Electronic music producers from India are few, so it’s great to see Rtiviz achieve success after winning the 2017 Bacardi House Party Sessions competition.

You may be wondering what DAW software Rivviz uses to make his songs.

What DAW Software Does Ritviz Use in 2020?

What vst plugins Does Ritviz Use to make music

The answer to this is Ableton is his DAW of choice.

Unlike other music producers, he hasn’t said that he uses more than one DAW so we can assume that Ableton is his main one only.

Out of all the popular DAWs (Reason, Logic Pro Tools, FL Studio, and so on), why would Ritviz pick Ableton?  It might be that working with it feels just as natural as playing a real instrument.

You can quickly access and edit sounds instantly to keep up with your ideas and creative flow.

You can also use a Push control surface with it.

This lets you program everything from finger drumming to step sequencing.

This is done with a clean and intuitive layout that is easy to pick up and understand.

It’s a truly unique way to create music.

It also has a great user community and tutorials.

Meaning that it’s great for beginners to learn the ropes, as well as more seasoned producers to learn new tricks.

It also has a wealth of add-on packs that expand upon its features and functionality and gives you extra sound packs to play with.


With this much innovation, it’s easy to understand how Ritviz became enamored with Ableton and made it his DAW of choice.

It’s a great way to get started with music production and if you want to get started with music production then give Ableton a try with its 30-day trial.

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