What DAW Software Does Martin Garrix Use in 2020?

If you have ever heard the song ‘Animals’ you’ll understand the sound and style that Martin Garrix puts into his songs.

It is this song in fact that drew him to the attention of many people.

If you are an aspiring DJ, he is also one to watch and to try to emulate to understand better how he does the magic and tricks that he does to make great-sounding music.

That is what partly inspired me to write this article.

I wanted to find out more about the inner workings of his music creation process and the stuff he used.

To be able to answer the question of what DAW software does Martin Garrix use?  When you look at how he works it doesn’t always seem logical or a way that you or I might do it if we were half as talented as he is.

But it’s how he utilizes the plugins that he uses and the way he squeezes every last drop of performance and configuration out of them where the true talent lies.

If you want to know more about the exact plugins, he uses in his work then this is the article for you.

What DAW Software Does Martin Garrix Use in 2020?

What DAW Software Does Martin Garrix Use to dj on festivals and raves

Most producers use a DAW like Ableton or Pro Tools or a combination.

Martin Garrix instead chooses to use FL Studio.

This is a powerful but accessible DAW that is popular among many music producers.

You can get it for macOS, Windows, and even Android and iOS.

So now, if the question what DAW software does Martin Garrix use? appear on any quiz you will be able to answer.

But what about the plugins to go with it?  I’m going to go through the main ones that he uses.

What VST Plugins Does Martin Garrix Use in 2020?

What VST Plugins Does Martin Garrix Use

Let’s look at Martin Garrix’s favorite VST plugins!

Fruity Fast LP

This is a stock plugin that comes with the FL Studio DAW.

This is now integrated into every envelope setting.

Sylenth 1 by Lennar Digital

This is a plugin used by many well-known producers.

The song ‘Animals’ that I mentioned earlier was made using this.

Massive – Native Instruments

This synth is widely used by most music producers.

It gives you a wide variety of sounds to choose from.

The included controllers can be manipulated to get better sound.

Image Line’s Gross Beat

This is a very powerful plugin.

Martin Garrix uses it for sidechaining instead of using a compressor as other producers might.

Daft Punk is also a fan of this plugin.

ReFX Nexus

This is a beautiful plugin that should be on the top of your list.

This is one that we all know that Martin Garrix uses frequently in his work.


This is one plugin that Martin Garrix mentions often.

He mentioned that this plugin was also used on the song ‘Animals’, in particular the opening.

iZotope Ozone 5

This is a mastering plugin that Martin Garrix uses on his tracks.

He says that using this plugin to master his tracks allows him to bring them to life.

If you want a plugin for your mastering, then check this out.

Synthmaster KV331 Audio

This is an all-rounder plugin that is also very powerful.

It’s one of Martin Garrix’s favorite to use and he has used it a lot on his singles.

Fruity Reverb 2

This is a plugin that he uses constantly to add reverb to his tracks.

CMT BitCrusher

This is another plugin that Martin Garrix uses and was also used on the song ‘Animals’.


So, there you have it.

A mini guide on how you too can start making music that sounds like something Martin Garrix would have made.

If you are a fan of his work and you want to learn more about how he does his stuff then these plugins will help, otherwise, perhaps this article has inspired you to try a plugin and take your work in a new direction?  Whatever the case, have fun and happy creating.


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