What DAW Software Does Kenny Beats Use in 2021?

Kenny Beats is the pseudonym of Kenneth Charles Blume III.

He is an American producer who can play multiple instruments, such as piano, bass guitar and electric guitar and drums.

His main musical style is trap music.

His music is known for its extreme tempos and production style.

In this article, I will answer the question of what DAW software Kenny Beats uses, as well as mention some of the plugins that he has used to great effect on his songs.

What DAW Software Does Kenny Beats Use in 2021?

What DAW Software Does Kenny Beats Use to make music

Well, Ableton Live.

That is the DAW of choice that Kenny Beats uses.

This choice of DAW goes well with the fact that he likes to play his instruments and sample them on his tracks.

This is evident in songs such as ‘Phone Numbers’ from Dominik Fike.

It features a live guitar sample.

And the beauty of Ableton Live is the fact that Kenny Beats can use plugins with it such as Kontakt from Native Instruments to add an acoustic feel to his songs.

Using VSTs and plugins, he can incorporate a virtual instrument version of a real electric bass directly inside whatever he is creating inside Ableton Live.

What DAW VST Plugins Does Kenny Beats Use in 2021?

What DAW VST Plugins Does Kenny Beats Use to make music

The bassline comes from the Kontakt plugin.

So Ableton Live works together with Kontakt to allow Kenny Beats to add samples of real instruments as part of his songs.

That’s part of the reason why Ableton Live is a popular DAWs used among the top producers.

Sampling is a heavy part of Kenny Beat’s creative process and unique sound.

This is something that Ableton Live works well with.

You only must listen to the project he dd with Denzel Curry (‘Unlocked’) to get an idea of how this sounds when it all comes together.


When someone asks you what DAW software does Kenny Beats use, you will be able to give them the answer, as well as to explain the plugins he uses and why.

If you are new to music production and you are a fan of Kenny Beats and his music style, then give the DAW and plugins here a shot the next time you are in the studio.

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