What DAW Software Does Kendrick Lamar Use in 2020?

If you love rap or hip hop, then you’ll certainly know of Kendrick Lamar.

What you may not know is just how he manages to create his songs, samples, and beats.

In this article, I all answer the question of what DAW software Kendrick Lamar uses and if you don’t know then maybe the answer will inspire you to check it out and try making music for yourself.

What DAW Software Does Kendrick Lamar Use in 2020?

What DAW Software Does Just Blaze Use for Kendrick Lamar music

95% of work that is done by Kendrick Lamar’s producer, Just Blaze, is done using Logic Pro X.

This is a popular DAW among music producers.

Whilst this is the main DAW, he uses he doesn’t limit himself to just one.

This is the same technique that many other producers use.

The other DAW that Just Blaze uses on Kendrick Lamar tracks is Ableton.

He moved to use Logic Pro X after working with Akai MPC sequencers and samplers.

It was the ability that Logic Pro X had that let him import all the sequencer grooves from the MPCs directly into Logic Pro X that he realized that this was ground-breaking, and he had to make the switch to using Logic Pro X as his production DAW of choice.

What VST Plugins Does Kendrick Lamar Use in 2020?

What VST Plugins Does Kendrick Lamar and just blaze Use

Just Blaze is a big fan of using compression.

He likes to apply it to bass lines.

And with Logic Pro X he has a ton of plugins available that can help him create the exact sound distortion that he wants on any track.

He is no stranger to using real hardware.

For vocal processing, he has been known to use a Manley VOXBOX.

He has also said that UAD plugins helped him get used to recording in the box.

He has also used other hardware such as the Massive Passive EQ and the Teletronix LA-2A compressor.

Now he uses the same hardware, but in UAD plugin form.


In this brief article, you’ve learned what the DAW of choice is used for Kendrick Lamar songs.

As well as some of the plugins that are used to help create the effects you hear on each track.

If you are an aspiring hip hop producer and you want to create something that sounds like Kendrick Lamar, then the DAWs and plugins here can help you.

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